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Every kid loves a stuffed animal. Even adults love them. Most of it are built so they can fit in a child’s arms. They are good snuggle buddies in bed, good travel companions, and they can last a good while. However, sometimes your child wants one.

Different Giant Stuffed Animals. Which stuffed animal toy is your favorite?

Every kid loves a stuffed animal product. Even adults love them. Most stuffed animals are built so they can fit in a child’s arms. They are good snuggle buddies in bed, good travel companions, and they can last a good while. However, sometimes your child wants a life-sized stuffed animal. Over the past couple of decades, having a lifelike stuffed animal to cuddle and lay around with has become more and more popular. That’s why we’re going to spend a little bit of time looking at some of the best options for a plush stuffed animal that falls within your budget.

Sometimes, your child wants a teddy bear that is the size of a real bear. These giant stuffed teddy bears are all the rage, but many of them can be pricey. Some go for about $100, which can be out of the price range for many parents. But it is undeniable that it is fun to play with these life-sized stuffed bears. A jumbo plush stuffed animal just looks so inviting and comfy when you see one. You just can’t help but want to give that huge bear plush a giant hug in most occasion.

Luckily, this website that’s wholesale has giant teddy bears available. They look adorable and come in many different shades and kids can choose their favorite color. Having a variety of colors to choose from is always a plus, as it allows your child to express themselves in many different ways. Being able to buy life-sized stuffed bears is convenient so you would not need to carry it home. It’s a hassle if you are not bringing a car. Buy a giant teddy bear for them today and they should love it. The bears are super soft, good quality, and don’t have a retail price high enough to make you gasp. But of course, consider the delivery process since it is somewhat huge.

Giant Teddy Bears

  • Giant Sea Turtle Soft-Filled Animal

Sometimes, your child may want a stuffed animal that isn’t traditionally furry. If your child is into marine life, and they like turtles, you can’t go wrong with the giant sea turtle. This turtle is over two feet long and goes for under $30. It’s made from soft polyester fabric, and this turtle can indeed swim, as its surface washable.

If you’re looking for a unique stuffed toy, you can’t go wrong with this one. This plush giant is even good for infants who have started to crawl. They can scoot across the floor to this plush stuffed animal friend and lay all over him. Better than a toy ship, probably.

  • Giant Alpaca Soft-Filled Animal

Even if you’re unfamiliar with alpacas, you’ll still love them the moment your eyes are on them. These fuzzy creatures, resembling llamas, have grown in popularity as both pets and toys. This giant stuffed alpaca is just under $25 and is so fuzzy. It comes with a scarf and earmuffs that suit its style just fine. Plus, it’s beautifully crafted. If you’re looking for an alternative to the norm, you can’t go wrong with the giant alpaca stuffed animal.

Many of the giant stuffed animal plush toy options you’ll find are going to be teddy bears or other mainstream animal favorites, like cats or dogs. But, many children would rather have a lifelike stuffed animal plush toy made in the likeness of their very favorite animal. So being able to find giant stuffed animals plush toys manufactured as alpacas or as a white tiger is ideal for the sake of some families.

  • Giant Isabelle Stuffed Animal

Okay, this plush it a little more expensive than others. It’s $60, but it’s worth it, especially if your child is into Nintendo. Isabelle is this adorable dog from the game series Animal Crossing, and you can also play as her in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimately, where she proves that she’s a little more than cute. This Isabelle is a giant stuffed animal that’s sturdy and comes with real bells. As you carry her, she jingles. It’s quite adorable, and even if you haven’t played any of these games, you can’t go wrong with Giant Isabelle Stuffed Animal. She’s a great companion for your little one to love on, lay on, sit and do arts and crafts projects with, or just have in the bed at night.

  • Giant Cat Stuffed Animals

This special giant stuffed animal cat goes for a little under $40, and what you get is one giant feline. It’s a cat that has a bit of a cartoonish design, where she has a tiny face, yet a big body. This means that she’s one big pile of fluff that any child will love. If you love kitties, you can’t go wrong with this giant stuffed animal cat. Even if you have real cats, it’s a welcome addition to any family household. We say adopt this little kitty and prepare for some fun times.

Kids like to have stuffed plush animal toys that are the same kind of species they have as a household pet. These somehow change kids ideas of freedom and give them a leg up on imaginary play so they can make it more lifelike. A stuffed animal plush toy is great for expanding the imagination and giving children something they can nurture and care for in a safe and controlled manner.

For kids who want stuffies of species you don’t usually find at home, there’s plush toy manufacturer, Wild Republic. You can actually go to their website and select stuffed animals based on the part of the world the particular animal comes from. Wild Republic is known for producing and selling stuffed animals that you can’t often find from other manufacturers. You’ll often find Wild Republic stuffed animals sold in zoo gift shops.

  • Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Who doesn’t love unicorns? This popular fictional beast is all the rage, and there are many stuffed unicorn plushes you can choose from if you want to get one for your child. However, the one we love the most has to be this giant stuffed animal pillow. It’s about 16 inches long, making it perfect for your child to sleep on. In addition, this stuffed animal lights up and gives your child the ability to have some magical dreams. It’s around $30, so it’s quite affordable. We say check this stuffed animal out.

The Melissa Doug toymakers also make a stand up version of a giant stuffed unicorn. You’ll have to pay a bit more for that one though. It’s priced just under $100.

This one is cool because it’s a fantasy animal plush toy. These are fun for kids and let them stretch their imaginations even farther. You can get a stuffed animal plush toy in the form of a black lab, house cat, turtle, or any of many farm animals, but why not get plush toys that are mystical and fantastic, like unicorns or dragons. Sometimes it’s better to step outside of the usuals.

  • Giant T-Rex Stuffed Animal

Millions of years ago, the T-rex was one of the most terrifying beasts who walked the earth. When turning this ferocious carnivore into a plush, it makes sense that you would want it to be big. This stuffed T-rex is gigantic. It is four feet tall. If you have a younger child, it towers over them! However, this is a good dinosaur who is here for snuggles, not to eat. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced for the size. You can purchase it for about $77. Most toys that size would go for double. You’ll also be getting good quality. This plush stuffed animal isn’t a high price high quality purchase, it’s a low price high quality find. Buy this stuffed animal before it goes extinct.

  • Giant Manatee Stuffed Animals

Here’s another unique animal to be turned into a giant stuffed animal. The manatee is a beloved creature, known for its gentle nature and its unique appearance. If you want to give your child a sea cow they will love, this giant manatee stuffed animal by Wild Republic will be the ones that deliver. This giant stuffed animal is 30 inches and goes for around $46. That’s a particularly good deal. Also, it’s easy to clean. If your child spills some juice or drops their mac ‘n’ cheese on it, you can wipe it and it can be as good as new. The giant manatee is a stuffed animal plush toy that Wild Republic is certainly proud of. Manatees are beloved animals to zoo and aquarium workers all around the world.

  • Giant Pig Soft-Filled Animal

Finally, we have a giant stuffed animal pig. This giant stuffed pig animal is very sleepy, and at almost 20 inches, it can be the perfect sleeping buddy. The pig has become more popular recently as a pet. Pigs are quite smart and can be cuddly companions. If you go down any toys games aisle at a store, you’re sure to see plenty of pigs, including stuffed animals plush toys pigs on the shelves amongst all of the Melissa and Doug items and Wild Republic stuffed plush toys.

This giant stuffed animal piggy is one that your child will love to sleep with and have many adventures in dreamland afterward. If your child lives on the farm or just loves animals, you can’t go wrong. And it’s around $20, so you don’t have to break the piggy bank to get it, either.


These are just a few good plushes that we recommend. Thanks to the competitive nature of the online world, giant plushes and life-sized stuffed animal bears are no longer expensive. You can get a big plush that’s built to last for not too much. Best of all, they have plushes of any animal with no filter on it. Age doesn’t matter with these and all walks of life seem to be drawn to stuffed animals plush toys. If you’re still confused about which plush to get, ask your kid what their favorite animal is, then look it up. Chances are you can find something when you search through the toy games departments of online or brick and mortar stores that sell toys.

Giant Soft-Filled Animals
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