Top 7 Ways To Use Medela Pump In Style Outside Your Home

The Medela Pump In Style is any mother’s best friend. This breast pump makes breastfeeding quick, easy, and convenient. But what happens when you need to use the Medela pump in style outside your home? Well, not to worry! Here are the top 7 ways on how you can use this Medela pump outside without a hitch.


1. Pre-Assembling Your Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

The trick to using a breast pump outside is making assembly convenient for you. Thankfully, the Medela Pump In Style is all about convenience!

As you all know, the Medela Pump In Style is a double electric breast pump. It has a battery compartment, so you won’t always need to plug it. But, if you do need to plug it in, you can use a car adapter to charge your device.

You also need to pack the Medela advanced breast pump the right way before going out.  When packing, make sure to connect the parts of your breast pump to the collection bottles. By the time that you need to use the breast pump, just snap the pieces into place!


2. Pumping Under A Cover


Some mothers may not be comfortable using a breast pump in the open area. If you’re this type of mother, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a cover. You can either buy a nursing cover, a large scarf, or even your baby’s blanket! Just wrap this cover around your shoulders to cover your breasts as you pump.


3. Dressing For The Pump

Many mothers are now experimenting with a specialized nursing garment called a pumping bra. A pumping bra protects your breasts and provides coverage as you pump. This bra has holes where you can slip the flanges of your Medela Pump In Style easily.

If you don’t want to use a pumping bra, a loose-fitting shirt will also do. A loose-fitting shirt gives access to your breast than any regular shirt. However, some mothers do report that they still find it difficult to pump in public with a pumping bra or a loose-fitting shirt. It may be advisable to practice at home wearing these garments before doing it in public.


4. Pumping In A Private Space


If you’re the type to pump in a private space, then that’s alright! Some mothers do prefer a quiet and comfortable place for their pumping. Don’t be hesitant to ask employers or staff for a comfortable and private room for your pumping. Any establishment should have space for mothers to nurse or do the pumping. Bathrooms are not suitable rooms for pumping.


5. Stimulating Your Mother Senses

Contrary to popular belief, pumping may not come easy. Even with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, mothers may need to stimulate their senses first. Before pumping, you should be in a relaxed state of mind. Discomfort and distractions can hinder your breast milk from flowing.

Another thing that helps mothers pump easier is seeing a photo or item of their baby. According to studies, seeing a picture of their baby or smelling their baby’s clothing can raise a mother’s oxytocin level. Thus, facilitating the natural flow of breast milk.


6. Choosing The Right Time

Timing is quite essential. Some mothers find it easier to pump one hour after giving a feed, while others prefer to pump right after the second feed. The lesson to be learned in these situations is clear: every mother has the best time for their pumping. If you want a more comfortable pumping, you need to stick with the time that works with you the most.

However, take note that one pumping won’t drain all the breast milk from your breasts. The key to pumping is to pump frequently and regularly. Don’t wait for your breasts to full!


7. Storing Your Breast Milk In Containers

After pumping, the natural course of action would be to store your milk for future use. Mothers are advised to use milk bags as these items are designed for pumping. However, bottles do work, too. Don’t try to transfer your milk from pockets to bottles and vice versa unless you want some spillage.


If you’re still out, you can store your filled bottles or milk bags in a cooler filled with ice. The ice will keep your milk cool and fresh by the time you go home!

What do you think of these methods? Comment your tips and tricks for using a Medela breast pump in style outside of your home!


Which Medela pump is the best?
Medela Pump in Style Advanced is the best one in the market. It is a backpack style breast pump, which is highly portable.
Are Medela pumps hospital grade?
Not all Medela pumps are hospital-grade except for one: the Medela Symphony. The latter offers 2-phase expression pumping, which entails that breastfeeding moms can finish pumping faster than usual.
How do I pump Medela Pump in Style?
In case you want to do double pumping, you can click the one-touch letdown button to start. Medela Pump in Style is a double-electric pump with 2-phase technology, so it will be useful if you express your milk multiple times a day.
Is the Medela Pump in Style hands-free?
To pump hands-free, you need to get the Medela Easy Expression Bustier. It is practically a tube bra with two holes where the breast pump will go. The fabric will hold the pumps in place.
Is ameda or Medela better?
Medela is better than Ameda, considering it is an open-circuit system. Ameda also makes beeping noises that may irritate new moms.
Is Spectra better than Medela?
Between Spectra and Medela, the former produces less noise, offers more suction, and has a lower price than the latter. Because of that, Spectra may be better compared to Medela.
How long do you pump for Medela?
Whenever you are pumping, try not to go beyond 30 minutes even if there is still milk left. This is why you should opt for Medela products with 2-phase technology that lets you pump faster in less amount of time.
What’s the best breast pump for working moms?
Medela Freestyle has gained quite a fantastic reputation among working moms. It weighs less than a pound, has strong suction, and even comes with bottle cooler. Best of all, you can pump hands-free!
When should I replace Medela tubing?
Medela tubing should be replaced every two weeks if you express yourself many times every day. If you have low breastmilk supply, you may be able to stretch it out up to 8 weeks.
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