What Is A Vuly Trampoline And Why Should You Buy It?

When choosing a trampoline for your child, some will say to get a Vuly trampoline. You may have never heard of this, and you might be confused as to why they’re important, and why parents are being encouraged to buy these. Well, you’re in luck, because this post will discuss just what a Vuly trampoline is, and why they’re worth investing in, as well as any important considerations that you should have before buying it. 

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So What Is It?

Before we talk about why you should buy it, let’s talk about what a Vuly trampoline is. This is an Australian company that became popular back in 2014 when they started to work with toys r us. They soon gained traction, and you can see from their products alone that they have some amazing types of products that you’ll love. This company does have some differentiating factors that you can keep in mind when choosing these as well.

The Key Aspects

There are a few key aspects that come along with this, and they are listed below.

The first is safety, in that all of the products are constructed with the finest materials that allow for more safety. There is also a safety enclosure net on every single model that allows for a safe experience, and they’re known for reducing injuries.

Durability is another thing. These products are known to be the sturdiest, most durable of trampolines that are currently on the market. The materials that they use for construction are top of the line, such as a galvanized steel frame, silk terylene nets, and polythene as well. The mats are UV rated, and they also contain steel-coil springes, which allows for the trampoline to last forever. They don’t want kids falling down and injuring themselves on their products, and because they know that, the products are usually high-quality.

They are super fun for kids, and they’ll get a ton of satisfaction from this.

Finally, they’re super easy to install, in that assembling these is fast, and quite seamless. They typically have fewer parts than the other trampolines on the market, and they also come with an instruction manual that’s very comprehensive and gives great details, which gives an edge over the competitors that take forever to set up. So not only are you getting a quality product that’s amazing, but you’re also getting something that’s easy to put together as well.

There are a ton of Vuly trampolines to choose from, and everyone can get a model that fits them, and one that works well.

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Good For EVERY Backyard

One big upside to Vuly trampolines is that they typically are perfect for anyone’s backyard, regardless of whether or not the yard is huge or small. Unlike other trampoline models, this one is super flexible, and they typically fit wherever. They don’t require a ton of space for the most part, which is a huge benefit to this, and they’re perfect for every backyard, regardless of what the specs are. That’s why they’re so popular because they offer a trampoline that can fit every single yard out there.


Affordable models!

The models are super affordable as well. The Vuly ultra trampoline, for example, is actually a fun-filled, safe, and budget-friendly trampoline. It does have different sizes, but it also isn’t gouged out on price, and instead, it fits realistically what you want from this. Sizes range from small to extra-large, and they’re made with safety at the forefront.


Will Net You In!

Probably the biggest upside to Vuly trampolines is that they have the enclosure net. This helps a lot with protecting kids from getting hurt. The net contains a heavy-duty polyether enclosure netting that does enhance the safety. It surrounds the entire trampoline, so in the event f a kid misestimating the jump, they fall into the net instead of on the ground, probably saving the child from a lot of injuries and the like. The net has been tested with a rigorous battery of them, and each of the times they’ve performed amazing both in wet and UV weather, so you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting this. It’s also super tall too, about 40 cm more than the next competitor.

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Soft And Bouncy Landings

Another super popular feature is that this is made for bouncing about. Soft landings are the big name of the game here, and this trampoline is all about it. There are springs placed on the enclosure, and different settings, and an entry that’s made to self-close, without the zipping and velcros. It uses a different system that actually allows for great landings, without the worry of having to possibly pull your kid out of the trampoline.

Finally, it’s got the bouncing system. Compared to other systems, it’s actually got one that allows you to bounce higher and with more speed, allowing for an experience that’s deep and amazing when it comes to bouncing. If you want to bounce at super high levels, you can do so with this, and that’s what’s so utterly amazing about this.


Super Strong

The models are made with thicker and heat-treated steel, which means that they will last forever. You don’t need to worry about the possibility of the framework going down because of use, but instead, it’s actually going to give you an experience that you will love. It also has a 50% thicker type of steel used for the T-joiner on this, and it’s gone through about 40,000 different bounce tests, so this is probably the perfect one that’s made for children to bounce on no matter what age they are.

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Whether you’re young or older, this is probably the best and safest trampoline out there. Because of this, it’s no wonder parents clamor for this model, since ultimately, it does the job better than many of the competitors. You can, in turn, get the best trampoline experience that’s super safe for kids, and in turn, you’ll feel better about the results as well. When looking for a trampoline, consider Vuly, since it’s strong and ready to withstand anything thrown at it.



Is a VULY trampoline excellent?
Yes, a VULY trampoline is an excellent product for kids and adults alike. It bounces as well as other trampolines, but its safety measures are off the charts.
What are VULY 2 trampolines?
VULY 2 trampolines are upgrades versions of regular trampolines. Their most distinctive feature is the zipperless entry that keeps the children from going out unsupervised.
What is the best VULY trampoline?
The best VULY trampoline is the Thunder model. It is one of the safest structures, given that there is no space between the spring and the bottom of the safety net.
How tall and wide is a medium-sized VULY trampoline?
A medium VULY trampoline is approximately 10 feet tall. Its width measures 3.23 meters.
How many kids can bounce in a medium-sized trampoline?
The number of kids that can bounce in a medium trampoline depends on its weight limit. Check what’s written in the box and add the weight of the children before letting all of them go in.
What is the best trampoline size for backyards?
A small trampoline that’s eight feet tall is ideal for most backyards. If you have older kids, though, you can bump it up to 10 feet.
Can you put a trampoline in the ground without preparation?
No, you cannot put a trampoline on the ground if you don’t know how to do it. Otherwise, when the rain comes, it might get buried in the mud.
Who can use 8ft trampolines?
An 8-foot trampoline is suitable for kids as young as six years old. They can use it up to the age of 12 years, considering their weight does not exceed the maximum limit.
Can adults use a 10ft trampoline?
Yes, adults can use a 10-foot trampoline. Just make sure that you are not too heavy for it to avoid accidents.
How many kids can use a 12ft trampoline?
Two kids can use a 12-foot trampoline. You may add more children in it as long as their total weight does not exceed the maximum limit.
How deep should the hole in the ground be for your trampoline?
The hole should be as high as the trampoline. It guarantees that people can bounce freely.
Do I need to disassemble the trampoline in the winter?
No, you do not need to disassemble your trampoline during the winter season. It should be able to withstand the extreme weather condition.
Can a 3-year-old child use a trampoline?
Yes, you can put a 3-year-old on a trampoline. However, an adult should go in the trampoline with them to prevent accidents.
What is the golden age for trampolining?
Kids between the ages of four and ten can use a trampoline the most. This is when their bodies are more flexible than ever.
How many springs will you find in a 12ft trampoline?
There should be 72 springs in a 12-foot trampoline in total. Some models may have more or less than that, though, depending on the brand.




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