Baby Sitting Up Toys That Will Help Them Improve Their Coordination

Baby toys are not just for keeping your baby entertained. They’re for helping your baby develop and explore their world with every stage of development. In this post’s case, we’re looking at toys that are good when your baby is learning how to sit up. Toys like these will reward your baby with their recent accomplishment, and teach them how they can go even further. 

If your baby hasn’t learned to sit up yet, they usually do so around 3 to 5 months. Once they can sit up on their own, or are learning to do so, the toys can reward them for all their trouble. Let’s look at a few of them.

What To Look For In A Sitting Toy

Here are some things to look for when you’re purchasing a toy for your sitting baby. 

You want a toy that encourages hand use. The next step for a baby is to learn to crawl, and toys that teach fine motor skills can help. 

A toy that teaches other ways to learn is smart, too. Toys that teach words, ABCs, and other problem-solving skills can help your baby, too. 

As usual, make sure the toy is suitable for your baby. While they are growing, they still can’t handle small parts. 

Finally, look for a toy that is fun as well. Your baby is easily entertained, but some toy sare so boring, even they won’t like them. 


Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Around The Town Learning Table 

This table may have a verbose name, but it’s quite good. This table helps your baby learn different things as they learn to sit down. There are books they can look at, sliders they can play with, a piano they can rock out on, and more. This table has quite a few activities, and it grows with your baby. When your baby learns to stand, you can put legs on the table so they can play it while standing, and when they’re sitting, just remove the legs and there you go. 

Sassy Wonder Wheel 

This wheel is cheap, and it doesn’t have the sass despite its name, but it’s an awesome toy. It’s bright and colorful, and when your baby is sitting down, they will love spinning the wheel and watching the beads inside spin around. 

Musical Turtle Toy

This is a toy that is shaped like a turtle, with many unique buttons to explore. When your baby is sitting down, they will love pressing on the turtle and hearing all the unique sounds that come out of it. It’s made from safe materials and high quality materials as well. It plays sounds that teach the ABCs, English and Spanish phrases, math, and other lessons as well. The turtle can even move, allowing a crawling baby to play with it as well. That’s the beauty of this turtle; it has quite a few features that make it a win for everyone. 


Snap Lock Beads From Fisher-Price

When your baby is sitting, having toys that can improve their motor skills allows them to eventually learn how to crawl. One way to do that is through these beads that your kids can play with by snapping them together. These toys are simple, yet quite versatile, and they’re easy to carry around too. These beads, obviously, are made from safe materials and are not a choking hazard. 

Plastic Links 

This is similar to the last one, only it involves rings that your baby can link together. Not only does this encourage fine motor skills, but it also encourages your baby to be creative and make some unique shapes with the links. These plastic links are very cheap, yet can provide hours of entertainment for your baby as well. They’re colorful, challenging, and can help your baby develop some skills.  

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

This is another toy that’s great for a baby learning to sit down. This toy helps the baby’s arms, torso, and legs develop. All in all, it’s great for every aspect of a baby. Activity cubes are great toys because the baby can sit down and play with them as they discover every side of the cube, and that’s always fun. 

Sprout Ware Stacking Cups

As a baby is learning to sit, they are also learning object permanence, which is when they realize that objects still exist even if they’re covered up. Think about it. Why do babies like peek a boo so much? Because they think their parents’ faces are really gone when their hands cover it! 

With stacking cups, they allow a baby to realize that even though they covered an object with a cup, it’s still there. Your baby will love sitting down, playing with cups, and thinking the object has disappeared when they cover it, only to realize that it’s still there. 

Pop-Up Pals 

This is a toy with a simple concept. You press a button, and an animal pops up. This is toy that can provide hours of entertainment and teaches your baby about cause and effect. When they push a button, the animal appears, and the baby is likely to hit the button again and again as a result. It’s a simple toy, but one that will provide hours of entertainment. 

A Wooden Puzzle 

A simple wooden puzzle only has a few pieces, with the pieces being large and not a choking hazard. Because of this, babies will love putting together the puzzle and learning how the pieces go together. It can provide hours of entertainment and problem solving, and once your baby is finished, they will be rewarded with a pretty picture. 



These are just a few of the toys that your baby will love. Reward your baby, who is learning to sit down, with these toys. Your baby will love them, and so will you, so give them a try and see how effective they are for your child.

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