Dolls Which Could Look Like Your Child

For you or your child, find a childlike doll similar to the look of a very own child.

twinning like a baby doll


If you’re looking for a doll resembling babies or toddlers, various options range in realism, playability, and price. A similar-looking doll, more realistic in size and appearance, offers a special connection as it mirrors your child’s looks, fostering a deeper engagement in play. Whether for dress-up or display, they come in numerous styles, some compatible with standard doll accessories. Before deciding, explore the market for the most realistic options and consider what aligns best with your child’s interests and your budget.

Looking Like Real Babies

Your Yesteria Reborn

The 22-inch head-to-foot Reborn doll is made from high-quality materials such as soft simulation silicone vinyl and cotton. It looks and feels more or less the same as your real one, and it comes with two sets of cute outfits.

iCradle For A Child Aged 3 And Above

They are made of vinyl and silicone. They are also handmade and come with stylish clothes. They are painted with Taiwan Acrylic, and a synthetic wig is also applied to the head to mimic a real infant. Your little one will love it.

TERABITHIA Collectibles

Do you want a baby doll that will look like your child? Choose a baby doll.

The 22-inch doll from Terabithia is uniquely designed, and it comes with fancy outfits. It has manually implanted high-quality mohair that your kid can enjoy washing.

Reborn Lucy

This baby doll can be best for a child.

Lucy can be a wonderful collection or present for your little one. It is made with non-toxic materials and it comes with a pacifier, bottle, and a matching hat and onesie.

American Girl

child showing off her baby doll in blue and baby doll in purple

American Girl presents a diverse collection featuring the customizable “Create Your Own” and ready-made “Truly Me” options, enabling your children to personalize features, such as skin tone, hair color, and facial expressions. These cherished figures can become your beloved companions, with a wide array of attire and accessories for creative storytelling. The classic lineup represents toddler figures, while the “Bitty” series offers figures similar to infants with limited customization options. This range ensures a unique and tailored play experience, allowing your children to have figures resembling themselves or their envisioned friends.

Portrait In Porcelain

your child look-alike baby doll

A Portrait porcelain doll offers a custom, hyper-realistic option for those seeking near-lifelike replicas, complete with customizable expressions, hairstyles, and complexions. While their delicate nature makes them more suited for display than play, they can provide a deeply personal touch to your collection. However, their fragility and cost are important considerations for potential buyers seeking a durable and customizable doll experience.

Reborn Doll

Reborn, created by individual artists for ultra-realism, offers a highly customized and lifelike option for collectors or those seeking a semblance to real children. Often more delicate and expensive, they cater to adults as keepsakes or memorials, with prices varying based on customization and craftsmanship. While they provide a unique and deeply personal experience, their fragility and cost make them a special investment rather than a common purchase.

Doll Options You’ll Like With Practically Unlimited Hairstyles

Besides these two primary options, there are many other customizable options for your kids out there. There are also some products that come in a very wide variety of skin tones, hair colors, and features that allow you to choose a newborn doll that looks similar to your little one.

Until 2016, My Twinn provided custom figures akin to American Girl’s range but has since ceased sales. However, some of these unique pieces can still be found online, often pre-owned. Cabbage Patch is another brand offering a wide selection of models similar to infants in various skin tones and a line of hand-stitched figures, each with distinct appearances, though not as lifelike. Meanwhile, certain toy outlets stock American Girl and Our Generation figures, offering fewer customization options but at a more accessible price range, providing alternatives for those seeking a toy resembling their kid.

Baby doll in red, baby doll in stripes and baby doll in pink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does A Vinyl Reborn Feel Similar To?

A vinyl Reborn doll has a texture similar to soft plastic, firmer than silicone but still crafted to be as lifelike as possible. Their material allows for practically unlimited hairstyles and detailed features, enhancing the realistic experience.

What Are Realistic Dolls Called?

They are also known as Reborn dolls. Although younger children can play with them, they are mostly intended for a mother or dad who has lost the babies they loved so much. Some companies, offer handmade dolls where they can look from seven expressions, three complexions, accessories they want to add, and how they want their children to be dressed. Customers can choose from options such as seven expressions, three complexions, and various accessories, ensuring the doll looks closely resembles their child.

How To Take Care Of Your Dolls Which Look Real?

To maintain the lifelike appearance of these dolls, handle them gently, clean them with a soft cloth, and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. This care helps preserve their quality and lifelike details, ensuring they remember a real one.

Can I Get A Doll That Looks Similar To My Kid?

Yes, you can get custom-made dolls crafted to look similar to your kid’s features, often referred to as “look-alike” or “Portrait” dolls.

What Is The Difference Between Reborn And Silicone Dolls?

Reborn dolls are typically made from vinyl and have a lifelike painted look and finish, whereas silicone dolls are cast from silicone, giving them a softer, more flexible feel and look.

What Is Special About Gotz?

They are known for their quality craftsmanship, realistic details, and durable materials, making them cherished collectibles and playthings.

Which Lifelike Doll Is Best?

The best lifelike doll is subjective, but those with detailed features, quality materials, and positive reviews for realism are often considered top choices.

Which Reborn Dolls Are Most Realistic?

The most realistic are those with intricate hand-painted details, hand-rooted hair, and weighted bodies to mimic the looks and feel of a real infant.

Why Do Adults Play With Reborn Dolls?

Adults may play with Reborn dolls for various reasons, including collecting, artistry, therapeutic purposes, or to commemorate a lost child or grandchild.

How Does A Silicone Doll Feel?

A silicone doll feels soft, pliable, and more skinlike compared to vinyl dolls, offering a more tactile and realistic experience.

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