Power Wheels For Girls They’ll Love!

One of the fantasies a little girl (or boy) has is thinking about when they’ll be old enough to drive on their own. During the early childhood stage, they still have a long ways to go. With that said, you can give your little one the thrill of driving in a safe environment.

Meet Power Wheels. Power Wheels vehicles are small little vehicles that your kid can drive around in the driveway. They go slow, but they do have features that real cars have, such as lights, brakes, gas pedals, and more. They have a lot to offer. Chances are, you had something similar as a kid, but nothing like this.

Let’s look at some good Power Wheels that your little girl may love.

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What To Look For

Here are some features to look out for when shopping for a Power Wheels

Safety Features

Power Wheels move slow. Like around 3mph. However, they can still go out of control or tip over. Many vehicles will include seat belts to increase the safety and peace of mind. Others may have a parental remote that allows the parent to control the vehicle if the child is having trouble controlling it.

Multiple Surfaces

Some of these vehicles can go on more surfaces than just your driveway. Grass, gravel, and other uneven terrain may be traversed as well for more travel. If your daughter loves to get onto the roads that are less traveled, think about that.

Play Time

Obviously, you want a car that will last a long time. Most of these vehicles are powered by a battery that has to be charged. It may take a few hours, and hopefully the car can last a couple of hours on a single charge. The last thing you want is for your daughter to be having the time of her life and the vehicle dies.

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Some of these vehicles come in different speeds. Obviously, they won’t go super fast, but they may have speeds that differ depending on what mode you put them in. Some can go two, three, or even five speeds. Start your daughter on a smaller speed, and work your way up. They will soon love every bit of how the vehicle moves.

Other Accessories

Some vehicles may include other accessories such as lights, a horn, and music. Music is quite important when riding a car. Little girls like to play their own music. Some vehicles may include ways to listen to music like built in songs. Others will have an AUX cord you can plug in and listen to music with.

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Pink 12V Ride On Car Truck

This is a cool little SUV that has many unique features. It has a safety built, lights, a horn, and it can even go off-road. Your girl can easily ride around in the grass and whatnot. This vehicle can be controlled by your little girl, with a parental remote to prevent any accidents.

Not to mention, it has an aux connection. Your kid can play their own songs and jam out as they drive. It includes three speeds as well. Obviously, it can’t go as fast as a real vehicle, but it can grow along with your daughter and go quite fast. You can charge the vehicle, with batteries required for the remote.

Ferrari Ride On Car

Who doesn’t love to ride around in a Ferrari? This car will make your little girl feel like a star. It goes slow and stylish at under 3mph. It is designed just for them as well, fitting one kid at a time.

This car can go for around 2 hours on a single charge, which is quite good. As for its features, it includes a horn, noises, folding mirrors, and much more. It can be driven on many surfaces too, allowing for much more fun.

Pink Ride on Truck

This truck is great for girls who want to keep on trucking. This has another remote so that the parent can stop the vehicle if it’s going too out of control. It can fit two little kids or one bigger one. It comes with LED lights and it includes its own songs, as well as an AUX connection. You can even change the speeds around. All in all, it’s a cool little truck.

Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen

If your girl is into the Pixar film Cars, they will love this. This is a Power Wheels that looks like a small Lightning McQueen. It even talks and plays dialogue from the movies. If your girl loves the film, or even if she just loves the design, there is a lot to praise about this car. It can go up to 3.5 mph, which means it’s quite good for 4 and up. Mr. McQueen can even go across surfaces too, which makes it great for many different trips.

Source: Flickr.com (Michael Kappel)

Electric Pink Power Wheels RC Car

If your little girl likes a hot pink car, this is the one for them. It has that parental remote that keeps them safe, and it has room for one kid. Your little girl will love riding in a car that is built just for them, and so will you. You’ll love watching them drive around and have the time of their life. This car comes in low speeds for the newbies and a higher speed for the more advanced drivers. It has MP3 features and even its own radio. Yes, your girl can select a station and then listen to her favorite tunes.

Okay, but what about the other features? It includes a horn and headlights, and two hours of driving on a single charge. It does take forever to charge, however. Expect up to 10 hours. You should leave this vehicle charging overnight unless you want a disappointed girl.


These vehicles allow for many hours and fun and they teach your girl about driving. Try a few of them today and watch your girl have the time of her life.


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