The Best Giant Stuffed Animals For Cheap!

Every kid loves a stuffed animal. Even adults love them. Most stuffed animals are built so they can fit in a child’s arms. They are good snuggle buddies in bed, good travel companions, and they can last a good while. However, sometimes your child wants a life-sized stuffed animal.


Giant stuffed animals are something your child can just sink their head into after a long day, and they make for great room decorations. With that said, they can be expensive. Luckily, if you look hard enough, you can find giant stuffed animals for a fair price. Here are some giant stuffed animals you can buy for your child.


Giant Teddy Bears

Sometimes, your child wants a teddy bear that is the size of a real bear. These giant teddy bears are all the rage, but many of them can be pricey. Some go for about $100, which can be out of the price range for many parents.

Luckily, this website that’s wholesale has giant teddy bears available. They look adorable and come in many different colors. Having a variety of colors to choose from is always a plus, as it allows your child to express themselves in many different ways. Buy a giant teddy bear for them today and they should love it.



Giant Sea Turtle

Sometimes, your child may want a stuffed animal that isn’t traditionally furry. If your child is into marine life, and they like turtles, you can’t go wrong with the giant sea turtle. This turtle is over two feet long and goes for under $30. It’s made from soft polyester fabric, and this turtle can indeed swim, as it’s surface washable. If you’re looking for a unique stuffed toy, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Giant Alpaca

Even if you’re unfamiliar with alpacas, you’ll still love them the moment your eyes are on them. These fuzzy creatures, resembling llamas, have grown in popularity as both pets and toys. This alpaca is just under $25 and is so fuzzy. It comes with a scarf and earmuffs that suit its style just fine. Plus, it’s beautifully crafted. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can’t go wrong with the giant alpaca.


Giant Isabelle

Okay, this plush it a little more expensive than others. It’s $60, but it’s worth it, especially if your child is into Nintendo. Isabelle is this adorable dog from the game series Animal Crossing, and you can also play as her in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where she proves that she’s a little more than cute. This Isabelle is big, sturdy, and comes with real bells. As you carry her, she jingles. It’s quite adorable, and even if you haven’t played any of these games, you can’t go wrong with her.


Giant Cat

This cat goes for a little under $40, and what you get is one giant feline. It’s a cat that has a bit of a cartoonish design, where she has a tiny face, yet a big body. This means that she’s one big pile of fluff that any child will love. If you love kitties, you can’t go wrong with this giant cat. Even if you have real cats, it’s a welcome addition to any family household. We say adopt this little kitty and prepare for some fun times.


Giant Unicorn

Who doesn’t love unicorns? This popular fictional beast is all the rage, and there are many unicorn plushes you can choose from if you want to get one for your child. However, the one we love the most has to be this giant pillow. It’s about 16 inches long, making it perfect for your child to sleep on. In addition, it lights up and gives your child the ability to have some magical dreams. It’s around $30, so it’s quite affordable. We say check it out.



Giant T-Rex

Millions of years ago, the T-rex was one of the most terrifying beasts who walked the earth. When turning this ferocious carnivore into a plush, it makes sense that you would want it to be big. This T-rex is gigantic. It is four feet tall. If you have a younger child, it towers over them! However, this is a good dinosaur who is here for snuggles, not to eat. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced for the size. You can purchase it for about $77. Most toys that size would go double. Buy it before it goes extinct.


Giant Manatee

Here’s another unique animal to be turned into a plush. The manatee is a beloved creature, known for its gentle nature and its unique appearance. If you want to give your child a sea cow they will love, this manatee will be the one who delivers. This individual is 30 inches and goes for around $46. That’s a particularly good deal. Also, it’s easy to clean. If your child spills some juice or drops their mac ‘n’ cheese on it, you can wipe it and it can be good as new.


Giant Pig

Finally, we have a giant pig. This pig is very sleepy, and at almost 20 inches, it can be the perfect sleeping buddy. The pig has become more popular recently as a pet. Pigs are quite smart and can be cuddly companions. This piggy is one that your child will love to sleep with and have many adventures in dreamland afterwards. If your child lives on the farm or just loves animals, you can’t go wrong. And it’s around $20, so you don’t have to break the piggy bank to get it, either.


These are just a few good plushes that we recommend. Thanks to the competitive nature of the online world, giant plushes are no longer expensive. You can get a big plush that’s built to last for not too much. Best of all, they have plushes of any animal. If you’re still confused on which plush to get, ask your kid what their favorite animal is, then look it up. Chances are you can find something.

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