What Are The best Vitamin D Drops For Breastfed Babies?

A new study has come out that the ideal amount of Vitamin D a baby should have is 400 IU a day, and infants that are breastfed need this, since they don’t get enough vitamin D. vitamin D is essential for bone health and growth, but finding the right one can be harder than you think, since some of them can be dangerous, in that they can cause vomiting and other issues.

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Vitamin D is necessary to adequately absorb both phosphorous and calcium, which are needed for stronger bones, and without this, babies can be at risk for getting rickets.

So what are the best supplements for breastfed babies? Well, usually drops work, and here, we’ll list out the best options for a child to have.


Carlson Baby’s Super Daily D3 Drops

This is the perfect vitamin D drop for babies, since one drop alone literally contains the daily amount, and it’s good for babies over the age of five months that need a healthy immune system. One package contains 365 servings, so you’re basically good for the year. It is third-party tested for quality ingredients, and registered by the FDA. However, the one downside to this one, is that the dispenser is a little bit awkward, so it may need some room for improvement.

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Ddrops Baby 400 IU

This is a great supplement for those babies that are still being breastfeed, and are very young, in that they are ideal for young children that are needing Vitamin D supplements. It contains fractionated coconut oil, along with 400 IU of vitamin D3, so it’s a combination of healthy ingredients children will enjoy, and some good elements that are simple for the child to have. It also doesn’t have artificial flavorings, nor does it contain harmful chemicals that can hurt the child. One box of this contains 90 drops, so about 3 months of servings. The fractionated coconut oil is good for absorption in the body, and it can be a great addition. Really the one downside is that after a bit of time, the drop speed slows down, so it definitely does become slightly frustrating.


Mommy’s Bliss Organic Drops

This is one of the best organic drops for babies, and it gives a healthy serving of Vitamin D to them. They are USDA certified organic, and a singular drop delivers the daily amount, so you’ll never have to worry about overdosing. There aren’t any artificial flavors or colorings, and typically they’re gluten and soy-free, and they don’t have additives and chemicals, which is a great thing about it. Really, the only downside to this is the fact that they typically are a bit pricier, since they are organic, so if you don’t want to spend that money, this may not be for you.

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Vita Optimum Baby D3 drops

This is a natural and organic Vitamin D3 drop set that is perfect for those who want the organic formula. However, unlike the one listed before, this does have safflower oil in it. But, other than that, it’s got 400 IU of vitamin D3, and it can last up to almost an entire year. Plus, as they get older, you can put it in different foods and drinks too. It is FDA registered, is tasteless so the kid won’t notice, and the safflower oil is non-GMO, so you won’t have to worry too much about this.

The one downside to this one is that the dropper tends to get stuck sometimes, so that can be a bit of an issue.


Zoomafit Vitamin D Drops

These drops are good for newborns, and they can be used for babies for a long time. This is organic and GMO-free, and these can last up to about 2,140 drops, which means a very long time. It is good if you just one to get one set of stable drops, that don’t contain gluten and dairy either, and there are no artificial colorings. It is made from fractionated coconut, and it is a great source of vitamin D for any newborn. The dropper again is a little complex in terms of use, so it might take some getting used to, but it’s a great little product if you want to utilize that.


ChildLife Organic Vitamin D3 drops

This is another great organic vitamin D3 drops. However, one downside to this is that they’re only 95% organic, so not completely organic, but they do the job pretty well for drops. Like the others, only one drop contains the full day’s dosage, so it’s quite easy to administer, and for the child, it is good if you want to give them something simple that they will enjoy. However, the fact that it isn’t fully organic might be a turn-off for most moms, since they typically will want something that fits the bill.


Zahler Vitamin D3

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This is for older breastfed babies that are about to transition into being bottle fed. This is also good if you have children that are picky eaters since it makes taking it in super simple. It doesn’t contain a taste to it, and in it, you get the recommended amount of 400 IU of Vitamin D, and it’s also certified kosher, so it’s quite easy for people to take, and if you are someone who has a family that eats kosher, this is a good product for it. It doesn’t have artificial ingredients either, and it’s quite simple to administer. The one main issue with this one, is the dropper tends to drop fast, so it might cause problems if you’re trying to make sure you don’t watch how much comes out of it.


Vitamin D drops for babies are quite important. With the sun being too harsh for children many times, and most other droppers being too big for them, it’s important to get them one that gives the recommended amount of Vitamin D that they need so that they can grow and be stronger with time and have better bone health too.

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