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Choose a good protective headgear for your child sooner than later

When your child begins to express interest in playing football, it is time to purchase them the necessary football helmet to have a good time while ensuring safety. One key piece of equipment is a football helmet. There are numerous options available on the market and deciding which football helmet is best for your child can be overwhelming. This guide will outline some of the factors that go into determining a football helmet for youth safety ratings. So you will be able to use this information to make your decision easier. There will also be plenty of suggestions for children’s safety gear when playing football. Choosing the best youth football cleats will turn your child into a child star player in no time.

Football Headgears For Kids

Like buying basketball shoes, it is essential to buy the right football helmet for your child as it can help boost their performance in the field or vice versa if you pick the wrong one. With the many best youth’s football helmets out there, it can be tricky to select one for your child. To give you an idea, we made a list of the highly-rated helmet from Amazon’s online store. If you follow the link, you will also find user reviews from verified users. Once you browse through the list, you can continue reading to learn more facts and commonly asked questions about children’s head gears.

How Kids’ Head Gears Safety Ratings Are Determined
Virginia Tech has been in charge of football gear ratings for many years. Virginia Tech uses a star system in order to rate the child’s head gears. There are a total of 27 child’s head gears that have gear ratings. Five stars indicate that the gear ratings is the best available and zero stars mean that it is not recommended. In addition to these star ratings, each football Virginia Tech gear has an overall score. The lower the score, the more protection the gear will provide your child. For example, the VICIS Zero1 gear has five stars and a score of 0.69, which is considered a great score.
DRiddell Victor Kids Headgear, White/Gray
protective headgear for the youth, this white shield is a very good protection for your kids who are athletes

  • The football gear is recommended for star players up to junior high. It features a patented side impact protection to keep the head safe from side impacts.
  • It is equipped with side shell protection with side liner extensions customs inflation and overline for accurate fitting and comfort.

youth football helmet

Schutt Sports Vengeance A9 Kids Headgear, Facemask NOT Included

  • It is designed with different colors players and it features TPU Cushioning technology. It is made of Polycarbonate Shell and has non-inflatable comfort liners for a more comfortable fit.


Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Kids Gear with Facemask
A group of athletes wearing various protective headgear for sports and games. Some are wearing helmets with face cages, providing full coverage and protection for the head and face. Others are wearing headgear that focuses on safeguarding the skull and temples, with padded linings and adjustable straps for a secure fit. These headgears are designed to reduce the risk of head injuries and concussions during physical activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the players while engaging in sports and games.

  • It offers maximum cushioning protection and advanced impact protection on variety of temperatures.
  • It also comes with non-inflatable liners and inter-link jaw pads.
  • It has a raised brow design that helps minimize impacts by deflecting it away from the gear.


Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Kids Headgear
heeadgears black color

  • It is available in many colors to choose from to fit whatever color of uniform.
  • It has TPU cushioning, SureFit air lines/crown loners, 3-dimensional tektonic plates, flexural resistance design and gear stabilization system.

The football helmet ratings and scores are based on impact tests that evaluate the helmets ability to reduce the rotational and linear acceleration of the head. These actions are what lead to head injuries. So if the football helmet can reduce these actions, your child will have greater protection.


Highest Rated Football Helmet

The highest-rated head gear is the Riddell Speedflex adult gear. This head gear is one of the few head gears that has a five-star rating. The Riddell Speedflex head gear has a shell that is made from durable polycarbonate that guarantees protection every time your play. This head gear has Patented Impact protection in the shell, facemask, and clip to ensure that impact is reduced. This is a top pick for football players who have their eyes set on the NFL. This head gear is available in different sizes and colors to fit all wearers and styles. The Riddell Speedflex also comes in child sizes and the child version of this head gear has also been rated the highest head gear.


What Is The Best Gear To Prevent Concussions?

The best gear to prevent concussions is the Schutt gear AiR XP head gear. This Schutt head gear has been designed with your child’s safety in mind. These head gears feature a durable ABS high-impact plastic. This means that it will resist all types of heard hits that can occur on the field. These Schutt head gears also feature DNA jaw pads that form and work with your child’s mouth guard, adding extra protection to the teeth and thus reducing the chance of concussion.
What Is The Lightest Head Gear?
The lightest gear is the Schutt gear Recruit Hybrid. This Schutt head gear weighs only 3 pounds, 10 ounces. The Schutt gear Recruit Hybrid head gear features two different styles of cushioning that ensures maximum protection while still remaining lightweight. The TPU cushioning is designed to absorb impact better and offers better heat management in the Schutt gear Recruit Hybrid. The D30 cushioning locks together while dispersing energy. As your child plays football in the Schutt gear Recruit Hybrid head gear, they will barely feel it, but you can rest assured that they are still playing safe.


Is Schutt Better Than Riddell?

In order to determine if Schutt gear is better than Riddell gear, you have to take into account the needs of your child and then decide which brand offers them the most. The head gears offered by these two companies will fulfill different needs for different football players. For example, some of the head gears by Schutt will be the most expensive on the market. While head gears by Riddell tend to weigh less. So in the end, it all depends on the features that matter most to your child.

What is the Schutt Vengeance Product?

One of the best Schutt head gears is the Schutt gear Vengeance Helmet. The Schutt gear Vengeance is one of the most popular children’s head gears by Schutt. There are a couple of different models of the head Vengeance gear. These gear Vengeance helmets can either be customized to the style and coloring of your child’s choosing or purchased in their pre-manufactured color.

The least expensive, yet still safe, Schutt child’s Vengeance gear is the Schutt gear Vengeance A3+. The kids Vengeance A3+ features a low profile shell and comfort liner all throughout the inside to ensure protection. The kids Vengeance A3+ features TPU technology which is one of the best impact absorbers used in head gears.

In the middle of the pack in regards to price is the Schutt gear Vengeance A11. This is the least expensive Schutt head Vengeance gear because it only costs $199.00. This Schutt head Vengeance gear features a sleek and lightweight design that was designed for it to be linear and rotational. It features a non-inflatable comfort liner that helps with the overall thinness of the helmet. The Schutt gear Vengeance A11+ costs $199.00 and has an inflatable comfort liner. This is the only difference between these two Schutt head Vengeance gears.

One last Schutt kids’ Vengeance head gear that should be mentioned is the Schutt gear Vengeance Z10. This is one of the most expensive children’s head gears from Schutt. This Schutt gear Vengeance Z10 has been given a Virginia tech gear rating of 5 stars. The entirety of this Schutt head gear features a stabilization system that even connects to the jaw pads.


Safest Headgear

The safest head gear currently on the market is the Vicis Zero1. This head gear is the only one that is designed to slightly crumple when an external impact occurs. When the head gear crumples, it offers protection to the athletes because the energy from the impact is absorbed and dispurses throughout the rest of the head gear before it even has a chance to reach the head. Thus, the impact performance of this head gear is one of the best. The Vicis Zero1 has also been rated the safest football helmet because there is padding inside of the helmet that prevents excessive movement of the athlete’s player’s head.


Best Headgear

The best head gear is the Riddell SpeedFlex. These head gears are designed with protection in mind because it has impact protection material all throughout the inside of the youth’s football helmet. Football players also enjoy these head gears because they are made to look like professional head gears and can be worn through touch competitions in order to get them to the level of the pros.

What Are Some Noteworthy Riddell Gears?

The first Riddell head gear you should consider is the Riddell head gear. This head gear features inflatable padding at the back, side, and jawline. The Riddell head gear has a high impact shell with large breathable air vents. This way, your child is both protected from impact and has a constant airflow.

The Riddell kids’ Speed head gear is a great option for your child because it features a moisture-wicking liner that also helps in the prevention of bacteria growth. This is perfect because your child will do nothing but sweat out there on the field and this will help to keep the sweat out of his or her eyes and prevent bacteria growth. The Riddell kids’ Speed head gear also features “no-rust” steel hardware and inflatable pads on the back, neck, and sides.


Is Xenith a Good Company For Kids’ Head Gears?

Yes, Xenith makes reliable and safe head gears for kids. Some head gears to consider from Xenith are the Xenith kids X2E+ and the Xenith kids Epic+. The Xenith kids X2E+ is a customizable helmet that features the adaptive head protection system and a FitBand silicon band that models to your child’s head for protection. Both of these safety features are in place to ensure that your child has a headgear that forms around their unique head.

The Xenith kids Epic+ also has the two above-mentioned safety features, in addition to the FitLock technology. The FitLock technology is a foam that has been injected into the head protector that molds around the occipital bones. Creating more protection than most children’s head gears.

Can Adults Wear Youth Helmets?

Although there is no identifiable age that distinguishes an adult helmet from a head gear, it is highly suggested that between the ages of 12 and 14 a child should begin transitioning into an adult head gear. There are differences between a head gear and an adult helmet that the adult will want to have as they continue to play. Children’s head gears are not made to withstand the force that adults exert. Children’s head gears also lack the ability to hold up against maximum head-to-head contact. So even though technically an adult can wear children’s head gears, they should take time to consider this decision.

What Is The Most Comfortable Helmet?

The most comfortable head gear is the Schutt Air XP Pro. These head gears feature a comfortable and breathable material called SUREFIT. This liner ensures that the player wearing the helmet feels like a pillow is surrounding their head. Thus, making it the most comfortable head gear vehicle still offering the required head protection.

The Schutt child air standard is another comfortable helmet option for your child. It has soft, yet impact-absorbing foam liners all throughout the inside of the head gear. The Schutt child air standard head gear also features a durable exterior to provide protection to your child’s head.


What Is The Most Protective Sport Headgear?

Again, at the top of the ratings is the Riddell kids SpeedFlex head gear. These head gears have also been rated the most protective head gear and are always a choice amongst adult and little star players.

How Often Should Gear Be Replaced?

Football gears should be replaced no later than 10 years after the manufacture. Although, you may have to replace the gear even sooner, depending on how much wear and tear has occurred or if damage to the shell has occurred. You can find good helment from the youth football academy. If you are buying new items online, you can avail free shipping options, which will make things easier for you. Just spend a few dollars to get the best deals.

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