What To Look For In Kids Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are suitable for children, especially if they are active. That’s because the bags are usually helpful in keeping everything together. It can be used not just for sports, but also to help keep everything toted, whether it be for the soccer practice, or even for the sleepover at their friends’ house. But, what should you look for in kids duffle bags? Well, read on to find out.

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Size Does Matter

Size in this does matter.  You should get a duffle bag that’s small enough for a child to carry. While they aren’t going to have to worry about it being bigger than them if they are older kids, for most kids, you want to give them something that they want to carry, and something that feels good in their hands. If it’s too big, they’re liable to trip over themselves, and that’s not fun at all. You don’t want them to have one that’s too big either since they’re liable to step on it, and that can ruin the stitching.

So choosing one that’s made of a high-quality material that fits their bodies is integral. If you don’t know whether it will fit their body or not, take them with you to the sporting goods store and you can from there try out different bags and get one that fits.

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Carrying Handles Help

Some people like carrying handles, and I feel that everyone that uses a duffle bag should have them. If your child likes that better than the shoulder strap, get them one with handles, specifically the one where you can velcro them together in the middle. This allows them to carry it in their smaller hands, and it as well as a good way for them to get used to carrying items. It’s that simple and very effective. It does make a difference, especially if they’re carrying this around from practice to practice.

The More Compartments, The Better

Compartments are something people who use duffel bags should look into. If it’s only carrying a few big items, you may not need as much, but the Adidas bags now contain a lot more compartments than others have before, including small compartments in the front and sides. This means they can put snacks and food for after practice, their electronics, if you do have a phone for them or other items that are important for where they’re going into there. If they’re using it for the weekend, they can put their toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush in there. So yes, the more compartments these have, the better, and you’ll be able to, with the right duffel bag, put everything in there in a way that’s neat and organized. Something that you should look into when you’re choosing a duffle bag for your child, especially since it can play a part in the way that the child carries everything.                

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Cool Designs They’ll Like

While this is a bit of a moot point, you should make sure that it contains a design that they love. For example, will they use a duffle bag later on that has princesses and unicorns all over it? Chances are, they won’t’, and they’ll think they’re “too old” for that.  Well, if you want to save some cash, you should get them a design that they like, that they know they’ll continue to use and grow into, and something that makes them happy. There are a lot of cool designs these days for these types of bags, so it’s worth checking out, especially if you want to get something that they’ll use.

Moisture Resistance

This one is especially important if they’re using it for sports. A duffel bag that isn’t moisture-resistant is subject to rain if it does rain during practice, and if a water bottle spills in there (which happens more often than you’d think), it can be a nightmare to clean up. It makes the bag feel heavy and gross, and if you don’t’ want to have to deal with washing a duffel bag regularly, you should consider moisture-resistant options if you know that they’ll be dealing with that.  They usually aren’t that much more expensive than the other options, so it’s not like you’ll be losing out on money or anything with these, so it’s something that you should keep in mind as well.

A Shoulder Strap

Finally, a shoulder strap. These are great for children, especially if they prefer to carry it on their shoulders than on their hands. But, you should make sure that the shoulder strap has an ergonomic design, and feels good against their shoulders. There’s been a lot of instances where a child will use it because it has a shoulder strap, but then, it feels awkward in their shoulders, so they won’t want to use it.  A shoulder strap should feel good, and not dig into their skin, so when you’re choosing a strap, you should choose one that feels good against the body, and one that your child will enjoy. You can have them come with you, and from there, try it on. If they like the feeling, then you should be good to go. If they don’t, get them another one or get a shoulder strap attachment that they want. The removable ones are great options.

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With duffel bags, choosing the right one can be helpful for kids, especially if they are going to be in a lot of sports and using it a lot.  As a parent, choosing the right one means that they’ll be able to use this again and again for sports practices, which can be quite helpful for lots of people, and children will enjoy this since they’ll want to use the bag again and again. Duffel bags are great assets for a child, especially if they visit friends, and you should get them one that fits this.




Which bags have a hard or solid bottom or base?

The Rockland Tote is the only bag that has a hard bottom or base. The others have a flexible base, which only follows the shape of its contents.

How do you clean these bags? Can they be washed in the washer and dried in the dryer?

These bags can be cleaned by hand wash or by wiping it clean for longevity. Only the BeeGreen Paty Bags and the Patchwork Duffle are suitable for machine wash.

Are the kids duffle bags versatile for any type of content? Can they be used for school, play, and trips?

Yes, these bags are very versatile. You can put whatever you want in it. You can use it at school, in the gym or for traveling.

I want a bag with a lot of pockets. Which ones have the most pockets?

The bags with the most pockets are the Patchwork Duffle, the Dance Bag, and the Rockland Tote. These are handy bags for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Which bags would be suitable for a small child to carry?

Kids would surely love the Girls Dance Bag, the Party Favor Bags, and the Wildkin Duffle. These kids duffle bags are lightweight and easy to carry for small children.

Which bags can fold flat or fold to be put in other bags when they are empty?

When empty, all of the bags can be folded flat except for the Patchwork Duffle Bag. These are great bags because they can easily be stored and can be placed in other bags when empty.

Do all of the bags featured have a zippered top opening? Are any of them open on the top without a closure like a simple tote bag?

Almost all of the bags have a zippered compartment. The only exceptions are the Colorful Mesh Bags, which do not have a closure at the top part and the FunFitness Mesh Bag, which is a drawstring bag.

Are any of these a set of duffle bags, such as for luggage or travel purposes?

No, these duffle bags do not come in the set, just like other traveling bags. The Party Favor Bags though, comes in a ten pack in the same size with different designs for kids.

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