Why You Should Consider An Indoor Slide

What kid doesn’t love slides? The thrill of going down them, the buildup of climbing up them, and all the memories they’ve had at a playground, just to name a few. If you have a young child, there are plenty of small, portable slides you can buy. Many of them can be used indoors as well as outdoors. However, you may still put a slide outdoors when it works well indoors. Here are some reasons why that slide for your kids can stay indoors.

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Year-Round Fun!

Most kids don’t like sliding down when it’s cold outside. It can be too hot to slide as well. While a kids’ slide isn’t that hot metal slide you’d see in dilapidated yards, it can still be quite hot. Luckily, an indoor slide should be suitable for year-round use. You don’t need to worry about it being hot or cold.

Stays Cleaner

Having a slide outdoors can be fun, but it’s a hassle to clean. Birds can poop on an outdoor slide. Dirt can accumulate. There is a chance that the weather can blow it over and get it muddy. While some slides are cleaned via a water hose, no kid likes a wet slide.

Indoors, you have less worry. It may collect dust, but only if your kid doesn’t use it! It may collect some pet hair if you have pets, but what kid is going to care if Fido or Fluffy’s fur got it a little dirty? With an indoor slide, much less cleaning to do.

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Easier To Supervise Your Kids

If you have a young child, you have to keep your eye on them when they’re outside. One second, they’re safe, and the next second, they’re running towards the road! It can give any sensible parent a heart attack. Luckily, if your house is kidproof, there is less supervision you have to do. Obviously, you should still look out for your kids, but you don’t need to have an eye on them at all times.

Plenty Of Slides Can Be Stored Easily

When your kid is not using the indoor slide, there are some types that you can fold up and allow for easy storage. Gone are the days where the child’s slide is one giant hunk of plastic that doesn’t benefit anyone. These new slides are portable and durable, which is always a great combo to have.

A Fun Addition To Your Child’s Room

When your child is in their room, an indoor slide can provide some fun if your kid is bored. Just make sure they’re sleeping and not sliding when it’s bedtime. Your kid can even put their plushies down the slide for more imaginative play. To you, that slide looks boring, but to a young child, they can have many adventures on that hunk of curved plastic. Ah, to be young again.

Make Your Own Slide?

If you have a bigger house that you own, you can consider making an indoor slide that’s a part of the house. It sounds crazy, but many households have made slides that go down from one floor to the other. These slides can not only be fun for both kids and adults, but they can double as laundry shoots and similar stuff.

Some parents even have slides that take you outside the home from the second floor. This can be a fun way for your child to go outside, and it doubles as a cool little fire escape should something happen.

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Of course, you should talk to a pro and see if it’s feasible or affordable. You can look up a few examples and see if it’s something that’s doable. For most parents, the idea of this is a silly little dream, but there are a few parents out there who may be able to make it happen. It can increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it, and it’s a great way to entertain your guests and the rest of your family.

What To Look For In An Indoor Slide

If you’re going to purchase a slide for your child, here are some things you should consider.

  • Budget

If you don’t have that much to spend, you shouldn’t splurge on a slide. There are some slides that are small little jungle gyms complete with various activities. These end up costing more. If you need something that’s less expensive, a basic slide set works for you.

  • Sturdiness

The last thing you want is a slide that tips over if your kid is on it. You want a slide that can stay on the ground at all times. When buying a slide, check the weight limit and make sure that it’s good for your child’s age. If it is, you should be in the clear, but read some reviews to make sure.

  • Portability

If you want to bring a slide inside or outside, or to another room, make sure it’s portable. Many of these slides are lightweight, but you should make sure by checking the weight of it. Chances are, your kid will want to carry it around all over the place, so make sure it’s portable.

  • Easily Stored

If you want to put it away, some slides fold or come apart easily. This allows you to put it in the closet without much worry about it taking up too much space.

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An indoor slide can add plenty of fun to your household. Most indoor slides are portable slides that are designed for young children, while bigger slides are reserved for the outdoors. However, if your house is big enough, you may end up building your own slide in the household. If you’re considering that, talk to a pro. It can be a cool fire escape, a cool method of transportation, or just be something fun that you’ll want to try out and impress your friends with.

Whatever the case, try an indoor slide today and see if it’s suitable for you.

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FAQs On Indoor Slide


Does an indoor slide need soft padding underneath?
Yes, an indoor slide needs soft padding underneath. That is especially true if you have tiled flooring.

Do kids need adult supervision while playing in an indoor slide?
Yes, kids need adult supervision while playing in an indoor slide. It’s because they may fall out of it or experience other accidents if an adult is not around.

Can young kids use an indoor slide?
Yes, young kids can use an indoor slide. Make sure, though, that their weight does not exceed the maximum weight limit.

Until when can kids use an indoor slide?
Kids can use an indoor slide until they become five years old. After that, they may get bored with small slides.

When can a baby start using an indoor slide?
A baby can start using an indoor slide as early as 18 months. However, some parents need to wait until they turn 24 months old.

When should a baby not use a slide?
A baby should not use a slide when they are too young to balance themselves. If you let them ride before that, they may get into an accident.

Can a slide help a child develop?
Yes, a slide can help a child develop in more ways than one. It allows them to improve physically and mentally.

Can parents ride a slide with a baby?
No, parents cannot ride a slide with a baby. The heavier the rider is, the faster the ride becomes, and that’s dangerous for infants.

Is climbing to get on top of a slide ideal for toddlers?
Yes, climbing to get on top of a slide is ideal for toddlers. It helps them build muscle strength on their legs and arms.

What are plastic indoor slides made from?
The standard plastic indoor slides are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is low-maintenance and durable.

How can I make my child’s slide non-slippery?
You can make your child’s slide non-slippery with a wax paper. Rub it on the actual slide part.

Is it okay to paint an indoor slide?
Yes, it is okay to paint an indoor slide. However, you need to prime it first and use a plastic polish instead of regular paint.

Can I restore a slide at home?
Yes, you can restore a slide at home. You may spray distilled vinegar all over and brush the surface. After that, wipe it dry.

How can I clean an indoor slide?
To clean the indoor slide, take it outside and squeeze some liquid soap in a bucket of water. Then, dip a sponge in the soapy water and start scrubbing the plastic.

How can I restore the faded color on a plastic slide?
You can restore the faded color on a plastic slide by spraying plastic polish on it. Try multiple thin coats and make sure it evenly spreads on the surface.

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