What Is The Best Tablet For A Toddler To Consider?

For toddlers, unfortunately, the tablet market is limited, because you typically want something that is age appropriate, and you want to make sure that you’re giving your toddler something they will enjoy. So what are the best ones that they can use for learning, games, and the like? Well, read on to find out, and learn about what the best tablets for a toddler to consider, and why they matter.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

While this isn’t the cheapest version, Amazon Fire HD tablets are super nice. If you want to make it so that they’re able to use it, later on, you’ll be able to do so with this tablet. For example, if you buy it for them now, in a few years when they’re 6-8, you can take off the bumper and give them the interface. It is an Android tablet, and there aren’t google services other than youtube, so it’s a good tablet if you want t to have something that will work no matter what, and if you want to buy something that they’ll use.

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Apple iPad

This may also be a bit of an older tablet, but if you’re going to use the tablet for the family, you can always set up parental controls on tis, so you can get the most out of it. It’s terrific for the price in terms of performance, and it’s got a lot of high-quality apps t try out, and it also supports apple pencil. The price is a bit much if you’re just getting it for a child though, and it isn’t waterproof or rugged, so that can be a deciding factor in this. It’s the same price as the model in 2017, but it also comes with the apple pencil support, and it’s a good midrange tablet. The best part, is that as the child gets older, they can use this in class, and if you don’t want to invest in a Chromebook, they can use this instead, and it will certainly help.

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Asus ZenPad 3S 10

This is another one that’s a little bit pricier, but it’s got a really nice display, and it’s lightweight and it has loud speakers. It’s good for children that like to play interactive games and movies on there. The one downside of this though, is that the battery life is a little shorter, and the screen tends to be reflective. But, if you want a good multimedia tablet that you can use with toddlers, and also one that’s worth the money, you’ll be able to get this with this product, that’s for sure,


LeapPad3 and the LeapPad Ultra Xdi

The specs of these are made for kids, and they have similar functionalities. For toddlers, this is ultimately the best one to buy, since they are restricted for kids, and they typically are used for just that. The ultra Xdi is a bit larger and has twice the storage of the other one, but for toddlers, they may like the 3 a little bit more since it is smaller and weighs a bit less. The thing about these tablets is that they typically are good for kids up until about the age of 6-8, though it does say that 9 year olds may enjoy this too. These are good because typically the software on this is cheaper than other tablets, and they are great for young children to learn.

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The only read downside to this is typically a child will outgrow this interface after a while, and you can’t really do much in terms of upgrading the software once they graduate from this, since the other option is the iPad and the Amazon Fire tablets, which are good but they may be a bit much for some children especially if they’re younger.


LeapFrog LeapPad Premium

This is another one for younger kids. It’s locked down, and it’s super strong, so it’s perfect for the toddler that likes to be a little bit rougher with stuff, and it comes with pre-loaded content that’s pretty good. However, the one downside to this one is that when they do get older, chances are they’ll want more apps, and usually you’ll need to invest in something else since you can’t add stuff to this one. But, if you want a good basic tablet for kids, this is one of the best options, and for a toddler, they’ll enjoy this so much that usually, the lack of apps is a moot point for them.


Vtech InnoTab Max

This is another tablet that’s good for younger children, ideally toddlers ages 3-6. It comes with games that are fun and creative, along with messaging features that kids will enjoy. Usually, children will message others with this, and it does come with a web browser.

However, this web browsing may need some parental monitoring, and it may be a bit much for younger children. It is a little more expensive than the Leapfrog as well. It’ also is a bit slow in terms of loading times, and the picture quality isn’t as good. But, if you want something that has a web browser and some messaging, you can consider this tablet, and whenever they are ready, they can graduate to something bigger, such as a Fire Tablet or the iPad.

For toddlers, usually, a restricted tablet is the way to go. But, the one downside is that since it is restricted, you’ll have to buy something else for them later on. But, these tablets all come with various pros and cons, and different abilities that they’ll enjoy.

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Kids want tablets for different reasons. They are music players, and they also offer access to the internet, fun games, and different videos that they can enjoy. You can get your kids a nice kid-friendly tablet, and you can get one for them that’s protected, cheap, and rugged, since typically kids are much rougher with these than adults, and toddlers do tend to be rough with everything. These tablets are good, and generally, are pretty affordable, and something that your child will enjoy for a long time.

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