Best Children’s Vocal Illusionist That Promote Acting Skills And Entertainment

The ventriloquist dummies are something that has a bad rap as of late due to it being a bit of a horror trope. You may think ventriloquist figures of Slappy from Goosebumps or another similar doll. Of course, this is the real world, and in the real world, a ventriloquist dummy is an excellent way for them to have fun and entertain themselves.

Ventriloquist dummy in a box with the puppeteer.

What Does A Voice Thrower Do?

A dummy is a bit different from a puppet. Related searches showed that a puppet is usually operated by strings, or by a hand, and they come in many different shapes. Meanwhile, the dummies tend to be human-shaped and often sit in the operator’s lap. There is usually hand control involved.

With the dummies, operators tend to put on a voice and make it look like it is coming from the dummies’ mouth movements—the operator learning how to talk without moving their mouth all that much.

It can be a great toy for kids, and here are a few reasons why.

A ventriloquist dummy for kids with strings. The puppet is wearing a coat, bow tie and khaki pants.

Encourage Your Child’s Imagination

First, the dummies is a toy that stimulates quite a bit of imagination. A child will create their personal and character-centered around the model. Maybe they give the dummies a backstory and craft the relationship between the ventriloquist and the dummy.

A child can be imaginative with anything, but a dummy is a great outlet to help improve creativity that’s well worth trying.

Encourage Your Child’s Acting Skills 

With ventriloquist dummies, your child is changing their voice. At first, the voice may just be a generic high-pitched or low-pitched voice, but with time, it will develop into its character. Voice acting and changing your voice is always a valuable skill to have, and it’s excellent in that regard.

Of course, a dummy is more than voice acting; it’s also physical acting as well. A kid needs to pretend to react to what the dummy is saying. They need to move around the dummies to give the illusion that they are sentient. A kid who is great at this act can hold a show with the other kids demanding encores.

Ventriloquist Dummies Aren’t That Expensive

The price for a decent dummies for kids will cost around $50, or around that range, and can last a good while. If your kid seriously wants to learn how to perform ventriloquism and hold a show, it’s a small price to pay for lots of entertainment.

What To Look For

If you’re going to buy ventriloquist dummies, here are some things to sort out and consider.

Easy Operation

You want a dummies that is easy for a beginner to operate. Many of these dummies will have a rod that you can hold or strings to control the limbs and mouth, and it’s quite easy to pick up. A dummies that require you to work to get movement isn’t that good for kids.

Show looks alive with colorful puppets. with beautiful faces. Ventriloquist is ready.


Some ventriloquist dummies allow you to change their clothes or other aspects of their appearance, which is quite impressive. For instance, the Tommy dummies we mentioned earlier wear any clothes meant for 18-month-olds.

High Quality 

You want a dummies that is made from durable materials and is easy to wash. A cheap model will fall apart on you, making it much more annoying for both the parent and the child. However, most dummies that are highly rated will have high-quality materials and will last a good while.


You want a dummy that has a role to it. Many will resemble characters, monsters, or other types of people, so buy a dummy that best suits your kid’s personality.

What To Consider 

With that said, which kids’ ventriloquist dummies are good?
Let’s look at a few of them.


From Silly Puppets, Tommy resembles a boy, and he has a Muppet-y appearance to him. This dummies is quite cheap, at around $50, and comes with accessories to bring him to life, such as a rod to control the arms, and the ability to change his clothes. Any clothes meant for 18-month-olds should fit him just fine. Being able to customize Tommy allows your kids to make their character; you don’t need to make him Tommy. Check more of its features here at

Tommy has a Muppet-y look.


Katie is pretty much the girl version of Tommy, from the same creators. Pretty much, any description of Tommy applies to Katie, from the changeable clothes to the rod that controls her arm.


We mentioned Slappy in the beginning. He is from RL Stine’s Goosebumps series, which was quite popular in the 1990s and still has popularity to this day. You probably read Goosebumps when you were a kid, but if you didn’t, Slappy comes from Goosebumps’s Living Dummy series, and there are quite a few of them.

In most stories, Slappy is a killer dummy that the child encounters, yet no adult believes them until it’s too late. Think of him as Chucky but for kids. However, Slappy is just as creepy. This dummies looks just like how Slappy does in the illustrations, with glow-in-the-dark eyes, and control via a string. He’s easy to carry and operate, allowing your kid to make some spooky stories with him. Both kids and adults who grew up with Goosebumps will love it.

Blue Monster 

This model is another from Silly Puppets, resembling a monster out of Sesame Street. It kind of looks like a more gender-neutral version of Rosita. Being from Silly Puppets, you can expect the same high-quality control and design, so try it out.

Your kids will love this, one of the best ventriloquist dummies for little children. They will have the fun of their lives as the show comes live.


Ventriloquism can be fun for your children. It teaches them how to act and how to make a character out of a puppet. At worst, your child has a fun hobby they will love for a while. At best, your child may use the skills they’ve learned and grow up to be a performer or an actor. Either way, it’s a great thing to buy for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do ventriloquist dummies cost?
A basic ventriloquist dummies costs approximately $50. The price can go up to less than $200 if you choose a doll of higher quality. Check for more price details here:

What is a ventriloquist dummy called?
A ventriloquist dummies is also known as a ventriloquial figure. It is usually shaped after a person and has a moving mouth.

What is a dummy doll?
A dummy doll is a type of toy that looks like a miniature version of a man or woman. Its origin goes way back to ancient Greece.

How do you become a ventriloquist for beginners?
Some ventriloquists are self-taught. Others enter a ventriloquism course.

How do ventriloquist dummies work?
Ventriloquist dummies for children are designed with simplified mechanisms to make them easier for children to operate. They typically have a hand-insert sleeve or control stick inside the dummy body, allowing the child to control the mouth movements by moving their hand or manipulating the stick. The dummies’ heads and facial features are carefully crafted to enable expressive gestures, making it easier for children to bring their characters to life and create engaging performances. With practice and coordination, children can learn to control the dummy’s mouth and synchronize their voices to create the illusion that the dummy is speaking independently.

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