Why You Should Get Ankle Support Shoes For Toddlers 

You may imagine an older person having ankle pain. not a toddler who is always falling yet getting back up like it’s nothing. However, a toddler’s ankle is quite vulnerable. 

Ankle pain can occur because of falling, or due to another problem. Inflammation can occur at this age, so make sure to be mindful. With that said, there are many ways you can prevent ankle pain. One way is through ankle support shoes for toddlers.

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What Causes Ankle Pain?

Having an active toddler or child is a good thing. Many children don’t get active enough, leading to problems down the road. 

However, being active is something that can cause more injury, be it the child falls over, sprains their ankle, or uses it too much. Quite often, this is because of the shoes they are wearing. Many parents may buy shoes and pay no mind to the quality of the shoes, but that can be a problem.

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How To Test For Ankle Support 

If you want to make sure your child’s shoes are supportive, take a look at the heel counter, the shoe part that supports your ankle. Is it firm? If so, it has good ankle support. Firm heel counters mean good support, so find it and see. 

If it’s soft, this means that your kid may not be getting the support they need, and that is a bit of a problem. You want your children to have the best support possible, and for a few good reasons, one of which being to protect the ankles from shock and potential injury. 

The sole of the shoe matters as well. You probably know what the sole is, and it needs to be substantial as well to give your child the best relief possible from falling or any other injury. 

The Width Of The Shoe Matters 

When choosing an ankle support shoes for toddlers, you need to check out the width of the shoe. Shoes will fit narrow feet, normal-sized feet, or wide feet. If you’re unsure what shoes are the best for your child, go to a shoe store and ask, or look online. You should be able to find the best shoe for your child’s situation.  

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More About Ankle Support Shoes 

Ankle support shoes for toddlers have many features, all of which give you the best experience possible to prevent your child from hurting themselves as they run around. Here are some good features of a shoe with ankle support. 

  • Lightweight 

A shoe should be lightweight. A toddler isn’t that strong, and they are going to be active, so having a shoe that weighs next to nothing is a smart move and will allow your child to run around without a care in the world. 

  • Flexible 

Additionally, you want a shoe that is flexible as well. It needs to stretch and bend to a child’s playfulness, so make sure that your shoe does that. 

  • Breathability 

Running around is going to create some messiness if your shoe isn’t breathable. The right shoe has breathability so that your child can run around without much care in the world, all while preventing bacteria and other nasties from building up. 

  • Shoelaces or Velcro?

Some parents like to get shoes that you use Velcro to close, as it’s much more convenient. However, shoelaces are much more supportive in many cases, keeping the heel secured and everything else in the right place. While shoelaces are a little bit more annoying to tie, they are still the number one way to have shoes for a reason. 

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  • They Got to Fit 

Shoes have to fit, not too big or too small. When your kid is growing, it can be a little frustrating to have to keep buying shoes, but they must have shoes that fit. Otherwise, it may cause your child to develop blisters and other problems. Make sure the shoe fits, and you should be good to go. 

Online shopping is advantageous in this regard. With online shopping, you can be able to access shoe sizes that are usually unavailable online, in case your toddler has a unique foot size or foot need.

With that said, going to the actual shoe store is good as well, because getting a foot measured by a professional can be a good move. Of course, you can measure a child’s feet at home as well, though it is something that requires a bit of practice. Once you learn, however, you can buy shoes online with ease.

  • Heel Cups 

If you have a good pair of shoes for your child, heel cups are the solution. Heel cups are something you install in your shoe, and it provides you with more comfort. These are good for both children and adults: it’s easy to put them in your shoes and go. They’re great to absorb shock, or anything else you or your toddler may face. 

Foot Protection Is Important

The takeaway you should have from this article is that you need to protect your feet. Being able to have shoes that protect the ankles and every part is a good thing, especially for a growing child. 

Of course, don’t just protect your kid; protect yourself as well. Buy a pair of shoes that’s good for your kid, and you can go far. 

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Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this dive into why ankle shoes are good for your child. If your child is in pain, your next move should be to take them to the doctor to rule out any other cause of pain and then look for the appropriate pair of shoes. 

Also, always make sure to stay up to date with the shoes. Many shoes are adjustable for growing feet, but there is a limit. Don’t try to break it just to save some money. Your child’s health must always be your priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the best shoes for toddlers?

The overall best shoes with arch support are the Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneakers. They’re soft-soled but sturdy, roomy, and stable heels, making them very supportive shoes for toddlers. The closure is a hook and loop style for easy adjustment.


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