The Top Walkie Talkie For Kids Sets Out There

You may think that because of smartphones, walkie talkies are dead. However, they are not. Walkie talkies are still used by police officers and other professions, as well as children who love playing with walkie talkies built for them.

Walkie talkies can be used to stimulate a child’s imagination. Your kid and their sibling or friend can walk around and pretend that they’re part of some secret mission. It’s a fun way for them to explore the world around them and you’re guaranteed to love watching them have fun.


Children’s Walkie Talkies Vs. Walkie Talkies For Adults

When buying a walkie talkie for children, you may think they need one built for kids. A kids’ walkie talkie is usually brightly colored, plastic, and cheap to buy. However, that comes with obvious drawbacks. Poor battery life, limited range, unclear sound, and less fun. There are some kids’ walkie talkies that are good, but there’s also nothing wrong with buying them one meant for a general audience. These have better range and sound quality.


It also depends on the age of your kid. If you’re buying it for a young kid, a kids’ set may be better, as they are simpler and your kid will not want too many advanced features. However, an older kid may want a regular walkie talkie.

Which walkie talkie you’ll want to choose may depend on where you live as well. If you’re in the rural area, walkie talkies work better than in a city where there are so many factors interrupting you.

What To Look For

Here are some features you should look out for should you decide to purchase a walkie talkie.

How easy is it to use? This will depend on the age of your child and how good they are with technology.

What is the range? Will you need a walkie talkie with a long range, or would a smaller one suffice? Also, the case may claim a certain amount of range, but this claim is usually towards a flat field or other area that isn’t filled with obstructions. A walkie talkie that claims to get 30 miles may not get hardly any in a crowded city.


How durable is it? Can the walkie talkies survive drops? What about a little bit of water or dirt on it? If your kid is rowdy, get them a walkie talkie that can keep up with their hectic lifestyles.

Battery life is important too. You don’t want your kids disappointed as their battery dies right in the middle of their mission.

Also, think about the other features that may be useful to you.  Some walkie talkies will give out a call tone when they’re called, making sure your kid doesn’t miss a conversation. Other walkie talkies may have more advanced features, such as a hands-free option. An older kid may want more features, while a young child may need less.

Some Walkie Talkie Sets

With all that said, here are some sets you should consider.

  • Little Pretender

This is a great set for young children. These walkie talkies are easy for anyone to use and have a decent range for a kids’ walkie talkie. They have up to two miles of range. You should easily have a function around the home. There are three channels for them to choose from and team channels as well. There is even a nice LCD screen that’s easy to read and figure out. This set is quite durable and easy to hold, too.

This set has other unique features as well. For example, they include a flashlight and a belt clip. Overall, it’s a great starter pack for the child who wants to get into walkie talkies.

  • Retevis RT628

This is another kids’ walkie talkie set that works great. It has the ease of use and the lightweightedness a kids’ walkie talkie should have, along with a belt hook for easy carrying. It has a good range and it’s easy for a kid to talk with it. Your kid can even use its hands-free option, making it more convenient to talk and less likely that your kid will drop it. It has a nice backlit screen for nighttime as well.

If you’re worried about energy, this set even has power settings. Your kid can conserve energy or use more energy to improve the range. And your kid may need that energy saving feature, as the batteries are unfortunately limited.

  • Sokos Walkie Talkies for Kids

This set is great for older kids, as they have quite a bit to offer. However, they are still a kids’ product, as their bright colors show. These walkie talkies are quite sturdy and durable. Not to mention, the audio has been reported as quite good. You’ll never hear your kids complaining about how they can’t hear the other side.

Because they are a little more complex, your kid may take longer figuring it out, but once they do, it’s easy for them to use. It’s a great set for young kids as well because it fits smaller hands. Not to mention, its battery life is fairly decent as well.

There are other little bells and whistles to this set as well. They have channel lock, low battery sounds, and a flashlight.

  • USA Toys Vox Box

This is a set that’s built for children, but they are so useful that even some adults may want to use it. The range is great and almost on par with adult walkie talkies. It has a nice LCD screen that shows off everything quite well.

It has a flashlight, channels, and other unique features you’ve come to expect too. It has voice activation too.

These are a nice set for older kids because of all of its functionality. With that said, the battery life is a bit inconsistent, so beware.


Here’s hoping you learned a bit more about walkie talkies, and you want to get your kids a nice set of them.

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