How To Set Up The Best Train Tables

As a child, you must have thought about having your very own train table. If not a train table, maybe even your village or even your own miniature house. Well, as a grown-up, you can still achieve that dream. The best part is, you can make that dream happen for you and your little one.

As a child, you must have thought about having your very own train table.

How To Set Up The Best Train Tables

There are a lot of ways you can set up the best train tables. The steps below may be able to guide on how to achieve that goal.

Best Train Corner

The first thing you need to think about is your train corner. Find a corner in your home where you can set up your train table. Make sure that you won’t be using the area for other purposes. You will need to avoid moving the table because it will come with a lot of pieces.
Choose Your Train Table
There are a lot of train tables you may have found. What should the best train tables have?


Storage Drawers

A good train table should have a storage drawer to keep accessories you will not need at all times. Your storage drawers can also prevent choking accidents. When you have small children or toddlers in the house, this is one thing to keep in mind.

There are a lot of tables that you can choose from. Kohl’s sells the “Kidcraft Train Play Table” that comes with two storage drawers. Another option is the “Maxim Enterprise 100 Piece Mountain Train Set with Activity Table.” The latter comes with one storage drawer.

Best Table Trains Size

Next, choose a table size that is in proportion to your home as well as the train set you plan to use. If your table will come with a train, set just like the “Maxim Enterprise 100 Piece Mountain Train Set with Activity Table,” that is good. However, if you will be buying a separate set, you need to make sure the table and train are a good match.

Home Depot sells an Unfinished Storage Kid’s Table that you can use as a train table for your little one. You can paint it to match your home. It will be an excellent personalized table, the best train tables for you and your child to play with.

Choose Your Table Train Best Set

Lastly, choose the perfect train set for your child. You need to consider your child’s age and interest. What does this mean?

There are a lot of train sets in the market. There are those with a lot of small pieces. This is something you will not want if you have toddlers in your house. Small items can be choking hazards, and you want to avoid any accidents. For example, the “Kidcraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set.” This set has 61 pieces that will allow your child to arrange and re-arrange the set. The set is suitable for children three years old and up. Your little one can have a lot of fun with this set for a long time.


Some train sets come with big pieces. These are great for smaller children. This is great for younger children to avoid choking accidents. It is also great with smaller children, so you do not quickly lose pieces when they through items or drop pieces around.

An example is the “Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Station.” This set is recommended for children as young as 36 months. It can also be arranged and re-arrange. Your child can play with this set for a lot of years.

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