How Do I Choose The Best Commuter Bike Under 200?

Choosing the right bike for commuting is very important. A commuter bike needs to be sturdy enough to get you to and from your destination on a daily basis and it might have to traverse many terrains. Before getting into how to choose a bike, let’s consider three different kinds of bikes that you may come across—mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes. We can look at what features they have so you know what’s going to work best for your needs with regards to commuter bikes.


In the article, we included a list of the best commuter bike under 200 from Amazon. To help you pick the best commuter bike which one to choose, we also highlighted a specific product description for each one. Once you get an idea of your options, you can continue reading the article so you can better understand what type of bike you need and which one fits your lifestyle best.

Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike for Women – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This mountain bike has a steel frame for durability, double V brakes, and a fork suspension to take the bumps you’ll hit along your route. It’s a 24 speed mountain bike with a fairly low price that can be used on trails, in parks, on the road, and as a city commuter.

  • The 26-inch mountain bike made of aluminum alloy and comes in different feminine design and color is best for women
  • It has a reliable break system and 24-speed shifters which you can use to adjust the speed according to your preference.
  • This best commuter bike for women is 85 % pre-assembled when it comes to your door and you can put it together easily since comes with a simple manual.


Schwinn Stites Fixie Adult Commuter Road Bike – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This is one of the best road bikes because it keeps things simple. It has just a single speed so there is nothing complicated about this city commuter. The frame material is steel and because this is a fixed gear, single speed bike, there aren’t all the cables or anything else hanging from the bike so it looks very clean and tidy. It’s also built with safety in mind with front and rear pull brakes that make it easy to stop. This is one of the best commuter bikes for its simplicity and functionality. Continue reading below to find out more of its best features…

  • The Stites Fixie is one of the best commuter bikes. It has a steel racing frame and fork and it sturdy even on a bumpy pavement.
  • It has dual alloy caliper brakes and high profile alloy rims which makes it durable and stable on the road.
  • It is low maintenance since it utilizes a no-frill styling.


Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This cruiser road bike is another that is a fixed gear, single speed that’s great for a commuter bike. It’s highly affordable and works best as a city commuter or beach cruiser. This road bike is also very comfortable with extra padding on the seat and foam grips. The style is simple and clean with a look that’s sort of retro city like. These bikes are best for women who just want to cruise around comfortably. Find out below why this bike is one of the best commuter bikes for women…

  • The women’s bike is the best option for a beginners bike, it also also has classic design, ideal for women with minimalist taste.
  • You will benefit from the Upright riding style since you wont have to bend your back and shoulders, you will likely have comfortable ride.
  • It comes with 26-inch 2.125 wide aluminum wheels perfect for easy rolling.



Schwinn has been in the bike business for a very long time. The Suburban Sport Comfort is one of the best hybrid bikes for many reasons. It has an easy to step through steel frame. It has an upright riding position for added comfort. It makes for one of the best commuter bikes because you get 7 different speed selections and you’ll have a super smooth ride with the large wheels. It also has both front and rear linear pull brakes that give you lots of easy stopping power.


  • The Suburban hybrid offers has advanced features that allows comfortable riding position.
  • It has7-Speed micro shift twist for quick and easy gear changes.
  • These best commuter bikes of Schwinn are made of durable steel frames and have a powerful break system for added safety.

Critical Cycles Harper

The Critical Cycles Harper is a fixed gear, single speed road bike. It’s meant for cruising around town at a comfortable pace. It has a simple design that most people will find attractive. The Critical Cycles Harper is comfortable, affordable, and allows the rider to sit upright with handlebars much like those on a mountain bike. These commuter bikes are fitted with Promax brakes for safe stopping ability. This is one of the best commuter bikes because Critical Cycles made it simple to use and super affordable. Here are more of the best commuter bike features:

  • Fixed gear and single speed bike best for use on city roads
  • Limited off road capabilities
  • Critical Cycles Harper comes in 5 different sizes so riders can get the bike best suited to their height
  • Has a comfortable frame and ride

Critical Cycles Pursuit Fixed Gear Bike

You can take one look at the Critical Cycles Pursuit Fixed Gear Bike and see that it’s a hybrid bike. The tires and frame look much like a mountain bike, while the handlebars look like a road bike. This Critical Cycles bike, much like their other bikes is very affordable. These bikes are best for people who have a commute that isn’t tough and can be cruised through on a fixie for at least a good bit of it. The Critical Cycles Pursuit Fixed Gear Bike has a very minimalist appeal to it. These bikes are best suited to beginners or those who want a simple ride. Take a look at more of the best features of this commuter bike below:

  • Inexpensive bikes best suited to easy terrain commutes
  • Fixed gear that’s great for cruising
  • Single rear handbrake
  • Lightweight, fast, durable tires

Mountain Bike

Built with larger tires that grip better and more complex brake systems, mountain bikes are best for rough terrain. They also have excellent suspension and some people find the riding position more comfortable. A mountain bike can be ridden just about anywhere. The mountain bike is basically the all-terrain option in the bunch. If you have different types of surface to ride over on your normal routes, a mountain bike might be your best option. All of those extras make mountain bikes heavier though, resulting in a slower ride, especially if you won’t be using most of them during your day-to-day.


Road Bike

Road bikes, on the other hand, are extremely light, and are best made for speed. They won’t do well on terrain other than paved roads and the riding position may be uncomfortable as it is closer to horizontal, especially if you need to transport items on your commute. A road bike is the one you see cyclists riding around town where they’re leaning all the way forward to lessen the wind resistance. They’re not the best commuter bikes for riding on trails or anything other than a road, but they’re the best bike for routes that are all paved road.


Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is essentially what it sounds like: a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike. It combines a mountain bike’s more comfortable riding position with the light frame and thinner wheels of a road bike. In general, many commuters opt for a hybrid bike for comfort and ease of carrying items on the commute, although some argue a hybrid bike might lose the benefits of other kinds of bikes without recuperating much in return. If you have a route that has some pavement and some light trails, then the best hybrid bikes are certainly worth looking at.


All of those extras make mountain bikes heavier though, resulting in a slower ride, especially if you won’t be using most of them during your day-to-day.

How To Choose The Best Commuter Bike For Your Needs

There are many factors to consider when choosing a commuter bike, some of which you should keep in mind when choosing any bike and some of which are specific to commuter bikes. That said, when choosing the best commuter bike, it’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

Do You Need To Combine Biking With Another Mode Of Transportation (Like A Bus Or Train)?

You should consider if you will need to combine biking with another mode of transportation. This might come into play if you bike to a train station, then use the train to get to your final destination or vice versa.

This is important for two reasons: If you bring your bike with you on the second mode of transportation and it is a typically crowded ride, then you might consider a folding bike or a bike that takes up a relatively small amount of space.

On the other hand, if you leave your bike wherever you get onto the second mode of transportation, you may opt for a cheaper commuter bike, knowing that it is more likely to be stolen or exposed to the elements.


Where Will You Store Your Bike While You Are At Work (Or

Wherever You Commute To)?

Once you arrive to your destination, you’ll similarly need to consider where you’ll store your bike while at work. Like in the situation of combining forms of transportation, you’ll have to decide how secure from theft and weather phenomena the bike is and keep that in mind for choosing your commuter bike.

Again, folding commuter bikes can be the best option if you have the opportunity to store the bike inside, but with limited space.

How Far Do You Need To Commute Using The Bike And What Kind Of Terrain Will You Cross?

This is where you may take into consideration the different kinds of bicycles available for different kinds of terrain. Most commuters opt for a hybrid bike, in order to combine the best comfort and ease of transporting necessary items with speed and weight. 

In any case, a commuter bike should be comfortable, especially if you’ll be riding far or with a significant number of items, such as in a full backpack. At the same time, most people prefer a lighter commuter bike that’s easy to ride to reduce the effort needed to arrive.

The Best Commuter Bikes Under 200

With those guidelines in place, here are a few of the best and our favorite commuter bikes under 200:

Folding Bike for Adults Men and Women: This bike is an ideal commuter bike because of its small size and easy storage in combination with the option to add a rear rack to facilitate easier transportation of necessary items for work.


Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike: Although not all commuters prefer to use a mountain bike, this is a relatively light and simple mountain bike that would be an excellent budget option for adults looking for a comfortable commuter bike.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Commuter Bikes

What bikes are best for commuting?

Hybrid bikes that are both comfortable and lightweight are best for most commuters. Some commuters opt for more expensive bikes since they know they’ll be using their bike almost every single day, while others choose a cheaper commuter bike, knowing it may be more prone to theft or wear from the weather.

Lastly, other commuters may choose foldable commuter bikes to make for easier storage on secondary forms of transportation or at their destination. Choosing the best commuter bike for you depends on both your needs and budget.

How much should you spend on a commuter bike?

How much is appropriate to spend on a commuter bike depends on each person’s individual budget and preference, but most people tend toward one of two options:

  • An inexpensive (less than $200) bike, knowing the bike may be exposed to more situations in which it may be stolen or exposed to weather phenomena
  • A more expensive (greater than $400) bike, knowing they will use the bike every day

In either case, you have the option of many different kinds of bikes, including both hybrid and folding bikes, the two most common types of commuter bikes.


Does biking save money?

Biking does save money in the long term as opposed to driving. It may also save as compared to using public transportation, though likely not as much as compared to driving.

Whether biking saves a significant amount or a medium amount depends on if you still own a car or not. If you are able to completely replace driving with biking, walking and public transportation, you’ll not only save on gas and parking in specific situations, but also in the long term on car payments and insurance.


Even if you’re unable to completely replace the car, you can still save on gas and parking, especially if you commute daily using a bike. Keep in mind, if you do opt to commute using a bike daily, you may need to buy a commuter bike to use on your commute, which can be an additional up-front cost.

Good luck in choosing the best commuter bike for you!


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