Which Swaddlers To Buy For Your Baby’s Needs

refWhat are Swaddlers? To answer this question, first, you should imagine your baby inside your womb. They are in that tight, but very comfortable and safe space. They are warm, and they are most definitely well taken care of in there. Once you give birth, they are in a whole new world! Imagine how different that would be for them!

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Swaddlers help your baby get used to this whole new world they are in. They have a powerful startle reflex, so any sound can trigger their startle reflex making their arms and legs jerk. When this happens, the sweet little nap that they need and you, also, need, is disturbed. They wake up suddenly and would be angry from being taken out of their nice rest.

When you swaddle your baby or put them in what others call a baby burrito, you give them a feel of that small, tight space that they got used to while they were in your womb. You let them feel that they are safe and give them a much better transition to the whole new world they are in.

Knowing how vital Swaddlers are to your baby’s emotional growth and physical comfort, you need to determine which Swaddlers to buy for your baby’s needs? You need to make sure that your baby will be comfortable and for the process to be easy for you.

To make your hunt for a Swaddlers easier, below are the different types of Swaddlers.

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Traditional Swaddler

The traditional swaddle is very versatile and can also be used as a blanket or a nursing cover. They are usually soft, lightweight, and breathable. The good thing about these swaddles is that it does not have Velcro that can make noise when you adjust the “tightness” of your baby burrito. These swaddles also do not have zippers. Sometimes, zippers get stuck, and when you yank and try to unzip them, you might even wake your baby, which is not something you want to do.

These traditional swaddles also get a lot of mileage. When your baby is beyond the baby burrito stage, you can still use the cloth as a blanket or cover for the crib or baby’s bed.

Halo SleepSack

This brand came up with a secure swaddle if you have a hard time putting your baby in a good swaddle. You can simply put your baby inside the swaddle and zip it down. Yes, that is correct. You zip this swaddle down, making it easy and straightforward to unzip for diaper changes. When you no longer need to put your baby’s arms inside the swaddle when going to sleep, you can simply put it out and keep your baby warm in the swaddle and secure with the Velcro.

This swaddle is useful for making a good swaddle and keeping your baby feeling secure and warm during naps. Just be careful when pulling on the Velcro or the zipper making sure to make as gentle movements and little noise as possible, or you will wake your little one. The good thing, too, about this swaddle is that it is easy to loosen the swaddle when needed. The dilemma is just deciding which Swaddlers to buy.

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Simple Swaddle

Like the Halo SleepSack, the Simple Swaddle keeps things easy for parents. Imagine a sock. This swaddle is just like putting your baby inside that sock. During nap time, just lay the swaddle flat on the bed. Then, insert your baby inside the sock. Finally, keep it tight, wrapping the belt around your baby with the Velcro. This swaddle will keep your baby warm and secure and feeling as if he or she is back in your womb.

This swaddle is ideal for parents who need to sleep. It is simple and can make a good and tight swaddle without exerting too much effort. After all the useful information we have shared, we hope that you now know how to choose which Swaddlers to buy for your baby.


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