What Are Features To Look For With A Remote Control Tractor?

If you have a little kid who is all about that farm life or dreams about one day, riding a tractor and helping out, a remote control tractor may be what they are looking for. Toy vehicles, including construction toys like an excavator toy or a front loader, are popular with many different ages of kids. But, a tractor remote control toy can be just as popular as the top race car on the market.

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When you think of RC vehicles, you tend to think about cars, tanks, and maybe planes. But a tractor? That’s a bit unheard of. However, there are some great tractor toys that can get the magic of riding a tractor full sized and put it in a tiny vehicle. How so? Let’s find out in this post. What features should you look for in a tractor? What are some good remote control tractors to get you started? Let’s find out.

Features To Look For In Remote Control Tractor

Let’s look at some features you should be on the lookout for if you want to buy your child an RC tractor. Something high quality is ideal, and a tractor full functional remote control would be best, too. The more maneuverability, the better. Many of the top race cars have a 15 channel full functional remote control that gives more mobility and movement options than other RC vehicles get. If you have a child that will want that top race car functionality, you’ll want to look out for that.


This is always an important one. You’ll want an RC tractor that is durable. A kid can be hard on an RC vehicle, and you’ll want one that can withstand your kid’s rough play style. Just as real tractors are quite durable, most RC tractors are quite durable as well, allowing your kid to be a little rough for it. All of them have a full metal body, or at least a full metal frame just like a big farm tractor would so they will last for many years.

Good For All Types Of Terrain 

If you’re looking for a remote control tractor that you can easily handle, you need to think about what a real tractor can do. A real tractor can drive through all types of terrain. For example, it can go over grass, mud, rocks, pavement, and any other surfaces you place it on.

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Many remote control tractors can do the same, but cheaper models may be more limited. You don’t want your kid’s tractor to sink in the mud, now do you? Luckily, there are many RC tractors that can cover all types of terrain, but you want to double-check to be sure. 

The same will be true of other radio controlled toys. You can get remote control construction toys, such as a remote control excavator toy, another type of construction truck, other big farm implements, or even a front loader construction toy. All of these vehicles are meant to be able to work on all types of terrain. If you’re going to be getting your kiddo a remote control tractor, excavator, or any other construction vehicle, make sure you choose ones that can be played with outside so they get the full experience.


You’ll want a tractor that is easy to control. A real tractor isn’t too hard to control, after all, so the tractor that’s an RC should be easy as well. Some tractors may even be able to be controlled through a smartphone. 

More complex models will have more controls, while a cheaper model will have simpler controls. Some have a mix of both, making it easy to control, but it can take a bit to figure out all of its features.

This is where the recommended age of the tractor remote control will come in to play. Younger children will have a tough time using a top race 15 channel full functional remote control. More controls mean more maneuverability, but also more complexity. Your best bet is to stick to the recommended age for any tractor remote control toy so your little one doesn’t get frustrated when trying to figure it out.

The Range

With RC vehicles, the range is always important. If your tractor has to be too close to comfort to the remote for it to work, you may end up with a tractor that is annoying to control and a bit disappointing. Some tractors can be controlled from a distance without any interference, which is always a plus. Try a few tractors out and see which ones work the best. A good high quality remote control construction tractor, top race car, or radio controlled construction truck will have a long range on it.

Type Of Battery 

What type of battery does your RC tractor have? Does the battery require AA, AAA, or another battery? Does it come with a built-in rechargeable battery? A tractor that requires disposable batteries can be a bit inconvenient unless you buy them rechargeable. 

Battery Life

Another thing to think about is the battery life. An RC tractor where the battery ends up dying right before the kid is having the most fun is quite disappointing. Take a look at the tractor you’re considering and see if its battery life is good. Obviously, battery life is going to vary depending on the use and the model of the tractor. But, you want the tractor full battery or not to keep on trekking when your child is playing with it. Toys, games, and certainly remote control excavator, construction truck, construction tractor, top race car, or any other type of construction vehicle aren’t much fun if you can’t rely on the batteries.

Recharge Time 

If your tractor has rechargeable batteries, how long does it take for you to recharge them? A tractor you have to recharge overnight can be disappointing if it doesn’t last long. Take a look and see how long you’re expected to wait if you want to recharge your tractor. Your child wants a tractor, full functional remote control, and batteries that don’t make them wait forever before they can play with them again.

Indoors Or Out? 

Most tractors are great for outdoor use, but what about when the outdoors aren’t ideal? Luckily, many toy tractors work well in the indoors as well, going through carpet and floors with ease. Make sure your tractor works well both indoors and outdoors when you purchase it. This will ensure your child gets the most use out of it. Many toys, games, and other kinds of equipment are meant for either one type of use or another. You want to look for remote control construction tractor toys that can be used anywhere.

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Treads Or Wheels? 

When you think of a tractor, you tend to think of giant wheels that go through anything. However, not all tractors use wheels, and some may instead use treads that will allow your kid to drive it through even more surfaces. Of course, many kids like the spinning of the wheels better. Some may even use both, which is quite interesting.

If your child is looking for more of a construction vehicle rather than a traditional John Deere tractor, you can find a remote control construction tractor excavator that has treads so it can move around the construction site with ease. Add that to any other construction truck so your kiddo can feel like they have the whole crew working away.

Is It More Than A Tractor? 

Some toy tractors will offer more features than just a tractor you can drive around. Examples include:

Scooping capabilities. Some tractors can scoop away dirt and gravel, and then your kid can dump it with ease. This is more of a remote control excavator construction tractor. The tractor excavator toy can pull double duty, working both the farm and the construction site.

Lights. That’s right. Some tractors include lights, which allow you to see when it’s dark or murky outside. Some lights can drain the battery faster, while others don’t conserve much electricity. Make sure you think about that when choosing your tractor.

Movable arm. Some tractors have an arm your child can control to allow you to pick up stuff even better. Try it out and see what we are talking about. This is good for when your child wants to pretend they’re picking up the bales of hay or when they want to use it more as a tractor excavator toy.

Sounds. Some tractors will make realistic sounds that will enhance the tractor experience even further. These noises can make your kid feel like they are really on the farm, which is always a plus. Your kid can hear the realistic sounds and get immersed even more.

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Conclusion On Remote Control Tractor

An RC tractor can be awesome for your child who loves the farm life or who wants a remote control excavator construction tractor, but you should be careful when buying one. You’ll want one with the most features possible for the least amount of money, and this can be a bit of a challenge when you’re trying to still stick to high quality farm or construction toys. Luckily, you can make it much easier by doing your research, reading the reviews, and seeing which toy is the most appropriate for your kid. 

Then, who knows? Maybe one day, your kid will grow up to be a farmer and drive a tractor on their own. Or, maybe they grow up and drive a tractor excavator construction vehicle. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all thanks to the RC tractor you bought. 


What are the best remote control tractors?

  • Fistone RC Farm Tractor
  • John Deere Remote Control Johnny Tractor Toy
  • Top Race 5 Channel Front Loader
  • Top Race 15 Channel Construction Tractor

How much does a remote control tractor cost?

A remote control tractor ranges from $25 to $200. You can also check prices in Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

What are there expensive remote-controlled tractors?

The more innovative the design is, the pricier a remote control tractor gets. If you’re going to go for one that has a top race 15 channel full functional remote with tons of mobility, then you’ll be paying extra for that.

What are the scales for tractor toys?

The standard tractor toy scales are 1:16, 1:18, and 1:36, among others.

What features should a remote control tractor have?

  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Lead-free materials
  • Durable shovel loader
  • Full metal frame
  • Top race 15 channel full functional remote control
  • High quality components

Can my child’s remote control tractor drive in the sand?

It depends on how advanced the tractor is. If it’s for toddlers, it may only be suitable for indoor playing. However, if it’s for older kids, you may be able to drive it in the sand. It’ll also have a higher level channel full functional remote control to drive it with.

When can I get a remote control tractor for my kid?

You can find remote control tractors for kids as young as four months old.

Are remote-controlled tractors for all ages?

No, remote-controlled tractors are not for all ages. The difference typically boils down to a minimum age limit. It usually has to do with the level of channel full functional remote control that comes with the tractor. Also, the speed of remote control vehicles and top race cars will make a difference in the age recommendations.

Can an infant handle the remote control that comes with tractor toys?

The answer is yes, considering you give them an age-appropriate tractor toy. An infant will not do well at all trying to operate a 15 channel full functional remote control construction toy. A simple John Deere remote control toy is better for an infant or toddler.

Which remote-controlled tractors are suitable for my 2-year-old?

  • Fistone RC Truck Farm Tractor
  • John Deere Remote Control Tractor
  • Top Race 5 Channel Front Loader
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Which remote-controlled tractors are ideal for my 8-year-old?

  • 6CH Remote Control Excavator
  • Cheerwing RC Farm Tractor
  • Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Front Loader

How do I know if I have a durable tractor toy?

You can usually tell if you have a durable tractor toy if your child ends up crashing it against furniture or walls and still not breaking. Or you can just stick to the top brands that you know you can trust, such as Top Race, John Deere, and Tomy John Deere for little kids. 

Can a remote control tractor bring me closer to my child?

Yes, it can do that. You and your child can enjoy playing with it. With an older child, you can have fun together figuring out the 15 channel full functional remote control construction toy you got them. Or, if you have a younger kiddo, you can have a blast playing with TOMY John Deere tractors together. You could also go pick out a remote control excavator construction tractor together for some good bonding time.

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Do remote-controlled tractors improve kids’ creativity?

Yes, tractor toys improve kids’ creativity. They can imagine themselves as farmers or construction workers. There are many remote control construction toys to choose from. You can get them the whole crew for the construction site. You can start with a Top Race tractor. Then add a remote control excavator construction tractor. Or, for a younger kiddo, you can get the TOMY John Deere so they can pretend to be a farmer working in the fields.

Are tractors gender-neutral toys?

Despite what they look like, yes, tractors are gender-neutral toys. Boys and girls can play with them. Your little boy or girl may want to play farm with a TOMY John Deere tractor, or build something at a construction site with a remote control excavator toy. Remote control construction toys make great gifts for any child who likes to play in sand and dirt. Top Race makes a whole line of remote control construction toys, including on of the most popular remote control excavator toys.



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