Where Can You Get A Baby Doll That Look Like Your Child? 

There are a few different options out there for getting a baby doll that looks like your child, depending on how realistic you want the doll to be and your price range for the doll. Some options are better for playing with and have many clothes and accessories designed to go with them, while others more closely mimic real babies, in size, appearance of age and design. 

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You might wonder what the benefit of look alike dolls is. Well, with look alike dolls, for a little more money, you can have a doll that looks like your child. Look alike dolls are great for some children because they’ll be able to play with a doll that looks like them. While doll companies have dolls that look similar, look alike dolls typically allow for a lot of children to get into the spirit of play. Look alike dolls oftentimes wear the same clothes as regular dolls, so you don’t have to get some new clothes for your look alike doll if you don’t want to. 

With the many options you can find online and in different toy stores, it can be challenging to know where to begin looking. To provide you a better idea of what’s latest in the market today, we put up a list of the most realistic-looking dolls on Amazon, and we included a brief product description for each. If you continue reading, you will also learn more about the different types of dolls and many FAQs.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about look alike dolls, here are some options for you to consider. 

Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll with Soft Body – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The reborn baby doll is handmade using high quality materials such as soft simulation silicone vinyl and cotton. It looks and feel like a real baby and it comes with a cute magnetic pacifier too.

iCradle Reborn Baby for Ages 3+ – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The baby doll from iCradle is made of vinyl and silicone, it is also handmade and comes with stylish baby clothes. It is painted with Taiwan Acrylic and synthetic wig is also applied to the head to mimic a real baby.

TERABITHIA 22inch Lifelike Collectible – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The 22 inch doll from Terabithia is uniquely designed and it comes with fancy outfits. It has manually implanted high quality mohair which your child can enjoy washing.

Reborn Baby Dolls Lucy, 22 inch Realistic Girl Doll – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The Baby Lucy can be a wonderful collection or present for your child. It is made with non toxic materials and it comes with a pacifier, bottle, and a matching hat and onesie.

American Girl Dolls 

For girls that like to play with dolls and want to be able to collect clothing, accessories, and other toys to go with the doll, an American Girl doll is a great choice. American girl offers a line of pre-made dolls that come in a variety of skin tones and hair colors, called Truly Me dolls. They also offer the option of custom dolls, known as Create Your Own dolls, where you can choose which hair color, skin tone, and facial feature combination you’d like the doll to have.  

The American girl Truly me dolls are a great way for a child to create a doll that they will enjoy. You can choose from several expressions, complexions, and practically unlimited options that you will be able to enjoy. There are practically unlimited hairstyles when it comes to these truly me dolls.  

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American girl does offer collectible dolls but you can get a doll as well that looks like your child’s face, or choose one with different hairstyles to create a fun experience. American girl dolls can be a child’s best friend, and it can be something that will offer your child an amazing experience. With a look alike doll, you’ll be able to get doll clothes that the kid wants to put on the doll, and other fun collectibles that enhance the experience. 

The classic American Girl dolls are designed to be more like toddlers to children in terms of age and are typically 18 inches tall. They also offer a line of dolls designed to look like infants, called Bitty Baby Dolls, but these dolls are not fully customizable and only come in about six skin tone and hair color combinations. A doll baby like the Bitty Baby might be great if your child wants a custom doll baby that looks different from the ones that they already have. With a custom doll baby, you will have to spend a little more money than you would on a typical Bitty Baby, but that’s to take into account the customization that goes into it.

A Create Your Own American Girl doll currently costs $200 and includes an outfit, an accessory set, a personalized keepsake, and a tee shirt along with the doll. A Truly Me American Girl doll currently costs $110 and includes an outfit and a keepsake. A Bitty Baby Doll costs $60 and just includes an outfit. 

Portrait Dolls 

If you want a custom doll baby or a look alike doll that looks real, then these porcelain dolls might be great for you. Portrait dolls are similar to composition dolls but made of a different composite.  While these porcelain dolls are hyper realistic, they are a look alike doll that does look almost real. 

You can choose from several expressions in some cases, and many different hair styles to create a doll you will love. While there are plenty of hairstyles to create with these, usually they’re limited because they are fragile. They oftentimes come with many different expressions three complexions mostly, and different characteristics including eyes and the like. 

You can get doll clothes for these dolls, and these look alike dolls offer a much deeper and more custom doll experience.  However, they are very fragile and are different from a fabric doll. With look alike dolls like this, usually you want to have these for decoration since they can be fragile and expensive. 

If you want look alike dolls that look almost real, then this is the option for you. However, a handmade portrait doll is much more expensive than An American Girl doll or other types of dolls, so keep that in mind if you choose to buy one. 

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Reborn Dolls 

For a truly realistic doll, reborn dolls are a better choice. There is no one company that dominates the market of reborn dolls, but rather artists that work on a more individual, custom basis to create these ultra-real-looking dolls. 

Although sometimes children do play with reborn dolls, they often also are destined for adults who want a doll that looks like their child or a child they have lost or are unable to have, in part due to the highly custom nature and the higher price point. They also are often more fragile than American Girl dolls. 

A reborn doll may range in price from $300-$1,000 or more, depending on the artist’s experience, the materials they use and exactly how customized the doll is. Like in the case of Truly Me American Girl dolls, some artists offer pre-made reborn dolls that they may just add small touches of customization too, which may be cheaper. 

Reborn dolls are look alike dolls that are very real, but they aren’t fragile like portrait and other look alike dolls.  This is a doll baby in a lot of cases that helps women cope with the loss of their child, and usually a doll baby like this isn’t purchased unless the person needs it. However, they are quite beautiful and definitely a unique type of look alike dolls.

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Other Options 

Besides these two primary options, there are other dolls out there that are customizable or that come in a very wide variety of skin tones, hair colors and features that allow you to choose a doll that looks like your child. 

Until 2016, the company My Twinn offered a similar service to American Girl, with fully customizable dolls, but the company no longer sells these dolls. That said, a variety of their dolls can be found online gently used, sometimes at lower price points. 

Other brands like Cabbage Patch offer a variety of baby dolls, most of which resemble infants, and often come in many different skin tones. They also offer a line of hand stitched dolls that have a much wider range of appearances, but are not so realistic. These hand stitched dolls range from about $200-$300 dollars. 

Some stores that carry many toys, like Target, offer American Girl look-alikes, like the Our Generation dolls. These look-alikes do not usually come in as many options, but you still may find a doll that looks like your child. They are also significantly cheaper than American Girl dolls, ranging about $20-$30. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where can I get a doll that looks like my child? 

There are a few different companies that offer custom dolls to look like your child, as well as dolls in a wide range of skin tones and hair colors and textures, with other features like freckles and beauty marks. The most popular brand by far is American Girl. The company offers both pre-designed dolls with a wide range of features, known as Truly Me dolls, or custom dolls that you design, known as Create Your Own Dolls. 

Another option is to get a reborn doll. Reborn dolls are custom-made ultra-realistic dolls made to look like infants. You often need to approach a reborn doll artist, which can be found through sites like Etsy in order to find reborn dolls. 

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Can I make a doll that looks like me? 

Yes, you can. There are two popular options for creating a doll that looks like you or your child. The most popular option for children are American Girl dolls, but another option for those looking for more realistic dolls are reborn dolls. Reborn dolls are usually artist-made custom dolls made to look like real infants and are typically much more realistic than American Girl dolls. 

Is My Twinn doll still in business? 

The well-known doll-making company My Twinn stopped its operations in 2016, and unfortunately no longer makes dolls that look like your child. That said, there are still plenty of the dolls available across sites like eBay, and it is possible to find many different combinations of features in used dolls at a price that is more affordable than other options on the market today. 

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How much is a custom American Girl doll? 

A completely custom Design Your Own American Girl doll currently costs $200 and includes the custom doll as well as an outfit, an accessory set, a personalized keepsake and a custom tee shirt for the doll.  

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What is a Truly Me doll? 

Truly Me dolls are American Girl’s line of diverse dolls designed to look like almost any child. They currently offer over 72 dolls in many different skin tones and hair colors and are a little bit more affordable than a completely custom doll. The Truly Me dolls currently cost about $110, while a customized American Girl doll costs about $200. 


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