Lilebaby Airflow Review: A Great Carrier For Kids

Baby carriers are useful for any parent. Carrying a baby around can give you some nice convenience and increase the bond between you and your baby. Of course, different carriers are created differently, so looking at them all and comparing your features is a good idea. 

Meet the Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier. It’s a carrier that boasts quite a few features, and in this post, we will discuss them all. Let’s look at them and find out the features of this carrier. 


From Infant To Toddler 

Many carriers are meant for older babies and toddlers, with infants being ignored. However, this set is meant for all age ranges in this period of life. There are quite a few positions that you can use to make sure that your baby fits as best as possible. 


This carrier is made of 3D breathable mesh. As the name implies, you can get plenty of airflow out of it to keep your baby cool and allow them to get the most comfort possible. That is another reason why this carrier is so good. 


You may wonder if this carrier is available in different colors and patterns. Some parents may prefer certain colors, as they go well with their clothes, or they just have a favorite pattern they love. Luckily, this carrier has plenty of patterns for you to choose from. 


Is It Machine Washable?

Babies are messy, and when they make a mess on the carrier, you may wonder if you have to scrub it down by hand. Nope. This carrier is machine washable, so just throw it in the wash whenever there is an accident or if it’s a little dirty after long-term use.

Wear It In Any Position

What makes this carrier awesome is the fact that you can wear it anywhere you go. Not just on your front or back, but on the hip, facing or not facing you, or in a fetal-like position. Some carriers only allow carrying the baby in a certain position, but not this one. It boasts so many positions. Your head is going to spin. Thanks to its waistband, it’s easy to keep everything supported, and you can adjust if needed. 

Its Weight Limit

You may wonder what its weight limit is. As mentioned before, it’s good for infants to toddlers, but knowing what the weight limit is can help you out a lot. As it turns out, the weight limit is up to 45 pounds. The carrier makes an effort to distribute the weight evenly, so you feel comfortable not like you have a boulder on your shoulders. 

Other Features 

Also, this carrier has two pockets you can use to put any items you have. When you’re out and about, having a carrier that can hold an extra bottle is always a good thing, and this one has it in spades.


How Much Does it Cost? 

You may wonder how much the Airflow costs. It originally was around $170, but currently, it’s around $99 on Amazon, making it much more affordable and with you more likely to entertain the price it has. It’s still expensive, but the cost is much less than it once was, making it much better on your wallet. 

What Are The Reviews Saying? 

One way you can decide whether or not something is right for you is to see whether or not the reviews from parents like you are good. Luckily, the Airflow is nicely reviewed at 4.5 stars with over 1,000 reviews as of this post. 

Many reviews claim that the product is perfect for them, making it easy to carry the baby without any back pain or anything else that comes with the territory of having a kid. They say it’s easy to use, and that most parents will love every bit of it. Almost all the reviews are positive, but there are some negative ones. 

Some parents felt that their baby was uncomfortable in the carrier, or that it was too big or small. We don’t know if they used it properly, or if the units they received are defective. One person did receive a defective unit. 

With any product, defective units are rare, but they do happen. If you feel like your unit is defective, see if you can have it returned or replaced before you leave a negative review. Chances are the company can make it right.

The Good

  • This product has many positions you can use, all of which cover newborn to toddler. With six positions, you can find the best one to help you.
  • It has some storage pockets that you can use.
  • It’s good on your back, helping distribute the weight evenly so that you don’t have any back pain. It can hold up to 45 pounds, by the way. 
  • As the name implies, there is a lot of airflows. 
  • It’s machine washable, which is good for the parents on the go. 
  • Most toddlers will find it comfortable, going to sleep right on you, increasing the bond between parent and child.
  • There’s plenty of patterns to choose from. 

The Bad

  • It is pricey. The price has gone down quite a bit, but some parents may still be hesitant because of the cost. 
  • It’s not built for parents who are on the petite side, as it’s hard to adjust and tighten everything. 
  • It’s sometimes hard to put on the carrier without a helping hand. 

Do We Recommend it?

Definitely! This carrier is a bit on the pricey side, but it comes with plenty of features that make it worth the price. For one thing, this carrier is meant from infancy to toddlerhood, so it will last you a good while. Having one carrier that lasts is always a good financial move. With it being good for your back as well, we find it easy to recommend. 

Try it out and see if you like it. We bet you will. 

FAQs (Lillebaby Airflow Review)


What is the best Lillebaby carrier?
Lillebaby Complete Airflow is the best Lillebaby Carrier. It features six different carrying positions that were specially created to keep your baby in the ergonomic position. You can find additional positive feedbacks when you read more about the Lillebaby airflow review.
When can babies face out Lillebaby?
The front face out position is ideal for babies six months and above. A baby should able to support his/her head strongly and independently when in this position.
Which is better, Tula, or Lillebaby?
Both Tula and Lillebaby are the top choices for the baby carrier. However, Lillebaby is ahead because it has some features that Tula does not offer. To be specific, we compared Tula Grow Free and Lillebaby Complete. While Lillebaby has six different positions, Tula has two only. Lillebaby features lumbar support, crossable shoulder strap, and 360 degrees that Tula does not offer.
Does Lillebaby need an infant insert?
Lillebaby does not need an infant insert. That is because its seat has an adjustable width that even a 7 pounds infant can go straight to the carrier.
Can you cross straps on Lillebaby?
Just like ErgoBaby Omni and the Beco 8, Lillebaby Complete and some other Lillebaby models allow you to cross strap in an X position across your back.

Is Lillebaby good for plus size?

Parents have different body types. While others are petite, some are in plus sizes. Good thing, Lillebaby always strives to create products that are suited for different types of body shapes and sizes. Plus-size parents do not have to worry now as Lillebaby carriers have a waist belt extension strap, which allows you to extend it for nine more inches.

Can Lillebaby carrier be washed?

All Lillebaby carriers are washing machine safe. Just make sure to buckle all buckles before putting in the washing machine. It is not recommended also to wash often. Never bleach dye and put optical brightener.

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