Best Bike Brands For Kids You Should Know About

When parents look for a sport that they can enjoy with the kids, it is often cycling that comes to mind. This activity is an excellent way for a family to travel without spending on gas and burning non-renewable sources of energy. It also teaches children how to be responsible drivers early and to look at all directions before pedaling, regardless if they are in an enclosed park or on the road.


More often than not, though, kids usually fail to receive a bicycle from their parents immediately because the latter find it hard to find an excellent maker of bikes. “This brand seems to manufacture expensive products, but how safe are they?” some may wonder. “There’s one that a saleslady recommends at the mall, yet it looks too heavy for our child,” others might reason out.

In hopes of speeding up your decision-making process – and helping you buy your little one’s dream bicycle before the holidays are over – let us show you the best bike brands for kids.

Hot Wheels

The first company on our list is Hot Wheels. It is quite popular due to the toys and collector items that they have been producing for years. However, some people may not be aware that they also make bicycles that youngsters can ride for real. Each of these vehicles come with training wheels, steel frames, knobby tires, and coaster brakes – everything that a biker-in-training may ever need.



At Kent International, the primary focus when building bikes is the safety of every child who rides their products. The small business started in 1909 until its name changed to what it is now around 1958. Bikes from this brand are known to have well-cushioned seats, sturdy steel frames, and alloy hand brakes. Who wouldn’t want their children to learn cycling on one of Kent’s bicycles and one of the best bike brands for kids?



Schwinn is another company that manufactures bicycles for a broad range of consumers, but they give special attention to the youngsters who have only found their interest in cycling recently. Among their high-valued products is the Schwinn SmartStart, which has a narrower pedal position than other bikes, as well as better gears for the children to be able to ride with ease. Their goal, after all, is to help kids learn faster.


Considering your son already knows how to ride a bike and is more of a little man than a young child now, the bicycle that you may want to get for him can come from Mongoose. They offer three kinds of bikes – BMX, MTB, and Urban – and they can be for leisure, mountain rides, and other sports that require a two-wheel vehicle. Of course, you may still pick ones with training wheels on them if your child has only started his lessons.



Last but not least, Huffy Bikes is a remarkable manufacturer with 125 years of experience. This may not be in the list of the best bike brands for kids, and you haven’t heard of it yet, but it is the first to add training wheels on their bicycles for young riders. In 2016, they also introduced the EZ Build products, which are perfect for moms and dads who love assembling their kids’ things and making sure that all the parts fit perfectly with each other.

Final Thoughts


How can you choose one label out of these companies, frankly speaking? These are the best bike brands for kids that a parent can ever ask for. They do not merely promise the safety of your child – their concern extends to how fast the little one will learn how to ride and what other gears can make him or her feel more stable on the bicycle. Perhaps things may only differ when it comes to how affordable one is or what its primary use will be.

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