What Are Some Features Of A Good Toddler Sled?

The sled is an icon of winter. We all have an image of sliding down a snowy hill on a sled without a single care in the world. A sled is great for all ages. Adults like it, kids love it, and so do toddlers. The toddler age is old enough for you to buy them a toddler sled, and there are some good toddler sleds out there. In this post, we will look at the features of a toddler sled when you are looking for one.

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It Needs To Fit A Toddler

This is an obvious first one. When looking for a sled for toddlers, make sure it fits. You want one that isn’t too big, but isn’t too small either. Toddlers are growing, so finding the perfect fit for their age range can be a tad tricky, but by looking at some sleds, you may be able to find one with ease. Some may even adjust based on the toddler’s growing height.


Any sled should be durable, but a toddler sled needs to be especially durable. Toddlers are fragile and the last thing you want is for the sled to break down as they are going down the hill, or topple over. When buying a sled for a toddler, check and see how durable it is. Chances are, you can find a sled that delivers in the durability department.


Whenever a toddler wants to pull or carry the sled, you want to make sure the sled you buy is lightweight. There are plenty of sleds out there for toddlers that are lightweight so that all ages can carry them with no problems whatsoever.

Most sleighs will weigh around three pounds, so make sure that you buy a sleigh that your child can carry. Plus, many of them you can pull, which makes it easier.

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A toddler sled will be very colorful. Most toddlers love bright colors, and a good sled manages to be as colorful as possible, attracting little eyes towards the product. You may be able to find sleighs in a rainbow of colors that look great for all uses and allow your child to see the sleigh even if there is a blizzard outside. That is another good thing about a bright and colorful sleigh.

Safety Features

A sled for toddlers should have more safety features. For example, they may have a seat belt to strap your toddler safely in there, or they may have a little pulley your toddler can use to brake the sled if it’s going out of control. Luckily, many are designed so you won’t have to worry about an accident to begin with, but a little peace of mind is always a plus.

A Smooth Ride

If a sled doesn’t ride smoothly, it’s not much of a sled. You want to get a sled that goes down the hill with ease and makes sure your toddler isn’t feeling bumpy or uncomfortable as they are doing so. While you can’t test it out yourself, you can ask your toddler how the ride feels, and if they are capable of response, they will tell you.

Good Even When It’s Not Snowing

If you live in an area where snow is rare, a good sled may be able to provide your kid with hours of fun even in the grass. A good quality toddler’s sled will be able to go across grass and other turf without much of a struggle. If you’re someone who likes to ride on their sled all the time, consider this.

Good For Pets Too

When your toddler outgrows the sled, many of them can be used for your dog or even your cat if they are big enough to be fit in there. Just make sure that your pet actually wants to do that!

It Is The Perfect Temperature

Nothing is more uncomfortable than going on a sled and it’s cold. Many sleds will have the ability to stay warm even in a blizzard, and warm up with your little one’s body heat. Make sure that the sled feels good before you put your little one on there. Even if they are bundled up, a cold sled can feel uncomfortable.

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Some Sleds To Check Out

With all that said, here are some good sleds that are worth checking out.

Zipfy Junior Mini Luge Snow Sled

This is a lightweight, sturdy sled that has quite a few safety features, and it goes down the hill with ease. It’s a nice little, lightweight sled that you and your child are going to love. It’s comfortable, keeps to itself, and is great for all sorts of occasions.

Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

This is a sled with safety and comfort in mind. Its front is raised to make it as safe as possible. It has a safety strap and quality materials so that you don’t have to worry whenever you strap your toddler down. It only weighs three pounds as well, making it great for little hands who don’t know how to carry everything yet. We say that these sleighs are definitely worth checking out for those reasons alone.

TSL Sleds Kid’s Pull Sled

This is another good sleigh that lasts you a long time. It’s great if you have multiple kids and want a sleigh that can last for a few generations.


When it’s snowing outside, your little one will have plenty of fond memories. Building a snowman, snowball fights, and of course, going down the hill on a sled. Make sure to make some memories with the sled of your child’s dreams. A good sled can be able to give your child plenty of fun and plenty of good memories.

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Try out a few of these sleds today and see how good they are for your kid. Chances are, you can find one that is a good fit, and your kid will love it forever. Happy winter, everyone!

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