What Are Some Popular Kids Gardening Tools They’ll Use?

Gardening. It’s a lost art for some children. Gardening is an important skill. Not just for growing your own food, but because one day, your kid may have a house of their own and they may want to garden. Here are some cool gardening tools that your kid will love and will help them get into the world of gardening.

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What To Look For

Here are some things you should look out for when you are buying a gardening set for your child.

Real Or Fake?

Many gardening tools for kids are real tools. They are made from metal and can fit little hands, so your kid can actually help out in the yard and practice their gardening skills. With that said, other kids’ gardening tools are designed for pretend play. They are less about helping and more about encouraging a kid’s imagination. Both have their uses, and as a parent, you should encourage both. Fake gardening tools are good for toddlers or young children, while real gardening tools may be good for an older child.

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Many of these kids’ gardening tools aren’t made from the most quality materials. They may break easily and you will end up with a disappointed child. Luckily, there are tools made from high quality materials that allow your kid to have the best time possible. Make sure you test the quality out first. One way you can do so is to read the reviews. Does the paint chip away easily? Do you have to deal with bendy tools? If so, you may want to look elsewhere for you tools.

Educational Value

Some gardening tool sets will come with guides on how to plant the seeds and tend to a garden, and they will explain it in a way that is easy for any kid to understand. If you want to educate your child on gardening, you may want to look for toys that do that.

Now, let’s look at some gardening tools.

Toysmith Big Kids

These are miniature versions of your favorite gardening tools. This comes with all the goodies, including a leaf rake, spade, hoe, and so on. Some kids may not like the idea of joining in on yard work, but others will love feeling like an adult and helping. These tools are made from metal, so they’re not for little kids. However, older kids will love these, and you will too.

Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow It!

This is another set that teaches kids about growing. It comes with flowers, veggies, a shovel, pots, and a watering can. Of course, all these items are pretend, so they are great for a little kid with an imagination. Your kid can practice planting flowers and watching their creations “grow,” which is always a plus.

JustForKids Garden Tool Set

This gardening set has all the goodies, such as shovels, rakes, seeds, and a learning guide about STEM. This is another set that helps children learn about gardening, and it’s very unique. It is great for a child who just wants to garden and have fun, and it helps improve their fine motor skills. With that said, this is a small child set. Big kids may find the tools to be a bit small. Make sure the tools fit in their little hands before you buy.

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G & F Products 4-Piece

This is another set of tools that have a rake, spade, hoe, and all the tools are made from  quality materials. It’s another set piece that helps encourage your children to get involved with outside work. It’s a great little starter set that your kids are going to love, and you’ll love watching them play.

Green Toys Watering Can

This is a watering can, enough said. Most watering cans kids love. They love filling it up with water and pouring it all over the plants. This watering can is made from materials that are organic and recycled, meaning that you won’t have to worry much about your kid making an impact on the earth. It’s a watering can that is great for general use, though some people do complain about it leaking, so be warned.

 G & F Products Soft Jersey Gloves

You need gloves when you garden. This helps protect your hands against dirt and other bad stuff, while protecting the plants as well. These gloves are designed to fit a child’s hands and they come in a breathable fabric and many unique designs. These gloves should fit all kids’ hands, too. They are stretchy and are great for all uses.

Little Tikes Table

This is a cool little gardening table that is great for children of all ages. It’s where a kid can go to get their gardening work done. You can drain the water, have a basin for the dirt, and so on. It’s easy to set up and clean as well. The only downside is that it is a little small, but you can expect that from a table meant for children.

 Liberty Imports 8 Pieces

This is another great gardening set with tools, flower pots, and even a wagon to help move the goods around. These tools are colorful, give you the ability to watch your kid learn how to garden, and much more. With that said, these tools are mostly good for roleplaying, as they do lack sturdiness. However, if you’re fine with that, we say to try it out and see what your kid can make with it.

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Gardening is something that is fun for the whole family. While some kids may be turned off by the idea of helping around the house, others will feel satisfaction in seeing their creations grow. And honestly, while some gaming and TV time is okay, your kids should spend more time learning adult skills and preparing for the future. So feel free to garden to your heart’s content, and you will love watching your child grow along with the flowers they plant.


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