Athletic Bikes: Best 20 Inch Mountain Bikes For Everyone

A 20 inch bicycle can be fun to use. You can exercise yourself and enjoy the advantages of it. Check our article to know more of the ideas that you need to know about bikes.

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Your son is growing quickly. Not only in height and age but in his sense of adventure and curiosity as well. This is why it is important to have the excellent child’s bike that is able to accommodate all the adventures your child will embark on. But of course, despite the bike’s best features, remember that they still need parental supervision when playing with bicycles.

There are many bikes for most kids out there that are poorly made and are ultimately not suitable for your child. There are also different kinds of bikes, such as balance bikes, bicycles with training wheels, entry-level mountain bicycle, a pump truck, multi-speed and single-speed bikes, and more. This is why this guide to the top 20-inch bike for a boy is going to help you get straight to the top options out there. In this guide, you will find the top 5 20-inch kids’ geared bikes and answers to other questions you may have when you are ready to purchase a new, bigger bicycle for your son from a big box store.

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To start you off, we included a list of the top 20″ bikes for boys from Amazon so you can see the prices and reviews for comparison. If you read further there, you will learn more about common FAQs on the excellent kids bicycles and our take on what we consider good quality bicycles are.

20 Inch Best Bikes

20-Inch Best Bikes: 20″ Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain

Does your kid enjoy mountain biking? These 20-inch mountain bicycles for younger riders can also be chosen in larger sizes, just check in your local bike shop. The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike has twist grip shifters that gives your boy 6 speeds to choose from. On another note, we think a trigger shifter is superior, but these work as well.

The handlebars are situated so that he can ride in an upright comfortable riding position that helps with decreasing strain in the body. There are both front and rear brakes that work through a linear pull hand brake located on the handlebars. These top 20″ bicycles have a durable steel lightweight frame that is durable and can handle lots of fun bicycle and light trail riding in a pump truck and mountain bicycle light trails.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike has a twist grip shifters that gives your boy 6 speeds to choose from
  • The Mountain bike is equipped with indexed Shimano TZ-31, 20″ X 1.95″ tires handle pavement, Padded ATB saddle, and durable steel frame that can last for years.
  • These 20-inch bikes are recommended for kids from 5-9 years or 44-56 inches. The Huffy Stone Mountain bikes are easy to assemble and come with an easy-to-follow manual.
  • Huffy Bikes are designed with Metallic Cyan blue gloss color that is best suited to your boys.
Bikes are recommended for kids from 5-9 years

Huffy Bike Ignyte

Are you planning to get a new bike for your kid? Check this out, maybe this is the right bike for them. Technically, this one is just called the Huffy Kids Ignyte Boys bike. It’s not true mountain bicycles but is very durable and it is indeed a quality bike. It has a steel frame and caliper brakes that are good coaster brakes for use when bike riding around the neighborhood. It’s full of safety features that make it one of the top kids bicycles, like a great minimum seat height that is adjustable and handlebars, a single speed bike, and a chain guard. The braking system is great for kids who are learning to ride with dual hand brakes. There is a rear coaster brake and a front hand brake.

  • The 20 inch bicycles from the Huffy Store are ideal for ages 5-9 or 44-56 inches. It is the perfect bike after your child graduates from training wheels.
  • These bicycles for kids come with tools and simple assembly instructions. The Huffy 20 inch bikes have a very bright Crimson Red Finish which adds extra appeal to its look.
  • The Huffy Bikes are made of durable steel frame, black tires, and decorated crossbar pad that will make your kids look cool when riding them.
The Huffy bikes have a very bright Crimson Red Finish which adds extra appeal to its look.

Best 20 Inch Bikes: RoyalBaby Freestyle 

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle can be purchased in different sizes all the way up to 20″ bikes. These kids’ bicycles can also be bought with training wheels. This is one of the top bicycles for kids who will be transitioning to riding without training wheels. It has a chain guard to keep little hands safe. It’s a great bicycle for 5-year-olds and up. Sometimes, when children pedal a bike, their feet can slip off the pedals. Few bicycles like this have an anti-slip surface on the pedal to prevent that from happening. They also have wider mid fat tires than some other 20″ bicycles to give better stability. They’re single-speed kids bikes that are good for those who already know how to ride. These pedal bicycles are great for when you want to teach your child to ride a bike without training wheels.

RoyalBaby 20 inch Freestyle Bicycle has a chain guard to keep little hands safe
  • The bike is 95% pre-assembled and it is hassle-free to put together since it only takes a few steps to finish it. This kids bike
  • comes with clear instructions and assembly tools.
  • The RoyalBaby 12, 14, 16-inch bikes are complete with safety features and a reliable brake system and have amazing colorful designs which your child will surely like.
  • These bicycles have different colors to choose from: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, White, Fuchsia so your child can pick whatever is his favorite color.


Best 20 Inch Bikes: Mongoose Legion BMX

If you have a boy who might be interested in riding BMX, the Legion Freestyle is the top kids bike option for 8 year olds and above. The braking system is designed to help beginners in this activity to get a good start into the sport. It has all of the features found in a traditional BMX bike, like a cable detangler, freestyle pegs, and the steel U-brakes needed to perform fun tricks. This is definitely the coolest looking bicycle on our list. The mag wheels add so much style with their aluminum frame rims. While this is a bicycle for kids that can just be ridden down the street, it’s ideal for kids with an interest in performing BMX tricks and stunts.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk 20 Inch BMX Bike
  • The BMX bike is made of high quality Hi-Ten steel and it has a unique structure that will make your child look tough on the the road.
  • These 16 to 20 inch bikes feature machined aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearings, alloy 4 bolt front-load stem clamps, alloy calliper brake and rear U-brakes which makes will give your child a smooth and safe ride.
  • These Mongoose Bicycles are suitable for kids aged 8 years and above. Your kids will love this kind of bicycle because of the different features it has.
  • You can check online of the features and the best thing about this bicycle.
This 20 inch BMX bike is made of high quality Hi-Ten steel. You can check more information online.

20 Inch Best Bikes: Woom 4 

The top 20-inch kids’ bike that is currently available for your boy is the Woom 4. This lightweight bike is child-appropriate in its geometry. Out of these 5 top bicycles, the Woom 4 kids bike is the lightest bike which makes it easy to maneuver. The bike’s maneuverability is also helped by the unique adjusting handlebars and the upright geometry, which in turn, creates a better balance bike. The Woom 4 20″ bicycles are also extremely customizable. There are endless options for you and your son to choose to make his bicycle unique to him.

This kid’s bike is $479. These Woom bicycles are not the most expensive bikes on the list, but they aren’t cheap either. If you were to purchase this kid’s bike, it would be an investment for your boy. If it is too expensive, Woom bicycles have trade-in options that can help to lower the price of the bicycle.

For that price, you do get quite a lot. This is one of the ideal kids’ bicycles for when a young rider is ready to learn about shifting gears. It has a twist grip shifter that can change the bike through 8 different speeds. It’s not considered to be one of the mountain bicyles but it is a good one for riding in climbing hills because of the twist grip shifter. It also has an easy-to-pull hand with only one brake lever for the coaster brake that is located on both tires.

  • Child-Appropriate Geometry: Designed with geometry suitable for children, the Woom 4 provides a comfortable and safe riding experience.
  • Lightweight Construction: Being the lightest bike among its top competitors, the Woom 4 offers exceptional maneuverability, enhancing the riding experience for young cyclists.
  • Unique Adjusting Handlebars: The bike features adjusting handlebars and upright geometry, improving balance and control for the rider.
  • Customizability: With endless customization options, parents and children can personalize the Woom 4 to make it unique and tailored to the child’s preferences.
  • Investment-Worthy: While not the cheapest option, the Woom 4 represents an investment in quality and durability, ensuring long-term enjoyment and safety for the child.
  • Learning Advantages: Ideal for young riders ready to learn about shifting gears, the bike features an 8-speed twist grip shifter, facilitating skill development.
  • Hill Riding Capability: Although not designed for mountain biking, the Woom 4’s twist grip shifter makes it suitable for climbing hills with ease.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with a coaster brake on both tires and an easy-to-pull hand brake lever, the Woom 4 prioritizes safety during rides.
20" bicycle

20 Inch Best Bikes: Prevelo

The second top 20-inch bike for a boy is the Prevelo Alpha 3. This bike is made from top-quality, name-brand parts that make it just right for your child’s geometry. The Prevelo Alpha 20-inch bike is also lightweight and offers low standover height. The low standover height makes it a suitable balance bike. The price point of this 20-inch kids bike is $499. This brand also offers a trade-in program to lower the price if need be.

Balance bikes are great for coasting down hills at fast speeds. Many children are starting to just coast on the best balance bicycles first, before learning to ride a pedal bike. The Prevelo Alpha Three gives your boy 8 speeds to shift through with an easy-to-use lever. The cables for the brake gears and brake levers are all run internally through the aluminum frame of the bikes. There is a front brake and a rear coaster brake so your kiddo can stop without issue. Prevelo Alpha Three also seals off all of the bearings for a smooth and sleek look. The Prevelo Alpha Three is pretty pricey but the quality of it makes this a contender for the top bike on our list.

20 Inch Bikes: Co-op Cycles REV 

The Cycles REV kids bikes are single-speed 20 inch bikes that have a lightweight aluminum frame. There are hand brakes that operate the front and rear brakes, as well as a coaster brake that can be engaged with the pedals. The hand brakes engage the rim brakes for safe, easy stopping. These are V brakes rather than mechanical disc brakes, which helps keep the cost of the Cycles REV kids’ bikes down to just a couple hundred dollars. The bicycle has a cool look with a BMX-style handlebar and a low stand-over height like the top kids’ balance bikes. Kids up to 80 lbs. can ride these balance bikes.

20 Inch Bikes: Priority Start

The Priority Start 20 Inch Bikes are the best kids’ bikes for transitioning into bicycles with gears and better riding. The Priority Start has 3 speeds your boy can switch between. Priority Start is not mountain bikes but they have tires that are all-terrain. The frame is made of aluminum so these 20″ bikes are super lightweight. There are double hand brakes so kids can stop easily, too. The price of the Priority Start is mid-range, making it one of the top kids’ bikes that’s also quite affordable.

20 Inch Bicycles: Frog 55

The Frog 55 is the third top 20-inch boys bicycle. This specific kids bicycle model can be used for a wide range of activities. Anything from riding up and down the block to riding on dirt paths in the park. Being a balance bicycle is what enables this versatility in riding terrain. This 20-inch boys bike also comes in numerous color options and high-quality components. The Frog 55 bikes have a price tag of $520.

This one is ideal for boys who are about 6 or 7 years old. The Frog 55 can be grouped with the kids’ balance bicycles or the best kids’ mountain bikes. It’s a very versatile option. It has 8 speeds and the brakes are controlled by levers that are easy to pull. Though these 20″ bikes are kids’ bikes, they have features and gears similar to many guardian bikes. The frame is still just right for the size of children, with a stand-over height of about 22″.

Pello Rover is a 20" kids bike that comes with gears

20 Inch Bicycles: Pello Rover Or Reddi

The Pello Rover is a 20-inch kid’s bike that comes with gears. This makes it one of the top options for hopping curbs and riding off-road through fields. Most of the features on this kid’s bike are made to handle rough and longer rides so there is no need to worry about this bike getting damaged after one or two rides off-road. The Pello Rover is all about ensuring that your son has an adventure each time he rides.

If you feel that your boy is not yet ready for gears, the Pello Reddi, with its single-speed setup and slightly smaller crank length, provides a suitable option. Comparable to models like the Early Rider Belter or the Prevelo Alpha Three, it ensures a smooth ride for most kids, allowing them to maintain an upright position comfortably. Equipped with reliable Tektro V brakes, it ensures safety during bike ride adventures with friends.

Both of these Pello options are balance bikes, but the huge difference in price stems from the inclusion or exclusion of gears. The Pello Rover comes in at $499 and the Pello Reddi at $399.

21 Inch Bike: Clearly Owl

The last bike on the top 5  top  20-inch boys’ bikes is the Clearly Owl 20. This kid’s bike comes as a 3-speed with a sturdy steel frame, which makes it a balanced bike. This brand is a popular brand when it comes to 20-inch bicycles so you are able to find quality ones either new or used. A new version of this kids’ bike comes in at $485.

When it comes to ultimately deciding on what 20-inch bicycle is excellent for your son or daughter, you have to take into account a few different qualifications. These include budget, age range, bicycle weight, brakes, tires, and gearing. Every child will be different so it’s safe to say that the bike will not be the same nice bike for all children. You have to think about your son and your child’s riding style and which features are more important to him and to you.


  • Balance bikes will have a lower stand over height and will have a good coaster brake so your early rider can just coast down hills at fast speeds with its fast rolling tires and still brake safely. Mountain bikes have good brakes and better front suspension fork systems than other bikes for rolling over bumps in the light trail. You can also have a cruiser bike that’s good for riding on paved roads and sidewalks.


  • There are different types of brakes. You can get kids’ bikes with V-brakes, U-brakes, a coaster brake, or mechanical disc brakes. Most 20-inch bikes won’t have the mechanical disc brakes built into them. It’s easier for children to brake more slowly and safely with other types of brakes. Also, mechanical disc brakes usually make kids’ bikes cost a bit more, unlike hydraulic disc brakes.

Multi Or Single Speed

  • 20-inch bikes often come in multi-speed options. There will be different gears and some sort of gear shifter, either a lever or a twist grip shifter to change the speeds. It makes it easier for kids to pedal up hills or across rough terrain. For many kids, the twist grip shifter may be easier to use. If your son is going to be getting his first multi-speed bike, look for one with a twist grip shifter.
Best 20" bicycle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Age Is A 20″ Bike For?

A 20 inch bike is appropriate for a child between the ages of 7 and 10. Once your child has an inseam of 20-25 inches bike, then they are the perfect age for a 20 inch kids bicycle. You will see that the above age range and inseam range will happen around the same time so once your child reaches that age range, they will most likely be in the same child’s inseam range as well. Some of the 20 inches bike will have a different recommended age range, though. As long as kids fit the measurements and their body weight is fitting, they can ride 20 inches bikes.

How Tall Should You Be For A Bicycle?

For the top balance bicycle and riding experience, you should be between 4’0” and 4’5” to ride a 20-inch kids’ bike. These bikes are the recommended height to ensure the safety of taller kids and also maximum controllability. Many 20 inch bikes recommend height based on the inseam of the young riders. Most bikes this size are recommended for kids with inseams of 22” to 28”.

Can A 7-Year-Old Ride 20″ Bicycle?

Yes, a 7-year-old can ride a 20-inch bicycle. A bike with 20-inch wheels is suitable up until your child is 7. When your son approaches the age of 8, is when you will want to start looking for a bicycle with more than 20-inch wheels. But at the age of 7, 20-inch bikes are appropriate.

You may want to make sure there is still a coaster brake because kids are used to using those. You can look for older kids’ bikes, such as a 20 inch mountain bike with knobby tires and a rigid fork, designed for the pump track and true mountain biking experiences. These amazing bikes often feature a rear derailleur and hand brakes along with a coaster brake, ensuring young riders can stay safe as they learn to use different features like mechanical disc brakes or gear shifters. Consider models like the Spawn bicycle, which is tailored for the young rider transitioning to more advanced cycling skills.

What 20″ Bicycles Are The Right Ones For 9-Year-Old Boys?

One of the best bikes for a 9-year-old boy is the Pinnacle Aspen. At this age, your son has gone through a few different bikes and it is time for a kid’s bike that will be able to last him until he is ready for an adult bicycle. This is why the Pinnacle Aspen is the best kids bike for a 9-year-old boy. This bike has rear gears only which allow your son the opportunity to learn how to change gears before advancing to an adult bicycle, where the gears are in the front. This is a balance bike that is easy to control while still having a stable suspension.

Another good option is the Priority Start 20 inch bikes. Priority Start is all about kids learning how to switch gears and improve on their riding skills. This bike has an internally geared hub which only has 3 gears to switch between so it’s best for kids who are on their way out of kids geared bikes. Priority Start balance bikes come in several different colors, too, so your 9 year old can choose their favorite. Priority Start is one of the best balance kids bikes for boys that are ready to learn new riding skills.

20 inch

What’s The Height Range For A 20″ Bicycle?

The height range for a 20-inch kids bike is between 120 and 138 centimeters. This equals between 4 feet and 4 ft 5 in.

What Age Is A BMX For?

The best age for a BMX bike with 20-inch wheels is between 6 and 10. BMX bikes have no gears, which is similar to most of the standard kid’s bikes with 20-inch wheels. Some of the top kid’s bikes for boys will be sidewalk BMX bikes. Boys who have shown an interest in this sport will like having the right balance bikes that look like actual BMX bikes.

How Do You Measure A Child For  20 Inch Bikes?

The first thing you need to know is the sizes that bikes come in. When talking about a standard kids bike, the sizes include 14, 16, 20, and 24. These numbers refer to the size of the wheels. Next, you will need to know the inseam of your child. Each bike size has a different size inseam that is appropriate. You’ll see that most of the top kid’s bikes have references made to the stand-over height in their descriptions. That refers to where the middle bar is that is part of the bike frame.

20 inch

How Do You Pick The Top 20″ Bicycles Size?

The smart way to pick out a bike size for your boy is by having the inseam and rider experience information in hand. When it comes to confident rider experience with bikes, your child can either be a learner or a pedaler. When they are a learner, your child should be able to place both feet firmly on the ground. This is how they are able to feel the safest and most confident when learning how to ride a bike. Easy-to-balance bikes are the best option if your child is still a learner. If your child is a pedaler then they can be fitted for their bike with just their tippy-toes on the ground. From here, you will know what bike size is best for your child.

How To Choose Kids’ Bicycle 20″ Size?

In order to determine the bike size that is ideal for your child, you need to know their inseam, their height, and their rider experience. It is also helpful to know what your child is interested in and what they will mainly be using the bike for. All of these things help you to balance bikes that could potentially be a good fit for your child. The top balance bike will allow your child to stand over the middle with their feet flat on the ground and not touch the bike frame.

Is Mountain Bike Better Than Other Bicycles Available On The Market?

Mountain bikes and a pump truck aren’t better than other bikes just because. Mountain bikes are better for riding on different kinds of rough terrain than other bikes, though. Mountain bikes can definitely make the top girls’ bikes because they are very versatile. You can ride mountain bikes on dirt and light trails, on sidewalks, on streets, and in the mountains. Mountain bikes have really good brakes and suspension forks and systems and come in many colors and styles. Most mountain bikes have somewhere to store a water bottle. Mountain bikes are better for kids who will be riding in different settings frequently.

20 inch white bike

Can Adults Use 20 Inch Bicycles And Is It Safe For Them To Use This Size?

What Size Is A Less Than 21″ Bicycle Frame And Is It Big Enough?

What Size Rim Is A Less Than 21″ Bicycle?

Are Bigger Wheels Better On A Small Wheeled Type Of Bicycles?

Is Wheel Size Important In A Bike?

Yes, wheel size is a crucial consideration when looking at great bikes. Adult bikes generally have bigger wheel sizes. The performance, speed, and comfort of the ride are all impacted by the wheel size. For casual or novice riders, however, the variations in wheel size might not be as obvious, and concentrating on other factors like frame size and quality might be more crucial. This is particularly true when evaluating the best commuter bikes under $200, when price and durability may be more important considerations than wheel size.

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