Features Of A Kids’ MP3 Player To Look For

P3 players have been around for quite a while. You may remember having an MP3 player during your teen years and listening to all your favorite tunes on them. Nowadays, there are MP3 players designed for children as well. If your kid likes music, you may have considered buying them an MP3 player. However, what are some features you should look out for when dealing with a kid’s MP3 player? In this article, we will break down what a kids’ MP3 player is and what features it has.

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What Is A Kids’ MP3 Player?

While most MP3 players are not for kids, an excellent MP3 player for kids is an inexpensive one.

When MP3 players first became mainstream back in the mid-2000s, they were quite expensive. You will need hundreds of dollars for an MP3 player that didn’t have much storage and was lacking in features. Nowadays, you can buy a quality MP3 player that has fewer bells and whistles but is still great for a kid. Here are some features you should consider.

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This one is among the essential features when getting a kid’s mp3 player. Kids are clumsy. They will drop their player, they will leave it outside in the sun for a long time, and they may even drop it in the toilet! We aren’t saying the MP3 player has to be indestructible; no MP3 player can handle everything. But it should be strong enough to handle an average kid’s drops and other accidents that may come.

It Lacks Bells and Whistles

MP3 players nowadays can do a lot. The old iPod Classics had a few features as well, from games built in to cool music trivia. However, iPods nowadays can be like smartphones without 4G. An MP3 player for kids doesn’t have to be fancy; your kid may be intimidated by all the features and not even use them.

Even the budget MP3 players, however, still have quite a few features. They may include a radio for listening to stations. They may consist of calendars and other basic phone features. However, some MP3 players can just play music, and that is entirely okay.

With that said, one feature you should look for is Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth headphones are growing in popularity. Less hassle of cords, and fewer chances of your headphones get ruined because a part of the cable got shorted out. Most devices nowadays should have Bluetooth, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

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Decent Storage

Your kid may not have a massive music collection, but as they get older, their interests in music may expand. As we said before, MP3 players used not to store that much and be expensive. Nowadays, you can find players for cheap, and that can save many gigs of music.

Some players may have internal storage, meaning that you have to work with the set amount of room it has. However, some MP3 players have external storage. You can use an SD card or a similar method and increase the storage capacity. This one is great if you have a kid who likes music.

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User Friendliness

If you have to download five different programs to put your music on your kid’s mp3 player, that is no fun. Luckily, most MP3 players are quite straightforward. You plug it into your computer via USB and then drag and drop the songs you want.

Once you open up your MP3 player, the way you select music should be uncomplicated as well. No one likes the hassle of having to individually select every song until you get to the one you want. An excellent MP3 player will organize your music and make it easy for your kid to pick the song they want. Think about that before you buy the MP3 player.

Great Battery Life

Another factor you need to consider is battery life. No one likes jamming out to a song, only for the song to die along with the MP3 player. These players have improved over the past few years when it comes to battery life, but a cheaper player may have less battery.

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A good kid’s mp3 player should be authentic as well. What do we mean by this? If you check online, you may see a ton of MP3 players for very cheap. These are usually knockoff products or bootlegs. They may be tempting with that price tag, but they can break down fast. Even worse, they may catch fire or be dangerous. If you can’t find any info about the MP3 player and believe it may be a bootleg, you may be right. Make sure the reviews are good.

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An excellent MP3 player for kids should come in many different colors. Kids love expressing themselves, and what better way to express themselves but with a unique color? Talk to your kid and see how picky they are when it comes to MP3 players. If they are picky, then you may want to find one with a color they like.

It Can Play MP4s Too

Even the budget MP3 players can play more files than just MP3s. Some can play MP4s or video. You can load a kid’s favorite program on the player, and they can watch it while traveling. Just make sure the player has proper storage, as video takes a lot more room.

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These are just a few features to look out for if you’re picking an MP3 player out for kids. MP3 player technology has gone quite far, and it’s easy to find an affordable, durable MP3 player that is suitable for your kids. Shop around. Chances are, you can find an MP3 player that has everything your kid is looking for and much more. After that, load it up with music that’s suitable for kids and then watch them jam.

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