Top 6 Reasons Why Moms Love Dock A Tot

Many moms and moms-to-be undoubtedly have this famous Dock a tot on their wish lists.  Who wouldn’t get intrigued to try this thing? Mommy celebrities, social media personalities, and honest reviewers praise this baby product like an overnight miracle.


As we put it on a test, it is indeed a product loaded with benefits for both Mommy and baby. The DockaTot has several models of this product, such as the Doc a tot deluxe, which is suitable for babies 0 to 8 months old, and the Dock a tot Grand for those babies from 9 to 36 months old.

Why do moms and first-time parents love it? Here we go:

  1. It Provides All The Comfort Of A Mother’s Womb

It is what exactly was on the mind of DockaTot founder Lisa Furuland. She was looking for something more snug, versatile, safe, and comforting like that of a mother’s womb when she had her first child. The Doc a tot is entirely made with hypoallergenic materials that create a comfortable environmental temperature for your baby’s mini-room.

  1. It’s Basically Easy To Carry Anywhere, In Other Words, PORTABLE

The Docatot makes it easier for parents to carry their baby’s comfy and safe haven with them wherever they go. Parents don’t need to ditch their travel goals. This baby product is easy to bring anywhere. You can still travel easily to the grandparents’ house, a vacation on a beach or travel galore to another country. The docatot is the perfect solution. If you want to go to places without compromising your child’s safety and comfort, it is the way to go.

  1. It’s 100% Safe For Your Baby

This Dock a tor is perfect for cuddling, lounging, and co-sleeping without jeopardizing the most important factor, which is your baby’s utmost safety.

The Dock-a-tot is undoubtedly free from heavy and sharp metals, phthalates, and flame retardants. Moreover, the Tot dock co-founder Nasiba Adilova made sure the highly respected baby product has fabric that is “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, breathable and hypoallergenic.”

  1. It Smoothly Facilitates A Crib-to-bed Transition

The Baby dock may be mainly created and manufactured as a product to be used for co-sleeping and baby hanging out / play area. However, this product is also the perfect solution for your baby adapting to his or her toddler bed eventually. There’s usually a little difficulty for the child to feel comfortable in a real bed after being in the safety of a crib. However, moms have noticed how their babies seem to feel the same safety and comfort of a crib when they self-settle in the DockaTot for uninterrupted sleep.

  1. It Is Also 100% Eco-Friendly

Harsh chemicals usually fill ordinary mattresses, which can significantly trigger your baby’s allergy (if any). The lightweight, breathable cushion of this little nest does not have any harmful chemicals. This fact is beneficial for both the environment and your baby. The fabric is also easy to wash for the expected baby messes in the future.

  1. It Has Beautiful Designs And Cute Prints

I laud this Dock a tot for it has also beautifully designed products that artsy Moms love (and really consider when deciding for a product). Browse their catalog. There’s a big chance you will find one that will fit your tastes.


True to its purpose and promise, the Dock a tot truly delivers. It proves to be worth every penny of every parent who is curious enough to try it. Satisfied parents frequent the section of Dockatot babies r us. So what are you waiting for? Be one of those parents who feel the satisfaction and comfort that babies likewise feel in this #1 multipurpose comfy baby product!



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