The Best Baby Toothpaste That’s Safe for Kids

When your baby starts growing teeth, it’s a time of celebration. They’ll soon be learning how to chew their own food and take care of their teeth.


Once your baby grows teeth and becomes a toddler, it’s time to start teaching them how to brush their teeth. Brushing teeth can be a fun task for your little one, or it can be a nightmare as you try to get them to spit out their toothpaste and whatnot. When buying toothpaste, you must think about what kind of toothpaste is suitable for your toddler. General toothpaste is not recommended, as it contains fluoride and other chemicals that are good for your teeth, but aren’t so good if swallowed. Baby toothpaste is great for those who are learning how to brush their teeth and who may make a few mistakes along the way. Let’s look at some good toothpaste brands to buy.

Colgate My First Toothpaste

Let’s look at one of the most popular toothpaste brands, Colgate. Colgate is known for their high-quality toothpaste, and while their toothpaste isn’t as all-natural as some of the others that will be on this list, this toothpaste does have more natural ingredients.

This toothpaste is free of fluoride, preservatives, and other harsh chemicals. Your kid can swallow it and you won’t have to worry that much about any consequences. This is because Colgate’s toothpaste is specially designed for your little one.

The flavor is a light fruit flavor that isn’t disgusting. However, it lacks flavors and it comes in a tube that is a bit small. It’s a little low tier on this list because of that reason, but it’s still pretty good.


Orajel Training Toothpaste

Orajel is another popular brand of dental products. You may know them for their numbing gels you put on your teeth whenever you have a toothache, but they have toothpaste as well. This toothpaste is great for your young one. It has cartoon characters they may be familiar with and your kid is going to love it.

With that said, the ingredients are a bit lacking in appeal. It’s less natural than the others. While you may not be a parent who cares that much, the ingredients aren’t that good for a baby who is teething. Microdent isn’t that good for a young child.

It’s generally safe, however, and it’s the least expensive out of the others. However, you may need to supervise your baby more so you can see whether or not they swallow the toothpaste. It’s more recommended for toddlers over two rather than a baby under that.


Earth’s Best Toothpaste

As you may have inferred from the name of the brand, this toothpaste is all-natural. Of course, just because it’s all-natural doesn’t mean it’s that good for the baby. Luckily, Earth’s First Toothpaste shines in many regards. It comes in strawberry and banana as a flavor, as well as apple and pear.

The flavors are quite subtle and aren’t harsh like some ingredients are. This means that your child can enjoy the toothpaste without much worry. They can enjoy brushing quite well. As for the ingredients themselves, they are generally safe, but your child should still learn how to spit. The natural ingredients won’t harm them in small doses, but don’t make it a habit, you know?

One downside is that it does come in a small tube. If you’re someone who likes to buy in bulk, you may be out of luck with this one. However, no toothpaste brand can be perfect. This one does come close though.


Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

This is another natural brand of toothpaste that we believe your kid is going to love. If you haven’t heard of the Jack n’ Jill lineup of goods, we’re here to tell you what they are. They are a great brand that offers plenty in the natural department.

Also, this brand does offer quite a few flavors. You can find many fruit flavors to choose from and they all come from natural fruits as well. It even has ingredients to help calm a baby’s painful gums, which is always a great feature.

They are quite natural, with natural sweeteners and no preservatives. If you’re someone who likes to give your baby the best ingredients, you are in luck!

Just make sure to be gentle with the cap. There have been some reports of the cap breaking off, and if that happens, the toothpaste will lose its consistency. Until your kid is a bit older, maybe you should be handling the cap.

Tom’s Training Toothpaste

If you need some good toothpaste, call up Tom. Tom’s Training Toothpaste, which is quite the alliteration, we must say, has all natural ingredients and plenty of fruity flavors to pick from. In fact, many claim the fruit scent fills the room whenever your kid takes it out. Some of the natural ingredients include seaweed, which is used to thicken the toothpaste, and water straight from Maine. You can definitely read all of the ingredients and see where they come from if that’s something you’re concerned about. We love this toothpaste for that reason, and we believe that you will as well. It packs quite a punch.

With that said, they do suffer from what other brands on here do, where that the tube doesn’t come in larger sizes. Yes, you don’t need too much toothpaste to clean a toddler’s teeth, but if you have multiple babies or like buying in bulk, that is a bit of a problem.



While you can buy pretty much any toothpaste meant for babies, buying toothpaste with natural ingredients can give you that intense feeling of satisfaction as you realize that you’re putting all-natural ingredients on your baby’s teeth.

Dental care is important for any age. While those teeth will fall out, learning proper dental care means that your child’s permanent teeth will be better-taken care of. Isn’t that a good thing?

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