The Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse And Other Accessories

Yes, Barbies are part of every little girl growing up memories. You probably have not met a little girl that did not play with it or at least a version of it. The best part about it is the Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse!

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse: the best gift this season for little girls. There's a wide variety to choose from

Barbie is a fashion doll that’s been around for a very long time, and it can be considered one of the best baby dolls for 4 year old girls. From pink Barbie to celebrate 60 years, to even other fashion dolls that your child will like, the toy is here to stay, and fashionista ones will like these dolls fashion dolls and other types of options there are out there.

There are many places where you can buy the toy. You can either go to stores like Toys R Us or online and get access to many brands. Since there will be many choices for sure, it can be difficult to find the best present for your child. To help you, we made a list of the highly-rated toy from Amazon. If you follow the link, you will also find reviews from verified users. You can also continue reading to learn more facts and FAQs on these children’s toy sets.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


  • This set from KidKraft will surely give a big smile in your child’s face as it is designed to be the most glamourous mansion for dolls or basically whatever your child wants this set.
  • The Mansion has 4 levels, 8 rooms and an outdoor area, it also comes with colorful 30 lifestyle accessories that features lights and sounds to match its detailed and luxurious interior.


KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse


  • Just like the first one, the Majectic Mansion has the same 4 levels and 8 rooms but it has more pastel colors and flowery walls for its design.
  • It comes in fully furnished and it has a center staircase and a gliding elevator which adds extra appeal to the modern mansion.

Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella


  • The Three level town house has a very cute and modern design. It is also painted in pink which contributes to its girly look.
  • It has unique furniture sets that looks realistic which matches its up to date structure that includes a functional elevator.
  • It makes a good present for kids from 36 months to 7 years.


Barbie Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator


  • It a lot of features that will stimulate a fun and realistic experience for your kids. It has 3 stories, 8 rooms, working elevator and a fun pool with slide.
  • These included 70 pieces of accessories to allow your child have a dreamy storytelling experience.


But of course, with each one of these fashion doll types, you may want to consider a doll bed. A doll bed is great for pretend play, and usually, most bed types fit these fashion doll types. A barbie bed can be bought alone, or with other set furniture, or even separate toy furniture can usually fit this kind of doll bed.

Getting a bed for your barbie doll is probably your first option, since it is used for them to sleep. But what is the best bed you can use? So when choosing a dream home, you want a bed your child can put barbie in.

If your child likes to pretend to play with a Barbie, then consider some of these types of sets, like wooden doll house sets. Most of these come with a bed if it’s a bed set, or you can get a separate bed can use.

Barbie Dolls Glam Getaway Set

This is a set that your child will love for their dolls. While it doesn’t come with a bed, there is still some fun options. You can give your barbies a pool for them to sit around and chill out in, along with a fun little place for them to relax and have a good time. If you want to bring the pretend play experience to; this, you can also get a place for them to relax in as well, and this one does come with a bed and friends can use as well.


Barbie House And Other Accessories

It is excellent to have. Of course, there are also other accessories that you would want to have. There is a lot to choose from. So, depending on what your child is interested in, there are a lot of playsets suitable for them.

Bedroom Set

Your little girl spends a lot of time in her bedroom. In some cases, she probably spends a lot of time in your bedroom! Either way, a bedroom is a special place. Of course, your little girl would love a special place for her little Barbie Doll. These furniture accessories come with the set, but you can also purchase other dolls bedroom living room and bathroom sets. With the bedroom set. It does come with a bed that fits most 12 inch doll options that you can get.  There is also other doll furniture you can get too from a bunk bed to a teddy bear.


Amazon has a lot of sets for your Barbie Dolls. The “Gloria Deluxe Bed & Bath Room for Barbie Dolls” is a fancy set with a hanging bag. Let your little girl arrange and re-arrange “her” bedroom. Next, let her clean up and put her Barbie to bed, once she, too, is ready for bed. This is an excellent way for your little one to develop her imagination.

Another great toy set to get for your little is the Barbie Dolls Fab Fashion Closet. Her little Barbie Doll House probably has a lot of clothes. Your little girl can arrange “her” clothing in the closet and admire all the cute clothes. She can even get her Barbie Doll ready to go out every time you and your little girl will go out too!

Adventures Sets

Is your child a fan of Barbie Dreamhouse adventures? Well now you can get a deluxe bedroom set. Choose from dolls bunk beds, a teddy bear look to them, or even a teddy bear accessory for your the doll. Barbie fashionistas alike will have tones of fun with the doll accessories, and also the different features that this bed set has.

It comes with a bed barbie doll options of all kinds can use, so if you want to use this, any barbie Mattel doll will fit into it, and the doll accessories used in these sets will do wonders.

This Barbie dolls dream house doesn’t just come with a bed that your child will like, or even doll furniture, but there is also other furniture that you can get, along with a bed barbie can use.  It comes with other furniture including a dolls couch and a place to lounge, and also the set toy furniture for the bathroom and kitchen. Sure, it comes with a dolls and friends will like, but also, some other amazing doll accessories you can use with these fashion dolls.

Cook And Prepare Meals Kitchen Set

Your daughter probably spends a lot of time in the kitchen too! That is another room in the home where your daughter most likely spends a lot of time. She can pretend to prepare food, cut ingredients, or bake some yummy goodies.


There are some sets on Amazon that you can get for your little one. For example, the “Barbie Dolls Dining Set & Kitten.” Of course, the first thing you need for your kitchen is a table and a couple of chairs. Your Barbie Doll can have her midnight snack or have coffee before she starts her busy mornings. Then, who does not love having a pet? A kitten is a great companion for your little one’s toy set.

Another set you can consider is the “Barbie Cooking & Baking Pizza Making Chef Doll & Play Set.” Combined with some clay, this is an excellent set for your little one. Barbie Dolls can “cook” pizza or bake other goodies. Your little ones’ Barbie Doll can prepare a great meal, and your daughter can have some terrific fun.

Exercise And Workout Set

How else can Barbie keep her gorgeous figure is she does not work out? Maybe she is just into sports, and it is her part of her job? Both scenarios make a lot of sense. Of course, you will want to get your daughter an exercise set for her Barbie Doll.

Your Barbie Doll can hang from the exercise bar. The hula hoops will also help your little girl’s toy stay fit. The set comes with a gym bag, a water bottle, and a couple of towels.


Finally, your Barbie Doll can also stay fit by playing sports! Baseball, too, is an all-time favorite sport. So, why should Barbie not play this game? Your little one can have one with a baseball outfit, a mitt, and a ball. After all, she is big in fashion. So, her costume should be the best, and your little girl would want her doll to look her best.


How much is the dollhouse?

The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse costs $170. This three-story mansion has six rooms, an elevator, and a sundeck.

What is the best Barbie dollhouse?

Barbie DreamHouse is the best according to Hyperenthusiastic reviewers.

What age is the Barbie Dream House for?

The Barbie DreamHouse inspires young imaginations to move and set up a dream home for kids aged 3 years old.

How tall is the Dream House?

Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse is three feet tall and four feet wide. It has three stories.


What is the best age for a dollhouse?

Imaginative play and storytelling begin at about 3 years old, making it the ideal age for a dollhouse. However, there are dollhouses for all ages, including accessories like pastel rainbow products, so your child may still enjoy playing with a dollhouse at a younger age. To safeguard your child’s development, check the dollhouse’s features and safety guidelines.

How many batteries does the Barbie Dream House take?

Dream House requires 3 AAA batteries.

What is the best barbie dreamhouse dollhouse?

The best one is the KidKraft Majestic Mansion. It has four stories, 34 accessories, and an elevator.



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