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Almost every baby brand these days carries mini pack n plays that all have many extras that are hard to differentiate. Most new parents do not know which compact cribs are best for their children. Even seasoned moms may be a bit confused about the pros and cons of them.

While there are many best small playard out there, we’ll go into which ones really are the best, and which ones contain all the extra bells and whistles, and which ones are simply pack n play sets and nothing more.


To give you an idea, we made a list of the top portable pack n plays from Amazon with their unique features. We chose based on the ratings and positive reviews from verified customers. To give you more options, we also discussed our top featured portable cribs in the article, and if you read further, you will also find more FAQs.

Best Mini Pack n Plays


Pamo Babe Deluxe Nursery Center ,Portable Playard with Comfortable Mattress,Changing Table and Cute Toys…


amo Babe Nursery Center - Portable Mini Pack n Play

  • This mini pack n play comes with a comfortable mattress and changing station plus, hanging plush toys to entertain your baby
  • This mini pack n play mini is easy to fold and store with its one hand locking mechanism.

It is easy to fold and store with its one hand locking mechanism. It comes with a comfortable mattress and changing station plus, hanging plush toys to entertain your baby


Delta Children LX Deluxe Mini Baby Play Yard / Pack n Play (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The mini pack n play not only provides a play space for your little one, but it also comes with a bassinet which creates a comfortable napping space for your child
  • This pack n play mini is quick and easy to fold and comes with carrying bag that makes it travel-friendly

it also comes with a bassinet which creates a comfortable


Dream On Me Nest Baby Mini Playard (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


Pack n' play with Carry Bag And Shoulder Strap. This pack n play was awarded with the 2020 national parenting products awards winner.

  • The award-winning mini pack n play is portable and stylish with a dimension of 40″L x 24″W x 27.50″H that makes them spacious enough for your child
  • This is easy to assemble and features a quick-fold mechanism, making it perfect for traveling.
    Dream On Me Nest Portable pack n play. This pack n play is quick and easy to set up.


Baby Trend Trend-E Nursery Center / Pack n Play (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


Baby Trend Trend-E Mini Nursery Center

  • The mini pack n play features a removable full-size bassinet, removable parent organizer, large wheels with brakes and one-hand locking mechanism.
  • This mini pack and play is portable and can be assembled anywhere to keep your baby entertained when you travel.

It has a removable full-size bassinet, removable parent organizer, large wheels with brakes and one-hand locking mechanism.

No matter the theme, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this post, and here, we’ll touch on the pros and cons of each of these below.

Features To Look In

Before we get into the different brands of pack n play, let’s talk about what you’re going to want from the best pack n play so you end up with the most useful option. First off, you’ll want one that’s easy to set up. When you’re traveling with an infant or young toddler, you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to set things up. Look for a pack n play crib that has a push-button for set up and takedown. You also want pack ‘n plays that are easy to pack away when you’re heading out. These were designed to be convenient, so you should look for convenience features when you’re selecting one.

Consider what you’re going to be using the pack n play for. Is it going to be a travel crib? Or is it going to be a baby pack n play in your home? If you’re planning to use your pack n play in your home as a safe space for your baby to play, then you might want to look into a full-size version. If you want one that’s perfect for using as a portable crib, then a mini playard is the way to go. They’re easier to take with you wherever you’re going to need a bed for your little one.

Graco pack n play mini best for babies

One last thing to mention here is about the additional pieces that you can get along with your pack n play. There are attachments that can turn a playard into an entire little nursery center, complete with a changing station, storage compartments for diapers and other supplies, and an infant bassinet. Parents often use a setup like this for the first few months of having their baby at home. You can set the pack n play up right next to your bed so your newborn can sleep in the infant bassinet attachment that secures safely to the frame of the crib section. The best part is you can then move your pack n play anywhere you need to without issue. Note that the best portable playard for this situation may be a full size one.

Graco Newborn Baby Napper DLX Pack N Play

Graco is known for having some of the best mini pack n plays on the market, and this pack n play is no exception. This one does come with unique features that are useful for a baby’s daily life. It is great because it will last up to the age of 3, depending on how much your child loves climbing. You can also get pack n play and use it for multiple kids, and while some babies may prefer the napping sense and others the climbing features, this is a great way to keep a child occupied.

This Graco Newborn Baby Napper DLX is a great one for a reasonable price. It definitely is fantastic because there is a removable changing table, and napper with a toy bar and detached toys. Pack n play also allows you to use this as a sleeper for you, and it’s actually easier to reach the baby during nursing sessions at night.

It can hold all of the extra goodies that you need for your baby, and it also has a play space for older babies, and it offers mesh ventilation.

This portable crib does come with everything, so if you already have storage, a changing table, and a bassinet, you may not want this. This is also incredibly difficult to put together, but if you want everything and then some, this is a great one.

Graco is known for pricing their baby gear like car seats and other essentials at fair amounts that add to their value, and the Graco pack ‘n play options are no different. Many of the Graco pack and playsets are priced other similar products made by other manufacturers. They also have a wide variety of pack n play options to choose from.

Graco pack n play. This pack n play has storage, a changing table, and a bassinet for your babies. This pack n play has eveything you need.

Costco Funsport Mini Baby Pack N Play

Are you just looking for pack ‘n plays without all the extra stuff? Well, this is for you. It doesn’t come with changing pads, storage, or additional functions, it’s literally just an affordable playpen, and you get 13 different patterns to choose from. Pack n play is also incredibly lightweight and easy to move, so you can keep the baby around as you do laundry and other chores. Pack n play is straightforward to put together and get set up. There are even wheels on pack n play that make it super easy to move, and it comes with a storage container bag for easy travel.

The one downside people are complaining about is that the mat isn’t very comfortable, and others are entertaining notice that it smells like funny chemicals when you first use it. But the solution to this is to let it air out, or clean it with apple cider vinegar to reduce the smell.

These pack n plays serve as good spaces for babies to be able to be close to mom or dad while they’re trying to get chores done or tending to other important things, but can also be good places to play portable playard style outside even. You can make them more comfortable by getting a pack n play mattress, which you can protect with a waterproof sheet. It’s an easy to assemble pack n play that can be taken just about anywhere.

Delta Square Mini Baby Pack n Play

This one is actually square in shape, and it comes with some cool jungle animals for entertaining the kids. This pack n play definitely is cool if you want to put this in a room. It is very uniquely shaped, so if you have a room where it fits, then you should use it.

You can use this for children up to 30 pounds, or 35 inches tall, and it does include a mattress for extra sturdiness or a storage bag for traveling. It isn’t light though, weighing about 27 pounds, and this is one that is really good if you have one singular place to throw this into. This pack n play does meet all JMPA certifications, and it also is definitely easy to clean up compared to others.

The two complaints on this one. The first one is that it’s hard to fold up sometimes, but you can fix that with some WD40. The second thing is that it is small, and the padding is a little thin, but that is not always an issue for kids. As it’s square, rather than rectangular, you may have a little trouble finding a good fitted sheet and pack n play mattress to fit it, but it won’t be impossible. We’d say this is better as a portable playard to use in one place in your home, rather than as a baby portable playard.

baby sleeping in his pack n play

Graco Travel Lite Crib With Stages

This little Graco pack n play looks like an actual bassinet when you get it fully assembled. The sides allow you to adjust it to different heights so you can use your Graco travel lite crib with different ages of infants. Like many of their car seats, Graco designed it to grow with your child so you can use it for a little longer and get more for your money.

The travel lite crib is about 20% smaller than the brand’s other options. It is super light so it’s easy to travel with, hence the name travel lite. When your infant gets a bit bigger, you may want to look into other Graco pack n play versions because this one truly is meant for younger babies.

The great thing is that, as with Graco car seats, it’s easy to find other Graco pack ‘n play options that will suit the needs of older children, and at an affordable price. Graco pack ‘n play gear can be purchased in just about any place you find baby gear for sale. You’ll find them on shelves next to car seats and high chairs. You can also easily find a mattress pad and a fitted sheet to go over the pack n play mattress pad for an easy to clean surface.

Graco pack n play. This pack n play is perfect for girls.

4Moms Breeze GO One-handed Setup Crib

This is actually a cool one, especially if you love the brand. This is a great pack n play since it allows you to have the bassinet classic if you want both the changing table and bassinet.

This type is a very easy one to open and close, and you’ll learn that you can open this pretty easy. You’ll also notice that assembly is effortless to put together. You may need to remove the velcro to do it, but once you do, you push the stabilizer in the middle up, and then, you put the sidebars as well. It is a bit wobbly at first, and it can be a bit hard to get fully together, but once you put the button down, it will behave.

Now what is good about this portable playpen is that it’s actually very easy to push open and pull closed, allowing you the full visibility for the baby and their surroundings. The mattress pad on this pack n play is also larger than most standard models but not the Jooby. This one does have velcro on the base, but not outside, so you just pull it off to remove. You can also get sheets for this, and it can be used if you wish to have one item for everything. Putting a fitted sheet on the mattress is really a good idea because it’s much easier to take the sheet off and throw it in the washing machine to clean it than trying to clean the actual pack n play mattress pad. A lot can happen in terms of messes in play yards so the easier it is to clean them, the better. It also is very simple and won’t obstruct the decor.

But, the one downside of this portable playpen is that you may notice some sharp corners, so you might want to round them to avoid hurting the kid. There also aren’t any other means to move it easily, so it’s pretty fixated.

Pack n play for baby. This pack n play a cool color combination.

Finding the best portable pack ‘n plays is important, and these can be used in many different spaces. It can help your child figure out how to coordinate their bodies, or it can be used as a place to sleep. These are good and convenient, definitely worth it for any parent. You may even find you have a need for more than one. You can use one as a baby playard that works well for play travel spaces and place portable playard anywhere within your house so you can safely put your baby down whenever you need to. Whether you choose a Graco pack n play or a Costco one, or any of the other manufacturers’ products, you’ll find this baby gear to be super useful for many reasons.

UMoms play n play

Mini Pack n Plays

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Smallest Pack n Play?

  • Nuna Sena Aire portable pack n play may be the smallest playard in the market. The dimensions of this pack n play are 34.5 x 25 x 26.5 inches.

Which Portable Pack N Play Is The Best?

  • One of the best is the Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center. Aside from the fact that it has two wheels, a removable bassinet, a changing table, and a hood, it also comes with an electronic music center and a set of organizers.

Is A Portable Crib Smaller Than A Playard?

  • Yes, a mini crib is smaller than a playard. It is as tiny as an original portable crib.

Which Portable Pack N Play Is The Safest?

  • Evenflo Mini Babysuite Deluxe pack n play is perhaps the safest playard. This pack n play mini has an excellent interior pad that keeps babies from feeling the metal frame. The bassinet of this mini pack and play can also be zipped in place instead of clipped.

Can You Use a Portable Pack & Play Instead Of A Crib For Your Baby?

  • Yes, you can use a pack n play instead of a crib. The former is more affordable and has more uses than the latter.

Is It Safe For Baby To Sleep In Pack n Play Every Night?

  • Yes, it is safe for them to sleep in the mini pack and play every night. According to pediatricians, infants do not need a cushioned bed to have an excellent sleep—it is merely a personal preference.

How Long Can Babies Sleep In A Mini Pack And Play?

  • Babies can sleep in a mini pack and play for a few months after transitioning them from a bassinet. Pack n play mini can last until they become two years old.

Can My Newborn Sleep In A Mini Pack and Play?

  • Yes, your newborn can sleep in a mini pack and play. A lot of parents choose to buy a mini pack and play instead of a crib or bassinet because it can grow with the baby.

Can A Newborn Baby Sleep In A Mini Pack and Play Without The Bassinet?

  • Yes, a newborn can sleep in a playard and pack n play without the bassinet. The pack n play’s surface is not only firm but also deep enough to prevent the baby from falling out of it.
pack n play

How Long Does A Portable Pack n Play Last?

  • A pack n play mini is usually useful until the baby becomes two years old. If your child is above average in size, though, they may outgrow the pack n play earlier than that.

How Can I Make A Compact Pack n Play More Comfortable For My Baby?

  • You can make a mini pack & play more comfortable by putting a softer mattress on it. You may also attach a music player somewhere on the mini pack and play, as well as a hanging toy.


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