The 7 Best Bags For Moms With Toddlers

Picking out the absolute best purses for moms with toddlers can seem a little daunting. Moms with toddlers are just graduating out of those bulky, stuffed-full diaper bags, but still need some of the features that come with a diaper bag.

That’s why when we picked out the best purses for moms with toddlers in 2020, we went for bags that combine style and utility so the moms that have these bags know that they’re getting the best of both worlds: they get high style bags that they’ll have fun carrying around but won’t lose out on any of the storage necessary for wrangling their toddlers needs.


Now when it comes to the best purses for moms with toddlers, there are a few different kinds of bags that we think are most adequate. The best purses for moms with toddlers that require lots of hands-on help are backpacks bags, while the best purses for moms that prefer more easily accessible items are tote bags.

Some moms will want the option to do both are more, so the best purses for moms with different kinds of needs – especially moms with multiple children – are bags that are some combination of the two.

We also think that the best purses for moms with toddlers still come with stroller straps, so most of the bags on our list also include that feature.


Backpack Bags

Like we said before, the best purses for moms with toddlers that need your hands free to wrangle, plead and direct their little ones are often are backpacks. Thankfully, there are lots of backpacks that get the job done and are comfortable and stylish, too.


This backpack is simple and from the outside no one would ever know that’s it secretly stashes away everything your little one needs.

Its padded shoulder straps are an extra bonus that makes it even more comfortable for long hours of wear, while the top handle and water bottle pockets are extra bonuses.

This backpack has everything you love in typical backpack but also all of the elements you need to make it one of the best purses for moms with toddlers.

We love this bag because it really and truly is thought out for moms with toddlers. Operative word here, though: with toddlers. Moms are their own people, too, and this bag is fit for any mom wanting to have a nice, stylish backpack.

At the same time, it’s 100% prepared for toddlers, from being lined with spill-resistant plastic to keep your bag space to simple exterior pocks for easy access to your most essential items. 

Tote Bags

Some moms, on the other hand, need their hands a little less free for their toddler and a little freer to grab things from inside their bags. The best purses for moms that need quick access to their contents are totes.

These types of bags often vary more in design and have more neutral options that still are beautiful and trendy but may be a better fit if the bag will be shared between two parents with different taste. So, these are also the best purses for moms that share the bag with others.


Who has ever heard of a bag for moms with toddlers that also is interview-ready? We hadn’t, at least not until we came across this tote bag.

We’d like to deem this bag one of the best purses for moms looking to get back into the workforce because it truly looks like something you might see a CEO with. Except, this baby is completely lined to keep it safe from toddler-related spills and has everything you need to strap it on a stroller fast. 

If you were looking to move away from diaper bags completely, we’re sorry to disappoint, but don’t write this bag off just yet. Even if your little one is fully potty trained (ahem, no more diapers!!), you still can benefit from the easy access pockets on the side.

Plus, this bag is pleasantly neutral and would be a great bag to share with a partner with different style taste.

If everything we’ve look at so far doesn’t really seem to be your style – maybe they’ve been too neutral or boring – then this chevron beauty is for you. It doesn’t get any more fun than this, so this tote is definitely one of the best purses for moms that love to express themselves through their bag choices.

Converting Backpack/Tote Bags

If you’re not sure whether a backpack or a tote bag is better, or if both sound necessary, then you’re on team “Coverting bags are the best purses for moms with toddlers!” Here are two of these kinds of bags that we love.


This bag is known as the “Triple Threat” for a reason. With it, you’ll be unstoppable.

If you know a supermom, who juggles multiple kids and pulls it off looking like she just hopped off the mommy runway, then this the bag for her. It’s stylish and useful. Does it get any better than that?

Practical meets sophisticated in this bag. You can switch it from a tote to a backpack and back again within seconds and it has all the space a mom needs to take care of her toddler. Or toddlers.

If you haven’t been convinced by any of the bags we’ve looked yet, this may be the one. It’s definitely among the best purses for moms of any aged kids out there because of how versatile it is.


Whether you’re looking to completely move beyond the infamous diaper bag or just up your diaper bag game as your toddler grows, we’ve surely found a bag for you.


There are plenty of bags out there fit for moms of children of all ages that combine all of the space and features you need to tote around the things your toddler needs with the style you deserve.

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