What Are The Best Octonaut Toys Your Child Will Love?

The Octonauts are a fun little show for your little one. For those who are out of the loop, it’s a British cartoon involving an underwater crew of cute little animals. They go on all sorts of little adventures, and it’s both educational and fun for children of all ages. Some even compare it to Star Trek. Instead of space being the final frontier, it’s the ocean.

Naturally, since it’s a children’s show based off cute animals, there are a lot of toys based on the series. Here are some toys you should check out if you want your child to dive into the world of the Octonauts.

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What To Look For In An Octonauts Toy

Here are a few things to look out for.


These are toys centered around aquatic adventures, so you better believe that they should be good for playing in a bath. Obviously, some of these toys on the list aren’t good for bathtime. A puzzle or a book may not be the best for taking a bath in, but the regular toys? In most cases, you bet.

Set Compatibility

You want toys that come with the ability to be used with many setpieces. Many of these toys you can mix and match to be able to have the most fun possible. Look at the many toys out there and see which one is the most compatible for your situation.

Room for Imagination

These toys are all about imagination, so you should have the ability to buy your child a toy that can stimulate their imagination, from depicting characters going on adventures to a toy that has all sorts of little bells and whistles on it.

Feels Like The Show

Perhaps the most important part of these toys is that your child wants to feel like they are a part of the show. This can allow them to go on all sorts of adventures and be able to have a good time while doing so.

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Octonauts Gup-Q undersea explorer

This is a cool toy that costs you not even $15. It has a few action figures and tools that capture the imagination of the show quite well. Whether you’re going on an adventure or just exploring, you can’t go wrong with this explorer.

Octonauts memory game — explore, rescue, protect!

Memory games are awesome for young children. They help stimulate a child’s brain and show them how they can remember and use their skills of memorization. It’s a great little matching game that your child and yourself are going to love every bit of.  

Fisher-Price Octopod Playset

This playset perfectly depicts the Octopod, a place where all the Octonauts gather. They can make noises with it and be able to put their friends down its slide. Overall, it’s going to be a hit that your kid is going to love every bit of.

The Octonauts: Underwater Adventures Box Set

One thing you should teach your child is how to read. This is a box set that includes the books. The books came first, so your children can learn about the origins of the Octonauts. These books have great art and make for a great bedtime story that’s worth checking out.

Fisher-Price Octonauts Remote Control Gup-K

This is a cool little remote control vehicle. Remote controlled vehicles are always fun for kids, as they feel like they’re really driving the vehicles. This vehicle makes you really feel like you’re riding with good old Captain Barnacles.

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Octonauts 4 In A Box Puzzle Explore! Rescue! Protect!

Kids love puzzles, and this box set comes in four small puzzles that your kid is going to love. It all depicts scenes from the show that are awesome and unique, and your kid will spend hours putting the puzzles together, taking them apart, and then doing the same thing over and over. It’s a great little puzzle set you’re going to love.

Fisher-Price Octo-Crew 8 Pack

Sometimes, you just need a set of the Octo-Crew. This set comes in an eight pack of figurines that are great for general use. Your kid can play with them anywhere, be it in the bathtub, in the sand, or any other location they want. Overall, it’s a cute little set that’s great for playing, and it’s a cool expansion pack to other little toys out there as well.

Fisher-Price Gup C & Shellington

This comes with two characters and has a hook and tow line. Plus, a whale that changes its color depending on how warm the water is. It’s a set that’s great for taking baths in, which is always a plus.

Fisher-Price 5-Pack The Vegimals

This comes in five different Vegimals that are a lot of fun. This little starter pack is great for kids who want to start playing with the Vegimals, as it’s affordable and compatible with others sets too. Overall, this is worth checking out.

Fisher-Price Gup-S Polar Exploration

These toys make sounds, but they don’t make it too loud, and they are easy to assemble and put together. Your kid will love watching as the tank lights up, and you can press down on its side to turn it on and make noises. This toy stimulates a child’s imagination like none other, and we highly recommend you check it out if you want to.

Fisher-Price Launch and Explore Lab

This is a cool set that depicts the lab, making it great for other figures. It makes sounds, bit they aren’t too loud and you can store it easily thanks to its lightweightedness. With that said, it is battery-powered, so it’s not waterproof, making it ideal for playing on the ground only.

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Octonauts are a series that is going to be a thing for a long time, and we highly recommend you try it out and see which one is the best for you. If you’re ready to have a good time with the Octonauts, get yourself a toy for your child today and watch your kid have a blast.


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