The Best Baby Care Play Mat For Your Baby

You carried your baby in your body for nine long months. Of course, you would only want what is best for your baby. The world is full of risks and dangers. How do you ensure that playtime will be as safe and enjoyable as possible? What is the best baby care play mat for your baby? How do you choose one?


Here are some points to consider!


Whether it is plain or printed, it is better to get a playmat in light hues. These colors are easy on your baby’s eyes. Pastel or combination of white and gray may be good ideas. The light colors will also make it easier for you to see any foreign object that you either need to keep or put in the garbage. Babies are prone to choking hazards; the best baby care play mat is where a small foreign object must easily be detectable. You do not want any small object to end up in your baby’s mouth and do damage there!



Your mat should cover a huge part of the room where your child will be playing. This will ensure that your baby will always be on the safety and comfort of the mat. For your toddler, 5 feet by 7 feet mat is the right size. Aside from your baby playing in it, you should be able to sit with your baby too. There are times, also, when it will be necessary to cuddle or even roll on the mat with your baby!


You want a material that is comfortable for your baby. Your baby will be spending a lot of time on the playmat. He will have playtime, meal times, and even nap times. The material should be soft enough. Usually, foam, to be comfortable during those hours of joy. The playmat should also not have small parts that can be choking hazards for your baby! The best baby care play mat is made of breathable cloth that will ensure comfort.


Other than being soft, the material should also be safe for your child. Babies always put things in their mouths. Your baby may bite the mat or drop objects on it that would, later on, end up in his or her mouth. This means the material should be free from BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, formaldehyde, or EVA.

Easy To Clean

Yes, there is that word. An essential part of your day is cleaning after your baby. You may be cleaning non-stop throughout the day on top of everything else that you need to do. So, the more time you get to save from cleaning, the better. This means that your playmat should be easy to clean. Most playmats consist of squares that you will need to assemble on the floor during playtime, and those can occupy a lot of your time! You need to separate the squares, clean each one, and make sure that no food or dirt is on the sides, then put them in a box or a corner for storage. Other playmats do not need to be taken apart but are made of one piece. You can just wipe it down and roll it to put it away. Either way, you need to be vigilant in cleaning them. Anything that you can simply wipe down instead of washing, such as those made of cloth, or vacuuming, such as traditional area rugs, is better. Babies are notorious in soiling their places despite needing a really clean space, so this is an essential consideration for a baby care play mat.


Pattern Or Design

Of course, the pattern or design on the playmat is also essential for your baby’s development. Most playmats come plain but in different colors. The colors stimulate your baby so that light colors would be better. You can also opt for baby designs such as the alphabet or animals. Looking at these patterns can make playtime more fun for your baby!

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