Why Robot Dinosaurs Are Popular Toys

Dinosaurs have captured the imagination of kids, and adults, for many years. The idea of a world where humans didn’t rule the land and instead giant reptilian beasts walked the earth is hard to imagine. And while we have skeletons and science to give us a glance into the world, we will never truly know what a dinosaur looks and acts like until Jurassic Park becomes a reality.

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Because of this, dinosaurs make for great toys. You may have owned some as a kid. Simulating a T-Rex fight, having dinosaurs travel in packs, and even imagining that meteor that took them out are just a few ideas for play.

Now, there are robotic dinosaurs that give even more features. Here are just a few of them.

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They Can Be Built

Robot toys can be a learning experience for a kid, as many of them require assembly. However, it isn’t the eye-gouging assembly of putting a piece of furniture together. Rather, it’s learning about moving parts and following instructions. The Meccano Meccasaur is one such toy that requires assembly. Some younger children can be put off by it, and you should look for a toy that’s already assembled, but for an older kid who can follow directions, has patience, and can keep up with all the small parts, you can’t go wrong.

They Can Do Tricks

When you think of a dinosaur, you don’t really imagine them as pets unless you’re thinking of The Flintstones or something similar. However, many dinosaurs can do tricks just like a robotic puppy. These include responding to your words, following along with hand movements, and learning different tricks as well. This can keep a child entertained for hours.

Many of these tricks are programmable as well. Usually using a smartphone app, you can teach your child about STEM and how they can program their very own dinosaur that is unique from the rest.

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They Walk and Talk

Seeing a dinosaur in action is awesome. A long time ago, toy dinosaurs that moved would do so in a jerky motion. However, modern robotic dinosaurs, especially the more expensive brands, can move in a fluid motion. It can feel like you’ve gone back to the prehistoric era. Not to mention, they can roar, and the sound quality is so crisp that you may feel like you’re in a movie.

They Are Big

Many toy dinosaurs tower above other robotic toys. Okay, so they can’t be the size of real dinosaurs, but they’re still pretty big. They can stand two or maybe even three feet tall. They are quite towering, to say the least. We highly recommend giving a bigger dinosaur a try if you can afford it.

However, There Are Smaller Dinosaurs Available

A big dinosaur toy sounds great until you realize that it’s not that practical to carry in a car. Luckily, there are toy dinosaurs that are smaller. For example, the WowWee Miposaur is a toy dinosaur that is remote controlled and you can carry in your hand. However, it still is quite fun to control. We believe that your child will have lots of fun with it.

They Can Be Simple, Or Complex

As we mentioned before, there are advanced robot dinosaurs out there that you can program or take a long time to assemble. However, a younger child, or a child not interested in robotics, may want something a bit simpler. Or if you are on a budget, the complex models can cost too much. There are dinosaurs for that as well. These dinosaurs come already assembled and don’t have much to them, but they still provide hours of fun. For example, many of them are RC, and you can spend hours letting them roam the earth.

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Quirky Features

Besides tricks, making noise, and roaming the earth, many dinosaurs have little quirky features. There are some models that you can fill up with water, and they will breathe out mist like it’s a blast of fire. Then, there are dinosaurs that will let one rip if you pull their tail. Great for kids with a sense of toilet humor. There are singing dinosaurs, snoring dinosaurs, and pretty much anything else. Sometimes, dinosaurs don’t have to be realistic. Kids love seeing dinos that can walk, talk, and can be quirky. You yourself may chuckle at a few of them.

They Can Interact With Other Dinos

In movies, one iconic trope is the dinosaur fight. Two Goliaths, clashing. Maybe they’re fighting over food or fighting just to show off to their mates. Either way, a dinosaur fight can be quite a joy to watch. Some dinosaur robots can interact and fight with each other. Maybe your kid and another kid who has a dinosaur can fight with one another. Compete to see who is the victor. Just make sure that the competition is friendly.

Dinosaur Tech is Improving

As technology improves, one thing that you’ll see more of is advanced robotics. While a completely intelligent dinosaur is not on the horizon just yet, it may soon be. Toy dinosaurs of your childhood are nothing when compared to the dinosaurs you can buy nowadays. Mess around with a few, and you’ll see what we mean. Just make sure that you are not hogging them as well. Which brings us to our final point.

Great for Kids and Parents

These toys can encourage bonding time. Think about it. A toy you have to assemble, you and your child can do it together. Or you can play with the dinosaur together. These toys are not childish at all, and have many features even adults may be entertained by. We say to give one a try and see how impressed you are.

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Check out a few robotic dinosaurs. If your budget is flexible, a more expensive brand can do quite a bit.  You’ll be impressed as the Jurassic world comes to life, and in your house, no less. And plus, your kid will love it too.


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