Top Sound Machines For A Baby

The best sound machine for a baby is an instrument that has various choices of white noise so that your child can stay asleep peacefully.

They are usually small machines that are very similar to handy sound speakers. It could also be inside of a teddy bear so you can place it inside the crib.

baby sound machine: Homedisc is a sound machine that produces white noises for baby. Love this sound baby machine

When your unborn baby is still inside your womb, the sound they hear are deafening, that is why babies love the sound the white noise machine emits.

It is because of the white noise sound that is similar to the kind of noise they hear inside their mommy’s tummy.

Aside from that, there are also other reasons why a sound machine is useful for you and your baby. Let’s discuss those benefits one by one below.

Meanwhile, let us know some of the famous white noise machines available for your baby.

Hatch Baby Rest Baby Sound Machine

If you are looking for a sound machine that produces good quality white noise sound, the Hatch Rest Night Light is one the best to consider. Its time to rise and Night lights features are splendid.

The Hatch Rest Night Light is a sound technology and time-to-rise sleep trainer. The smart night light is controlled with the phone. The Night Light provides a calming glow that makes the night feedings soothing. It has time to rise program that is easy and fun to use. It is also a toddler alarm clock with a time to rise feature. The time to rise functioning allows the kids to learn if it’s time to rise and shine.

Sound machine for baby: A baby, nestled in a soft bed, fast asleep and gently breathing.

The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light is elegantly designed and easy to use. The Hatch Rest Night Light also comes with adorable plastic covers to customize your design. The sound quality and the light options of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine Night Light are excellent. Its white noise sound from the smart night light produces sound options that create a perfect environment for your child to fall asleep. The soothing nature music and other sound from Hatch Rest is excellent. It has 11 white noise/nature sounds to choose from. Since it is also important to control the volume of the white noise sound, you can also control or mute the volume of the Hatch Rest Light. Overall, it is great looking and highly functional. If you’re asking if you can play your own music in the noise machines, the answer is no. You can only play pre-recorded white noise options.

If you want a portable sound technology, you can try the upgrade Hatch Rest+ or Hatch Rest Mini. These two portable sound machine upgrades also produce good quality white noise sound/nature sounds that produce soothing sounds to make your child fall asleep easily. Since they are upgrades, besides Night Light and time to rise features, the two upgrades come with bonus features. The Hatch Rest+ portable machine also has a rechargeable battery, audio monitor clock, voice control, and WiFi connection. The Hatch Rest mini portable sound machine is smaller, lighter, and less expensive. It still has the time to rise extra feature but no longer has a night light.

Sound machine: Best sound machine for baby

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Baby

Besides the Night Light machine mentioned above, another great option for an excellent white noise machine is the Cloud b Sleep Sheep. The Sleep Sheep is a cuddly toy and a noise machine in one. This portable unit produces white noise sound/nature sounds that make sleeping so easy. The soothing sounds from the stuffed cuddly animal help calm and soothe kids making it a good nightime routine. The soothing sounds of this portable sound machine involve the white noise sound/nature sounds of heartbeat, rain, waves, or whale song. The Cloud B Sleep Sheep also has 4 lullabies with 23-45 minutes automatic shutoff. It is big enough to snuggle, yet small enough to fit in your diaper bag and become a portable sound machine. Add it to your bedtime routines.

Munchkin Asleep Baby Nursery Projector

If the Hatch Rest time to rise and Cloud B Sleep Sheep are not your options, maybe the Munchkin Asleep Nursery Projector will impress you. The white noise technology has a sound and image system. It projects fun additional features while playing soothing sounds and music. The three soothing sounds are heartbeat, ocean, and white noise. It has a sleep timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It can be a good lullaby for your child.

A compact sound machine designed for babies, featuring a variety of soothing sounds and gentle melodies. The machine is adorned with cute and colorful animal motifs, providing a visually engaging element for the child.

Color Noise Sound Machine

Looking for a brand with great features? Include this unit in your list of options. This brand offers 25 soothing sounds that can be helpful to your child and make her relax and achieve a good quality of sleep. It also includes 10 night light options and adjustable brightness. The night light and brightness options can make changing the diaper, night feeding, and parent-child interaction easier. You can also decorate the room with the night light. This machine will give you the option to use the night light or just the sound.

Besides the famous night light feature, this brand also comes with a 5-timer volume setting and memory function. Just set the timer according to your needed time option. Not only that. this Color Noise Sound Machine with 10-color night light is lightweight and portable. It is easy to use too. With its large buttons, you can easily adjust the brightness, turn the night light on or off, and change the color of your night light. When it comes to safety, it is certified by RoHS and passed the FCC and CE. You can never go wrong with Color Noise Sound Machine with a 10-color night light.

FridaBaby 2-in-1 Portable Machine

This brand will make traveling with your child  easier. The on-the-go design of Fridababy 2-in-1 Portable Machine and Night light allows the nap time of your little one to happen anytime and anywhere. This one comes with 5 soothing sounds. The night light feature includes 3 night light glow level options that help during nighttime feedings. Other features of the tools include adjustable volumes, excellent battery life that can last overnight, and an option for auto shut-off. If you’re one of the on-the-go parents, worry no more, this FridaBaby 2-in-1 Portable Machine plus Night Light can help you make your child comfortable wherever you are.

Advantages Of Baby Sound Machine

Baby Falls Asleep Faster

It has been proven in a 1990 study that 80% of newborn children fell asleep in less than 5 minutes with a white noise machine around. Yet, only 25% fell asleep, impulsively within a control group. The white noise machine produces soothing sounds that are like different kinds of white noises such as waterfalls, fan sounds, nature sounds, static, et cetera.

A baby can fall asleep so fast with the help of sound machine. A sound machine produces calming sound

Baby Will Cry Less 

Shushing your child is also like a white noise generator, but you can’t possibly keep on shushing them until they stop, would you? You’d get tired and dizzy because of before you even ‘shush’ them successfully. The soothing sounds or the nature sounds from the white noise machine will provide a calming and soothing effect that will put your child to slumber. There are portable units too. Thus, wherever you are, you have a friend in the portable sound machine that will help you make your child relax.

Peaceful Parents Sleep

Aside from the fact that the soothing sounds of white noise helps more than 50% to fall asleep, once your child is sleep and sound, then that means you and your partner can sleep peacefully as well. That doesn’t mean guaranteed 8 hours of sleep daily, but at least you’ll get to sleep more than usual. As long as your child does as well!

Lower Risks Of SIDS

Way back in 2008, a study showed that babies who sleep with fans in their rooms have a lower risk for SIDS, which is the same when it comes to having a machine that plays different sounds of white noise.

he results of kids being able to sleep soundly at night

Machine Can Be Easily Reduced

Babies who are below a year old should always have a sound machine in their room to accompany them sleep and to assist parents. By the time they grow older or past a year old, parents can start to lower the decibel or volume of a white noise machine. That way, they don’t have to grow dependent on always hearing the white noise, which can even become a disadvantage for them and you.

Disadvantages Of Baby Sound Machine

The soothing sounds from the white noise machine may provide a calming effect to kids. However, there are also risk factors when it comes to using a white noise machine.

Baby Development Difficulties

A Pediatrics study during the year 2014 concluded that almost all machines exceeded the recommended decibel level, which is 50 dBA, even from 200 centimeters away. It has also been said that this may also affect the child’s hearing, speech, and understanding as they grow. Although the American Academy of Pediatrics measures the maximum noise levels, they urge parents to place the machine at a farther distance of 200 centimeters to protect the hearing of their babies.

Baby Dependency

Babies may get ‘hooked’ to white noise and by the time they are growing up, they may still look and become dependent on these white noise sounds to make them fall asleep. As a parent, you will also have a hard time because of the difficulty they will be showing and causing you.

Dislike White Noise

Say, all your mother’s friends prefer having white noise around to aid their child, while you may even cry louder or have even more trouble falling asleep. This is normal, absolutely no sign of abnormality here. Just like any other individual or living thing we know of, not everyone likes everything.


preferred by most mothers for their babies, moms do really love this

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it’s not inadvisable to have a sound machine around. However, just make sure that if you are going to have this instrument that produces white noise around the house, you have to make sure it is far enough from the baby and you. Also, if you cannot afford a sound machine for white noise, there are a lot more alternatives that give soothing sounds for better sleep. You can download a playlist of different kinds of white noises on your phone or keep the electric fan on during the night to help your baby sleep. Let’s not forget, a sleeping baby equates to sleeping parents!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are Sound Machines OK For Infants?

“They are used to help babies sleep, provided that the noise is not too loud. Otherwise, it may affect the child’s hearing and language abilities. Sleep sounds, baby shusher, volume settings, various sounds, blocked, wind, mom, sensitive, half, ability, wireless, stock, science, price, app, nightlight, nice, running, buy, simple, ideal, ease, and close.”

What Is The Best Sound Machine?

The best is the Yoga Dome Elite White Noise Machine. It is among the old-school sound machines that produce a single type of noise that is effective on babies.

Do Sound Machines Help Infants Sleep?

Yes, they promote sleep among babies. Keep it at a distance of seven feet, though, to make sure that it’s not too noisy.

Are They Bad For Children’s Ears?

Low levels of noise from the machines should not be bad for babies’ ears. You also need to choose a high-quality device to guarantee that it won’t induce hearing loss.

How Do White Noise Appliances Help Kids Sleep?

White noise is the type of music that makes babies feel like they are still in the womb. It allows them to calm down and have a longer sleep.

Do Kids Need White Noise All Night?

You can use white noise all night long, but it should not be on 24/7. But if you don’t want your child to rely on stereos, you need to learn how to soothe them using more natural ways.

Do Pediatricians Recommend Sounds Like Aids Or Stereos?

A White noise radio for babies can help block out noises to help your child sleep better. However, studies also showed that white noise radios also have disadvantages for babies. This can result in the following disadvantages:

  • It may surpass the noise limit recommended for babies.
  • The use of a white noise tool to make the baby sleep may sleep train the child to become dependent on a white noise tool.
  • Some babies do not respond well to white noise coming from the white noise tool for child.

Constant exposure to music exposures that exceed the recommended noise limit may lead to potential development problems. For this reason, pediatricians recommend that the white noise  from the white noise from baby sound machines should be kept at a volume below the maximum volume setting. Also, the distance between the white noise machine from the baby’s crib must be at least 7 feet away.

When Should I Stop Using White Noise For Baby?

There is no definite answer to when to stop using music aids for baby. Some parents stop using the music aids when their child reaches the age of 2. Other parents continue using them for their babies until age 3-4. But a reasonable age to stop using music aids for baby should be between the age of 12 and 18 months old.

Is It Better To Sleep In Silence Or With White Noise?

Scientifically, silence has a good impact on the physical and mental health of humans. No noise at all is better than artificial music. Most people sleep better with complete silence. For others, the presence of soothing music (ocean waves, fan music, etc.)  from music tools can help them in sleeping. If people are getting better sleep with soothing nature music from the pink noise machine, that’s just fine. There are related searches on the internet about music aids and most of the results are really good. Some music tools can even mimic the sound of other natural wildlife, which can be calming and at the same time entertaining for kids.

Does White Noise Reduce SIDS?

The white noise reduces active sleep, which is the sleep state when most SIDS are most likely to occur. Further, it also reduces the baby’s stress levels. There are claims stating that white noise can reduce the risk of SIDS. We do know that music aids can offer many benefits, however, the study stating that using white noise can reduce SIDS risks need more current research.

Should I Use A Sound Machine With My Newborn?

Many parents wonder if using a music aid can be beneficial for their newborn. While opinions may vary, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether to incorporate a music aid into your child’s sleep routine. One potential advantage is that soothing music can create a familiar and calming environment, mimicking the comforting music of the womb. Soft music, such as gentle white noise, lullabies, or nature sounds, can help drown out sudden noises and create a consistent background noise that may aid in settling your child’s to sleep.

Furthermore, music aid can be particularly useful in homes with other siblings or noisy environments, as they can provide a more peaceful ambiance for the child’s sleep. However, it’s important to ensure that the music aid is set at an appropriate volume and placed at a safe distance from the child to prevent any potential hearing damage. As with any sleep aid, it’s crucial to observe your child’s individual preferences and needs, as not all babies may respond positively to music aids.

Some babies may find the music stimulating rather than soothing, so it’s essential to monitor their reactions and adjust accordingly. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice that depends on your child’s temperament, sleep patterns, and your own parenting style. Consulting with your pediatrician can provide further guidance and help you make an informed decision that promotes a safe and restful sleep environment for your newborn.

What Is The Use Of Baby Sound Machine?

A child’s music aid serves the purpose of creating a soothing and calming environment for infants during sleep or naptime. By playing gentle music such as lullabies, white noise, or nature music, these machines can help drown out external noises and create a consistent, comforting background noise. The use of a child music tool can help infants relax, fall asleep more easily, and stay asleep for longer periods. It can be particularly beneficial in homes with noisy environments or when trying to establish a consistent sleep routine. Additionally, these machines can provide a sense of familiarity by recreating the gentle music that newborns were accustomed to in the womb. Overall, a child’s music aid can be a useful tool for parents to create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes better sleep for their little ones.

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