What Is A Baby Box And How Can It Help My Baby?

First-time parents look forward to the time when they can welcome their baby. After a couple goes to great lengths to take care of the mother during pregnancy and birthing, they want to be ready to raise the baby and begin a new life at home. But we all know that taking care of a baby is exhausting and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.

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But fret not: the power to educate yourself and take care of your baby is now literally in a box. That box is brought to us by The Baby Box Co.

Baby Box University is a transformational initiative that borrows Finland’s 80-year-old practice of putting their babies in boxes and now spreads it in the USA. It offers legit parenting courses and an infant sleeping space called a “Baby Box,” helping millions of parents and their babies.

Here are the reasons why Baby Box is the best for your baby:

  • Baby Box Is A Safe And Convenient Sleeping Space

Baby boxes are safe beds for babies to sleep in from one to six months old. The Baby Box is made out of sturdy cardboard. The firm mattress and cotton sheet fit the box snugly, which makes it comfortable for a baby in a box. According to the Baby Box Company, the box measures 26.75″ × 16.75″ × 11.5″.

The BabyBox keeps your young ones safe by ensuring that they are lying on their backs on a flat surface. Its bare and straightforward design keeps sleeping hazards like toys and clutters away from your baby.

The Baby Box Company also claims that the Baby Box meets the safety standards for baby products, as checked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada, and European (EN) Standard Regulations.

Aside from being safe, baby boxes are portable and are perfect for trips. They also involve no crazy installation processes. Parents who are unaware of what is a baby box is missing on a lot of conveniences.

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  • Baby Box Is Educational

The Baby Box USA founder, Jennifer Clary, said that the Baby Box does not hold the whole magic of keeping babies safe in their sleep—it’s the parenting know-how that comes with it.

Baby Box University teaches nutrition and safety while sleeping to expectant parents. No one just teaches these courses. They are led by various medical experts, including pediatricians, midwives, OBGYNs, nutritionists, labor nurses, lactation consultants, and psychiatrists. Parents, then, can be sure that everything they do is science-based.

“The box is just an inanimate object. When used correctly, it’s safe. However, it’s all about how you use it,” Clary said in an interview.

  • Baby Box Is Free, And It’s Online

This should pretty much seal the deal, shouldn’t it? You get a safe baby box for FREE, with $150 worth of maternity package to boot. You get quality parenting education for FREE, and all the materials are a click away. No more driving to a parenting class and paying hundreds of dollars in tuition fees.

It only takes four easy steps to avail of Baby Boxes US.

  1. Register at https://edu.babyboxco.com/register. Make sure that all your personal information and contact details are correct.
  2. Select your local syllabus and take the courses provided. The materials include videos, ebooks, and online articles; they are available in different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic, among others.
  3. Take the short quizzes. You will receive a completion certificate after you pass them.
  4. Pick up your Baby Box or request for its delivery. For pick up, don’t forget to bring your completion certificate. For delivery, you need to shoulder the shipping fee.
  • Baby Box Is A Social Movement 

The Baby Box is more than just a box and a class—it is a campaign that pushes for universal access to maternal and infant health care and reliable health education and support system. This is an essential thing to know, especially to parents who wonder about what is a baby box.

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Baby Box Co. was inspired by the practice of putting babies to sleep in a box in Finland. The boxes also come with maternity packages, and the state sponsors them. This country-wide effort to ensure sleep safety for babies is the reason why Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 1600 died in the USA in 2016 due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These deaths were related to a baby’s sleeping environment, including sleeping on the stomach or sideways, sleeping on a cluttered crib, or co-sleeping with other members of the family on the same bed.

In a country with these statistics, Baby Box aims to make access to safety and education easy for every American, especially those that belong to marginalized groups.

  • Baby Box Is Widely Supported

It takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, Baby Box moves powerful institutions to support their cause.

In cooperation with hospitals and public health organizations, some states in the USA have begun to provide free Baby Box to their constituents. New Jersey led the pack in 2017, distributing 105,000 boxes to parents-to-be.

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Medical experts in the USA are also optimistic that the change in sleeping habits that Baby Box advocates can help reduce US infant mortality rates.

Baby Box makes health care and education equitable for everyone. It’s safe and effective. Hence, it’s no wonder it enjoys widespread support. Also, the baby box involves not only the immediate family but also the whole community to protect children’s lives. A baby’s safety is in everyone’s hand if we choose to open the Baby Box. Only if more parents become familiar with what is a baby box, then it would surely get more support.

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