What Is The Best Sloth Stuffed Animal?

Sloths have become more popular as of lately, and for a good reason. They are a unique animal, and ugly-cute creatures have risen in popularity. Ugly-cute applies to creatures that aren’t traditionally cute, but have this adorableness about them due to their imperfections. Sloths are one such creature. They’re furry, cuddly, and have a unique face. If you or your child are into sloths, here are some plushes to help you.

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Cuddlekin Three-toed Sloth That’s Super Cuddly!

When you take a look at this sloth, you’ll notice just how fuzzy it is. Your kid, or yourself, is going to love this one. Cuddle up to it and prepare to sleep like a sloth.

3-Toed Sloth From Wild Republic That Really Hangs!

Sloths love to hang, so why not get a sloth that can do that? This sloth can hang from your door, your bed, or anything else it can tie its velcro hands around. It is able to hold its weight, too.

The Croods Plush Sloth toy

This sloth comes from a movie called The Croods. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you’ll still love this adorable and cuddly sloth. It’s one that will have you coming back for more no matter who you are.

Soft Sloth Plush Toy – 1 X 8″ Brown Sloth Bear Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Here’s another cuddly sloth. This one is great for lazing around, and it’s small enough to ride with you in your pocket. It’s quite durable as well.

Source: flickr.com

Nesoberi red-toed Sloth Stuffed Import toy!

Here is a great sloth all the way from Japan. It’s extra cuddly and filled with beans. If you love Beanie Babies and similar stuffed toys, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Aurora World Fancy Sloth In A Purse Toy!

The name is exactly what it is; it’s a sloth in a purse. You can take it out of the purse or use the purse like your own. It has many different uses.

Steve The Sloth A Gund Plush Toy

Here is another small, yet cuddly sloth. You can take it anywhere you go and put it anywhere. Great for those who need cuddles.

7.9 Inch Ice Age Sid Plush toy

Since Ice Age debuted in the early 2000s, Sid has been one of the most well-known  sloths out there. Put him anywhere you want. Whether you’ve watched Ice Age or not, Sid can keep you company.

Baby Sloth Toy – Simon Sloth

Here’s another sloth that can hang and cuddle with you. It’s great for both regards, and since it’s a baby, you’re going to die from its cuteness.

Wildlife Artists Chunky and  Cuddly Plush Sloth Toy

This sloth is as cuddly as it is chubby. Most sloths are lanky creatures, but this one is an absolute unit that is built for all sorts of cuddles.

Big Jumbo Sloth Toy – Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Sloth Plush

Even more of a unit. This one is huge and is dedicated to the people who love giant plushes. You can’t go wrong with this big boy.

Jellycat Sloth 17-inch Teddy Plush

This one has some crazy, cuddly fur, and we believe you’re going to love every strand of it. This is one sloth that will stay with you forever.

15-Inch Squishy and Soft Sloth Toy

 Who doesn’t love a sloth you can simply squish? This one combines both soft and squish for those who need it. It’s one of the most lovable sloths around, and you’re going to love this one too.

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Fun Facts About Sloths

Before we go, here are some interesting facts about everyone’s favorite cute-ugly creature.  

Sloths are amazing swimmers. It almost feels like they weren’t meant for land.

Sloths spend a majority in their lives hanging in the trees. Probably more three time than a bird, honestly.

A sloth only uses the bathroom once every week or so. They also do it at the same place, making them susceptible to a predator.

Sloths are stereotyped as sleeping all the time, but on average, they sleep for 10 hours or so. Plenty of other creatures sleep longer, like cats or even some humans.

Sloths can grow algae, which allows them to blend in with their surroundings.

Sloths eat mostly leaves. This helps give them adequate nutrition and energy, but not enough to give them lots of energy.

A sloth’s enemies include snakes, eagles, jaguars, and other carnivorous foes.

Even after death, a sloth can still grip on for dear lie.

If a sloth is three-toed, they can move their head all sorts of directions. Their toes are used to cling onto branches.

A sloth stays up at night, just like an owl.

Sloths stay alone most of their life except when they need to mate. Once mated, a female sloth is pregnant for 7-10 months until giving birth. Unlike many animals, they only give birth to one baby at a time.

Sloths have a respectable lifespan, living up to 40 years. This can increase in captivity.

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Sloths are one of the most unique animals around. We’ve been fascinated with how they can cling onto trees, and because of that, there have been many unique sloth toys around. If you want to give your kid, or yourself, a unique toy to play with, a stuffed sloth is the way to go. Chances are, you can find a sloth plush that everyone will love. Some are designed to hang around. Others are designed to cuddle up with you. No matter who you are, you’re going to love the sloth plushes. Try one today and see how much of a companion these little sloths can be. You’ll see just how good they are for everyone in the house.


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