What Are Some Great Modern Kids Jewelry Box Sets They’ll Love?

For a kid, jewelry isn’t valuable, but instead, it’s a fashion statement. Kids love wearing rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you have a fashionable kid, you may want to consider a box to store all the jewelry. Even jewelry bought from a gumball machine is valuable for a child, and a box that keeps everything safe and organized is always a plus.

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What To Look For In A Kid’s Jewelry Box


You want a jewelry box that stores all the goods safely. Some will have locks, while others just snap shut. Obviously, kids’ jewelry is not that valuable and you probably won’t need a jewelry box that’s like a safe, but a little bit of security is always some good peace of mind for you or your child.



Many kids will want a jewelry box that is colorful and stylish. Some may come with cute designs and whatnot. Think about that when choosing a case, and pick one with a color that best matches the personality of your child.

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When you’re traveling, some jewelry cases will have handles and other goods to make the process much easier to carry around. If you travel a lot, look for a jewelry case with portability in mind. You may not need it for every case out there, but having a good jewelry case that is suitable for travel is always a plus in our book.



You want a jewelry box that offers plenty of protection, which is always important for your jewelry. Many boxes will have felt interiors that keep the jewelry from moving around and damaging it. As we said before, kids’ jewelry isn’t that valuable, but your kid will still be disappointed if their favorite ring is scratched up.


Other Bells and Whistles

Some jewelry boxes play music or have other gimmicks. These are probably the least important when choosing a good jewelry box, but it’s something to keep in mind if your child likes that sort of thing.

Now, let’s look at some good jewelry cases worth checking out.


SONGMICS Storage Case

This is a mirrored jewelry case that comes in nine compartments with a set of rings, and some other goodies too. It comes with all the essentials and it’s portable too. Plus, it’s lockable. Overall, it’s a killer jewelry box that we believe delivers the goods. Also, three colors to pick from, which is always better.


Sodynee Two-Layer Lint

This jewelry box is designed for a kid who likes a little bit of simplicity. It has a felt interior, which keeps your jewelry safe if you bring the box with you and move a lot. It has a lock that is built-in, meaning your kid can keep the goods safe, and it has double storage too. The only problem is that it is keyless, so if the lock does break, you may be in trouble.

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JewelKeeper Swan Lake Tune

This is a beautiful jewelry case that we love, and so will your child, too. It has a look to it that feels hand painted. You could imagine some craftsman painting this in a meticulous fashion. Not to mention, this case does have a music box too. As the name implies, it plays Swan lake with a signature ballerina too. It has a beautiful interior that you are going to love as well. However, it does have little storage space. We guess that its music box features gave the actual storage space a bit of a back seat, which may turn off some people.


Enchantmints Ballerina Musical

This is another jewelry box that plays Swan Lake and is able to lock using a clasp. This box also has secret compartments, meaning your kid can keep their most prized possession in there. There are many drawers to put all the goods in, which is always a plus. However, the drawers are a bit small, which is a little bit of a shame.


Vlando Small Faux Leather

As the name implies, this little jewelry box is made from the coolest faux leather out there. It is entirely lightweight and comes in some bold, powerful colors. It’s great if you want to travel or are always on the move. It has a pocket inside too that’s made of elastic, and its velvet lining ensures that you won’t have to worry about your goods getting damaged. The only downside is that its zipper doesn’t secure it all the way.

Oh, and its sides? Entirely adjustable, which means you can store all your goods much easier than before. Overall, it’s a killer jewelry box that your little one will love.


Vlando Pink Pandora Mirror

This is a cool little jewelry box that has a lot going for it. It has a big mirror for your girl to do her makeup on or look at herself. It’s made entirely of wood, giving it quality and a sleekness like none other. It has a storage space that is quite amazing for what you get. We all know that storage space is important when you’re trying to store your jewelry, and this one does not fail in that regard. And, to top it all off, it has two compartment levels, giving you more space than ever. The only downside is that its outside is a bit plain looking. An older girl may not care, but a younger one may want something busier. Personally, we believe that it’s what on the inside that matters, and this one has a great interior that is unmatched.

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A jewelry box can teach your child about the importance of storing their valuables. Jewelry is something that gets lost easily, and even a child’s pair of jewelry can get stolen. A box keeps it safe and prevents it from being dropped or lost. Buy your child a jewelry box and see if they enjoy it. Chances are, they will love the box and keep all the goodies in there.


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