What Is A Rocker Board And Does Your Child Need It?

It’s never too early to teach your children about fitness. A fit mindset early on guarantees a higher chance of staying healthy throughout their life. There are many ways you can get your child fit. One of which is a rocker board, or a balance board. So what is a balance board? Does your kid need it? In this post, we will look at what a balance board is and determine whether or not it’s worth it for your child to own one.

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What Is A Rocker Board?

A rocker board is a board that is designed for you to stand on. Once you stand on it, it will tilt on one direction or the other. The goal is for you to keep yourself balanced so it doesn’t tilt either way. It tilts due to its roundness, and when you manage to balance yourself, you can get plenty of health benefits. These include:

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  • Propriception

This is when your kid can be able to stay mindful of their position in their body and the movement of their joints. When you’re aware of yourself, you can be able to keep your body position correct, as you’re able to sense all the changes in your muscles and overall body.

If you’re aged or are injured, it’s harder to keep your balance. Being balanced thanks to a balanced board can help heal injuries and keep your proprioceptive system stronger as you get older. Teaching your child about balance at a young age can help improve their overall sense of balance.  

  • Strength

If you use a balance board, you can improve your core strength. In addition, it can improve the position of your spine. This is a great exercise to teach children if they want to grow stronger. In fact, plenty of therapists may use balance boards on kids who are disabled to help them improve their strength and cognition.

  • It’s Fun

A balance board can be fun to use. Your kid can see trying to stay balanced as a fun little game rather than an exercise. Some children do not like exercise, so turning it into a game is a good idea and a great way for your kid to work out without realizing they’re exercising. Many boards for kids may make sounds or have other quirky features to keep your kid entertained no matter who they are. We highly recommend your kid try one.

Tips To Use One

If you or your child want to try a balance board, it’s harder than you think. Indeed, the goal is to keep your balance, but there is plenty of room for error. For example, you may find yourself faking out or having trouble staying balance when you’re imagining yourself falling.

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A balance board can teach your child how to clear their mind. If their mind is occupied by something else, they are more likely to mess up the balance board. That’s why by clearing their mind, they have a higher chance of success.

Once they use it for the first time, they will start with their feet shoulder-width. They will find themselves wobbling. At first, they may feel like they’re having trouble keeping it all together, but with time, they can keep balanced. They may close their eyes and let it all go if they want to stay balanced, or hum a song. It’s a great way to teach your kid about perseverance. It’s not something they’ll figure out the first time, but when they do so, they will master it and be much more fit because of it.

Is It For Them?

A balance board can have many benefits, so yes, it’s great for kids. Of course, your kid needs to like it as well. If your kid has expressed interest in being fit or improving their balance, or if they’re merely curious, get themselves a balance board. There are many types of balance boards out there for children and adults. If you’re looking for one, here are a few tips.

What To Look For In A Children’s Balance Board

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  • The Right Size

You need a balance board that is right for your kid’s size. Too small and it will not balance. Too big and it will be harder to balance. Most balance boards tell the ideal age range for its audience, so listen to that and see if it works for your kid.

  • Durability

Your kid is going to be standing on it quite a bit, so of course you want a balance board that is highly durable. Make sure your child is standing on something that won’t break or bend under their weight. Buy a few balance boards and see which one works for you.

  • Challenge

Different balance boards will have different levels of challenge. Some may wobble quicker, and your kid must be quick on their feet if they want to keep balance. Others may be less challenging and are great for beginners. You definitely need to pick one that matches with your child’s skill level.

  • Other Features

Some balance boards are colorful and look great for younger children. Other balance boards may make sounds that can encourage them to keep trying. These are little bells and whistles that may seem like they don’t amount to much, but they keep all the kids entertained and encouraged.


A balance board can be great for kids of all ages. A young child can benefit from improving their balance and learning how to use their body more. An older kid who is into sports and whatnot may enjoy balance boards as a way to train. Even the adults will love using a balance board to stay fit and keep their strength up as they age.

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There are many benefits of a balance board. It is an inexpensive, mobile exercise device that trains both the body and mind. We definitely recommend buying one for the whole family. Each one will love what it has to offer.


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