Why Do Kids Love Chinese Jump Rope

You may remember the Chinese jump rope. It’s a super fun game that children do love. But, why is it so popular? Well, thee are a few reasons for that, and you’ll definitely as a parent want to know a bit about it. If your child tells you they’ve been playing Chinese jump rope, we’ll discuss here what it is, and why children enjoy this so much.

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What Is It?

Chinese jump rope is essentially a fusion of both hopscotch and jump rope, and it does, in a way, utilize the patterns of cat’s cradle. This is also called gummitwist and elastics. It’s played with three players, and the rope is about 16 feet in length and the shape of a circle. It usually used to have rubber bands together, but now commercial rope varieties exist. The two players will face each other about 9 feet apart, and the rope will be around the ankles until it is tight. The third player will stand between the two parts of the rope, allowing them to perform different movies without making an error or stop. Many times, these movies are quite fun, and they are good if your child wants to get in shape.


A Fun Exercise

Playing Chinese Jump rope allows children to get moving to get them in shape. The game can be used by children to move, and it does take a little bit of concentration to do this.

It also improves the coordination of the body. With the Chinese jump rope, you can move around in different ways, and that means that you have to be careful with this.

It is an old game that is fun for kids, and it is a good exercise if you need to keep moving.

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Can Create Fun Shapes

Chinese jump rope focuses on shapes and positions of feet. You’ll notice that, as the child moves about, they will have to keep their feet moving in specific ways. These shapes are decided upon initially before you begin, and the child can work with these shapes. Whether they are moving in and out, stepping around, or even doing intricate twists and turns, the child will learn a lot of coordination and balance too.

At first, it is quite easy, especially if the string is at the bottom of the other’s feet. But, if you notice as it gets higher, the rope will get a bit harder to navigate. It will involve high jumps and steps, which can be a bit hard to get used to. But, they are great, especially if you want to teach your child how to balance themselves no matter what, and also how to master coordination in their way.


Stand the Test of time

Chinese jump rope has been around for a very long time. It has been used for children to entertain themselves in China, and this form of jump roping is still quite popular. Since there are now commercialized ropes on the market, this does make it a bit easier to get into, but, with this as well, you can provide loads of entertainment for the kid, and it is a good one to use if you’re looking to have fun with others and try this great game.


Good for Stretching

It is a great way to stretch the leg muscles. Chinese jump involves moving your legs back and forth in complex ways, and many children love to use these as a form of exercise. If your child likes to move about, this is something that they will find quite fun, and they can stretch their legs easily. If you stretch before doing activities, you reduce the risk of a pulled muscle, allowing you to get more and more out of your activities than ever before.


The Ropes are Better than Ever!

Now that there are commercialized ropes out for this, it’s a fun activity that’s a favorite. The materials are modern, and they come in wonderful colors. Unlike the older ropes, these are made with a durable elastic, which stretches a little bit, and allows for a snug fit, but it won’t hurt the legs. Even if a child trips over these ropes the first few times, they are super sturdy, and they are great for them to use. The materials are much stronger now too, so they’re safer for kids to utilize, and better in the long run. It’s a modernized version of the classic rope, which allows for the best in terms of not just safety, but also the improved functionality and benefits that come with this as well.

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It’s Fun

Finally, it’s fun. If your child spends time with other kids frequently, they’ll enjoy this. It involves just three people, and if your child doesn’t want to play with the other kids, they can play with you and maybe a sibling or friend. It only needs a few people. It can be great to get everyone on the same page, bonding together to really enjoy something like this. It’s a timeless classic and a fun little game that allows for better, more improved fun for everyone, no matter how old you may be.

And there you have it, the reasons why children love Chinese jump rope. If you want to get your kids active, and maybe they’re not interested in the typical sorts and the like, then this is the way to go. There are so many fun things you can do with this set of toys, and the Chinese jump rope has proven to be both fun and very functional for others to get into. Enjoy this fun toy, and see for yourself just what you can get from this and the fun you’re about to experience.


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