What Is An AeroBed For Kids & Why You Need One 

Chances are, you’ve used an air mattress before, whether it’s crashing at someone’s place or vice versa, they are a convenient little bed that you can store when you’re not using it. 

If you have a toddler and are a frequent traveler, finding a portable bed that you can use for them is a bit of a hassle. That’s why the Aerobed Mattress for Kids is a good thing. This electric pump mattress can be used for all sorts of stuff, and we’re going to explain more about it. 

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Why Use The AeroBed? 

Here are some reasons why you may use the AeroBed

You travel a lot, and your place of lodging has no good beds just for your toddler. If all of these counts, then perhaps it’s time you buy an aerobed for kids.

A fellow toddler friend wants to spend the night with your toddler, and you have no bed for them. 

Your toddler just likes an extra place to crash. Maybe they played too hard in the living room and want to pass out somewhere. Hey, they’re a toddler. You never know what they’re going to do next. 

You value safety. This mattress is quite low, so you won’t have to worry about your toddler hurting themselves. In addition, roll guards prevent it from moving. 

How Easy Is It To Use? 

Some inflatable mattresses are a hassle to roll out and inflate, but and aerobed for kids is such a breeze to use. There is a side-valve that you can use to deflate, change firmness, and everything else. Just plug it in, and it inflates. Cheaper mattresses may require you to hand pump it, which takes forever, or make you use a separate machine to inflate it. This one makes the process quite easy. You’ll be surprised at how the mattress goes from flat to inflate in just a few seconds. 

Adjust the valve, and it can deflate relatively fast.

For cleaning, it’s quite easy for you to wipe it down, and it has a cover you can remove and machine wash, which is always a plus. 

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How Easy Is It To Carry? 

An aerobed for kids is very portable. You can fold it up, and once you carry it, it’s only about a pound. You can put it virtually anywhere, even in the small spaces of a plane or another small space that doesn’t allow for too many carryon items. 

However, you have to think about the pump as well. While the mattress itself excels in the portability department, the pump could use some work. It’s about eight pounds, and it’s hard to put it in the bag. Be mindful of the weight limits when you’re flying. Do your research beforehand, or otherwise, you may regret it. 

However, it’s still easy to carry, so try it out. You can separate the two if it’s too much of a hassle for you to carry both.

How Comfortable Is It? 

It’s an air mattress, so you’re not going to get the same level of quality as a traditional mattress, but this mattress does go above and beyond to make it as comfortable for your kid as possible because we know that an uncomfortable toddler means trouble for everybody! 

This mattress can be adjusted in firmness, and it has a comfy, cotton cover. It’s as comfortable as possible with an air mattress. Your toddler may not be as picky as you when it comes to sleeping, so you may be able to rest easier. 

Who Can It Fit?

This mattress is for kids 3+ and can support 150 lbs. However, it’s only suitable for toddlers and younger children. And an older child, or even a middle one, maybe too big. You should look for more significant air mattresses when you’re traveling, as that can make a world of difference. 

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How Safe Is It? 

Safety is always essential with air mattresses. Cheap mattresses can deflate or fall off. Plus, toddlers can be chaotic and test their limits. This mattress is built for toddler roughhousing and can stand up to it. The sides of the bed add an extra bit of safety, containing the child. 

It’s also a low mattress so that it won’t tip over, and your toddler won’t be too hurt if they roll off it in their sleep. 

Safety is the number one priority. Some mattresses are too high or too weak, creating a sad toddler and some frustrated parents. Luckily, this mattress is neither, so try it out and see what we mean. 

AeroBed For Kids: In Summary 

  • The Good

It inflates fast and deflates quickly as well. It’s easy to carry, and cleaning is a breeze. With only a pound in the air mattress and 8 pounds for the pump, it’s less than 10 lbs, making it quite mobile for the travelers. It’s a tough mattress as well, so you don’t have to worry too much about a rambunctious toddler. 

  • The Bad

Only for toddlers; a bigger child won’t fit on it. You need an electrical outlet to inflate, so not suitable for camping or other situations where you lack an outlet, and you must remember that other countries may use different outlets. Also, make sure you have a proper adapter if you’re traveling to another country. 

Also, there have been reports of bad valves that are damaged easily. Luckily, you can be able to get a replacement and install it. This is something that only happens once in a blue moon, though. 

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AeroBed For Kids: Overall 

This mattress is quite good. While it’s no substitute for a real bed for your toddler, it is a substitute if you’re a traveler, and your toddler needs a good bed for themselves. It’s easy to inflate, easy to deflate, and it’s quite portable despite that heavy pump. It’s also durable, standing up to even the most terrible of twos. However, it’s made for toddlers and little children, so you may need to get a bigger mattress as your child grows, or for older children in the family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The warranty for an AeroBed is limited and is valid from the date that the person has initially purchased the item. It is not in any way transferable. Buyers must keep their proof of purchase to acquire warranty performance. Read more about it in DicksSportingGoods.

Can you over inflate an AeroBed?

When the AeroBed is plugged for inflation, it automatically inflates and becomes full in about 60 seconds. It cannot be over-inflated. Once it has been inflated and you have adjusted the air to your preference, you can unplug the pump from the outlet.


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