Why You Need A Baby Sound Machine

A baby sound machine is an instrument that has various choices of white noise so that your baby can fall asleep peacefully. It usually is a small machine that is very similar to a handy speaker. It could also be inside of a teddy bear so you can place it inside the crib.

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When your unborn baby was still inside your womb, the sounds they would hear are deafening, that is why babies love the sound these machines emit. It is because of the white noise that is similar to the kind of noise they hear inside their mommy’s tummy.

Aside from that, there are also other reasons why a baby sound machine is useful for you and your baby.

It Makes Baby Fall Asleep Faster

It has been proven in a 1990 study that 80% of newborn children fell asleep in less than 5 minutes with a sound machine around. Yet, only 25% fell asleep, impulsively within a control group. The machine produces sounds that are like different kinds of white noises such as waterfalls, fan sounds, nature sounds, static, et cetera.

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It Helps Babies Cry Less

Shushing your baby is also like a white noise generator, but you can’t possibly keep on shushing them until they stop, would you? You’d get tired and dizzy because of before you even ‘shush’ them successfully.

It also helps parents sleep

Aside from the fact that the white noise helps more than 50% to fall asleep, once your baby is sleep and sound, then that means you and your partner can sleep peacefully as well. That doesn’t mean guaranteed 8 hours of sleep daily, but at least you’ll get to sleep more than usual. As long as your baby does as well!

It minimizes the risk of SIDS

Way back in 2008, a study shows that babies who sleep with fans in their rooms have a lower risk for SIDS, which is the same when it comes to having a machine that plays different sounds of white noise.

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It can be easily reduced

Babies who are below a year old should always have a sound machine in their room to accompany them sleep and to assist parents. By the time they grow older or past a year old, parents can start to lower the decibel or volume of these machines. That way, they don’t have to grow dependent on always hearing these noises, which can even become a disadvantage for them and you.

However, there are also risk factors when it comes to these instruments

Difficulty in the development of babies

A Pediatrics study during the year 2014 concluded that almost all machines exceeded the recommended decibel level, which is 50 dBA, even from 200 centimeters away. It has also been said that this may also affect the child’s hearing, speech, and understanding as they grow. Although the American Academy of Pediatrics measures the maximum level, they urge parents to place the machine at a farther distance of 200 centimeters to protect the hearing of their babies.

Sound machine dependency

Babies may get ‘hooked’ with the sound of white noise that by the time they are growing up, they may still look for these kinds of sounds. As a parent, you will also have a hard time because of the difficulty they will be showing and causing you.

Having no liking for white noise

Say, all your mother’s friends prefer having white noise around to aid their child, while you may even cry louder or have even more trouble falling asleep. This is normal, absolutely no sign of abnormality here. Just like any other individual or living thing we know of, not everyone likes everything.

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In conclusion, it’s not inadvisable to have a sound machine around. However, just make sure that if you are going to have this instrument around the house, you have to make sure it is far enough from the baby and you. Also, if you cannot afford a sound machine, there are a lot more alternatives. You can download a playlist of different kinds of white noises on your phone or keep the electric fan on during the night to help your baby sleep. Let’s not forget, a sleeping baby equates to sleeping parents!



Are sound machines OK for babies?
Sound machines are used to help babies sleep, provided that the noise is not too loud. Otherwise, it may affect the baby’s hearing and language abilities.
What is the best sound machine for the baby?
The best baby sound machine is the Yoga Dome Elite White Noise Machine. It is among the old-school sound machines that produce a single type of noise that is effective on babies.
Do sound machines help babies sleep?
Yes, sound machines promote sleep among babies. Keep it at a distance of seven feet, though, to make sure that it’s not too noisy.
Are Sound Machines bad for babies’ ears?
Low levels of noise from sound machines should not be bad for babies’ ears. You also need to choose a high-quality device to guarantee that it won’t induce hearing loss.
How does white noise help babies sleep?
White noise is the type of sound that makes infants feel like they are still in the womb. It allows them to calm down and have a longer sleep.
Do babies need white noise all night?
You can use white noise all night long, but it should not be on 24/7. But if you don’t want your baby to rely on sound machines, you need to learn how to soothe them using more natural ways.

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