Honest Review Of The Britax Frontier

If you want a car seat for your baby, you may have heard of the Britax Frontier 85 car seat. To most review sites, the Britax Frontier 85 is an excellent car seat for an infant or toddler. However, those review sites may not be so honest in assessing the product.

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So, for your reference, we’ve bought the Britax Frontier and tried it for ourselves. And while we were initially skeptical of this product, we’ve come to love the fantastic features that this product has to offer!

Right Dimensions

The Britax Frontier 85 car seat is designed for babies two years older and above. It can hold weights up to 90 lbs while weighing 25 pounds. Its product dimensions are 19 x 28 x 21 inches and a standing child height of 30 – 58 inches. With these measurements, the Britax Frontier seems to be just the right size for any child.

But, if you would like a larger version, there’s always the Britax Frontier Booster. This product can hold weights up to 120 lbs and has a standing child height of 45 – 62 inches.

Simply put, the Britax Frontier has different size options to ensure the optimum fit for your child.

Easy Installation

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Unlike other car seats, the Britax Frontier is quite easy to install. It features a ClickTight system that secures your child in place without fail. Simply strap your child to the seat like you would do with a seatbelt, and done! No need for any complicated harnesses and installation steps.

If you encounter any difficulties during installation, there’s always the Britax Frontier 85 manual. This manual has a detailed guide in troubleshooting issues, from installation to cleaning.

Safe For Your Baby

Another great feature of the Britax Frontier is its safety measures. Not only is the ClickTight System designed to make installation more accessible, but it also secures your baby to the seat. So, if you’re having an incredibly wrong time on the road, never fear as your baby will stay in place!

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Another safety measure of the Britax Frontier is its padding. It has two layers of side protection to absorb any shocks that could harm your child. Moreover, it has an energy-absorbing shell and foam-lined headrest that keeps your child safe from collisions.

Extremely Adjustable

It’s always a pain to buy car seats every time your child grows out of it. But with the Britax Frontier car seat, that difficulty is a thing in the past. It has a quick-adjust harness that allows you to adjust the car seat to your child’s growing body. No need for any threading works!

Also, this car seat has multiple recline positions. If your child is not comfortable in one spot, you can easily adjust the car seat!

Long Warranty And Expiration

Britax Frontier car seat has a long lifespan. The Britax Frontier 85 has an expiration date of nine years after its production date. With this lifespan range, it trumps over other baby car seat brands in the market!

While this product is extremely durable, wear and tears are unavoidable. In that case, its one-year warranty might come in handy. On another note, the Britax Frontier 85 has a replacement cover in case the old one had worn off.

The Verdict

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With these features, the Britax Frontier 85 car seat is something worth to have for your baby. Not only is this car seat comfortable and secure, but it is also adjustable and effortless to use. You won’t regret strapping your baby in this seat during your travels!

Have you tried the Britax Frontier 85 before? Grab yours now, and let us know your enjoyable experience in the comments!




How can I tell if my Britax car seat is expired?

Britax car seats usually have their expiration dates printed or written in a sticker at the bottom part of the seat. Immediately take note of the expiration after buying the car seat so you would maximize the usage of it.

For How long is the Britax Frontier Good?

Britax Frontier and Britax Frontier 85 have an expiration date of nine years, unlike the other Britax models, which have only six years. Since they have higher limits on the maximum weight and height, these Britax Frontier models are made of a particular composite of materials to last up to 9 years.

Why is Britax so expensive?

Britax car seats are expensive because they are made of top quality materials to make traveling safe for your babies. Other car seats manufacturers certainly follow laws and standards required of them, but Britax goes beyond that. Their products undergo a series of tests just to build the safest car seats for your little ones.

What is the difference between Britax Pioneer and Frontier?

Britax Pioneer is lighter at 21 lbs. Compared to Britax Frontier, which weighs 25 lbs. You can also choose between 9 colors for Britax Pioneer while Britax Frontier has only eight available shades.

How much does the Britax Frontier weigh?

The Britax Frontier is more massive than most car seats.  It weighs 25 lbs.

How do you recline a Britax Frontier ClickTight car seat?

You can refer to Youtube videos for the right instructions on how to properly recline your Britax Frontier ClickTight car seat. There is a step by step guide so you won’t have a hard time reclining the car seat.

Can the Britax Frontier be rear-facing?

Britax Frontier is for children over two years old and up, so they should be forward-facing. Only the Britax infant car seats can be rear-facing.

How do I uninstall Britax Frontier ClickTight?

Installing the Britax Frontier may be easy, but others find it difficult to uninstall it. Others suggest unbuckling the belt first so it won’t be stuck.

How do you remove a Britax Frontier Car Seat?

You can refer to the manual that comes with your Britax Frontier Car Seat to remove it properly. There are also video tutorials online that you can watch for accuracy.

Is Britax better than Graco?

In terms of pricing, Graco costs less compared to Britax. Graco also is lighter than Britax. But Britax has a 5-star rating given by NHTSA’s Ease of Use Rating.


Is Britax the safest?

According to most moms, a properly installed car seat is the safest. Britax is sturdy, but it still won’t matter if you don’t know how to install and uninstall it properly. You can try to read online or ask for tips from parents who have experience in having car seats.

How do you unbuckle a Britax car seat?

Based on reviews, you do not need to unbuckle a Britax car seat. You just easily slide it from one slot to another.

Does the Britax Frontier Clicktight recline?

Yes, the Britax Frontier Clicktight can recline. Just pull the recline adjuster located at the bottom part on the front of the seat.

How wide is Britax Frontier?

The minimum dimension of Britax Frontier is 19x28x21 inches, and the maximum is 19x36x21 inches. And the shoulder width is 15.5 inches.

What age is suitable for the Britax Frontier?

Britax Frontier is suitable for children over two years of age. It has a 9-year lifespan so your child can make good use of this.

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