The Best Toys For Newborns This Season

Toys for newborns can help them grow and blossom. Even in an age of tablets, toys are still important, especially when your baby is just getting started in their life. Newborn toys help stimulate the baby’s senses, from feel to taste.


Here are a couple of the best toys for newborns that we recommend you buy for your little ones.

  • Lamaze Flapping Fiona

Who doesn’t like flamingos? They’re pretty, pink, and make for a great baby toy. This toy has flappy wings and legs you can extend. The wings, in particular, are interesting for a newborn. They will love watching the wings flap, and they will giggle as they explore every feature the flamingo has to offer.


  • Petit Collage Organic Bunny Activity Toy

This toy is completely handmade and made of cotton. As you can infer from the name, that cotton is all organic. It’s a rabbit that has an apple. Once you pull the apple, it jiggles. It’s a unique toy for babies, and we believe that your child’s eyes will light up whenever they try it.

Plus, the colors. They contrast well, and they are aesthetically pleasing for both baby and parent.


  • Edvin Stella the Hedgehog

Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? These pets may not be safe for babies with their spikes, but when they’re turned into a toy, your baby will love them. With soft spikes, your baby can pet this hedgehog any day. This hedgehog is a mobile that plays music. Just pull the cord and play. The baby will notice how it works, and as they develop, they will pull the cord as well and play the music. Mobiles, in general, are stimulating, or they can help lull your baby to sleep. Either way, buy Edvin and have some adventures. It is one of the best toys for newborns.



  • Twiddle Ons Foot Discovery

Stimulating a newborn’s feet is always important. After all, they will one day learn how to walk on them. It is a rattle that’s made from fabric, and as your baby puts it on, it rattles, and the baby can learn where their feet are and how they work. Overall, we highly recommend them.


  • Jellycat Bredita Bunny Soother

Who doesn’t love a blanket? A blanket for a baby can keep them warm, and one for a baby will be stimulating. This blanket has the head of a rabbit and some cute ears. With its cute face and ears, the baby can pet, it can lull the baby to sleep when they are too stimulated. No matter who you are, you’ll love it as well.

Also, the blanket is great for teething babies. The baby can teethe on it, and it won’t be damaged.


  • Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit

It is a beanbag toy that has seven legs and can smile. You can put it in your baby bag and then hand it to your newborn whenever you feel like it. Your baby will love playing with its legs, and the mirror it has, located near the nose, can make the baby learn about their reflection. It’s cute and can help the baby learn more about itself. We say that it’s worth a purchase.


  • Galt Giant Soft Book

It is a book made completely of fabric, meaning you don’t have to worry about paper cuts here. The books have pictures of animals and include a mirror too. Your baby will love looking at the cute pictures of animals and flipping through it as they stimulate their hands. If you’re a parent, you simply can’t go wrong with this design. You’ll be glad you bought it.

Not to mention, if your baby gets food on it or accidentally pukes on it, it’s machine washable. You don’t have to worry about the toy being ruined.


  • Miffy Activity Cube

It is a toy that’s shaped like a cube. It jiggles and has pictures on every cube face. Not to mention, it has a mirror as well. While it’s not complex like a Rubik’s cube or anything, it’s stimulating and puzzling enough for a newborn. As the baby grows, they can throw the cube or catch it. It’s a toy that develops along with the baby. Definitely worth the purchase, and perhaps one of the best toys for newborns.



  • Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly

Children love fireflies. They’re glowing, them being fun to catch. Why not give that love to a newborn? It is a bug that’s soft to the touch and can squeak. It even has mirrors and a place for the baby to teethe. They will love its sounds, its colors, and, best of all, it can survive a newborn’s curiosity. If you’re a parent, you want to catch this firefly.


  • Sophie la Girafe

Giraffes have always been good animals for children to play with. Their goofy necks and their cute faces attract many children and babies. It is a giraffe made from rubber. It’s light, chewable, and it squeaks, too.

Sophie has been around the block for quite a while. This giraffe was created in 1961, and its design simply hasn’t changed since then. It’s the perfect example of not fixing something that’s not broken. If you’re a parent, your baby will love to pick it up, squeak it, and just stare at its spots.

Its teething capabilities are acclaimed. When a baby is teething, they may have sore gums or painful teeth. Teething can help get them through all those feelings.



  • What to Look for in a Newborn Toy

         In summary, here are some good newborn toy features.

  • A toy that grows along with the baby. The toy should be good to look at then, touch, then pick up, and then use.
  • A toy that’s machine washable. Many of these fabric toys will get dirty, which is why they should be fully machine washable.
  • A toy that is pleasing to look at. Not only for the baby but the parents as well.
  • Finally, a toy that’s meant for a newborn. A toy for an older child could be dangerous due to its parts.

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