What To Wear: The Best Ice Skates For Toddlers

Most people think that skating is easy. However, once you step on the ice, you will learn that skating is one of the hardest and most complicated sport. Here is a guide for you if you want to instill a lifelong love for skating in your toddler.

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Teaching Your Kid To Skate

Do not be frustrated when your kid cannot stand up on their first time on ice. Karen De Vito, a lifelong skater, started teaching the sport to her children when they were just toddlers.

“It took him until he was about three to find his feet, to get up and get moving. By four, he was booking it around the rink at top speed pushing on only one leg,” shared DeVito to Today’s Parent.

The reason why most parents teach skating to their kids at an early age is that of the values it teaches to their kids.

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It starts with teaching kids the concept of failure. It is inevitable that they fall on the hard, cold, slippery surface of the arena. With this, they learn that failure can contribute to the growth of an individual. It is not a hindrance; rather, it gives more opportunities.

It also instills in them the importance of patience and perseverance. Success does not happen overnight. Achieving their goal takes a lot of falling and getting back up.

De Vito also shared some parental tips when teaching skating to their children.

  1. Make sure to provide a helmet to your kid so that it will be safe for them as beginners.
  2. Do not use chairs or other supporting devices when teaching balance. It ruins the form of children.
  3. Make their training interesting by singing songs while they are finding their balance.
  4. Buy the best ice skates for toddlers. Ensure that their feet are correctly fitted in the skates so that it won’t cause an injury.

Features Of The Best Ice Skates For Toddlers

As mentioned above, buying the best ice skates for toddlers is crucial for them to maximize their skating experience. They also need to find the perfect ones to avoid injury. Listed below are some of the features of the best ice skates for toddlers:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Has sharp blades for smooth movement on ice
  • Quarter padding for additional comfort and structure
  • Heel counters for improved support
  • Hinged ankles to ensure flexibility
  • Perfectly fits the feet

If you want your kid to learn this sport, it is important to get the best ice skates for toddlers. Once you have checked these things off of the list, then your toddler is good to go with his or her training!

Best Ice Skates For Toddlers

Getting your hands on the best ice skates for toddlers is the first step in becoming a real skater. Whether it is hockey, speed skating, or figure skating, here are the ones you should choose:

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  • Premium Xino Sports Adjustable – The blades on this model boasts both tails and toe picks. It means that they can teach your toddler finer movements in the rink.
  • Jackson GS181 Ultima Glacier – It is one the best ice skates for toddlers who are sensitive to the cold. The fleece inside protects the feet from the frigid environment.
  • Bauer LIL Angel Champ Shakes -If you want the best ice skates for toddlers, Bauer LIL Angel Champ Shakes is the way to go. Bauer is a trusted brand for kids. What’s advantageous about this model is that it has a single ratchet bucket system. This feature enables the toddlers to put it on and take it off quickly.
  • Reidell Soar Figure Ice Skates -If your toddler is a fan of skating, this is the perfect one for them. TheReidell Soar Figure Ice Skates involve a good cushioning inside. They will let the children skate for as long as they want.
  • Roller Derby WIZARD 400 AdjustableIce Skate – The added support at the top of the boot and the lace-up design help the toddler avoid any kind of injury when wearing this skate. Its stainless steel blade also offers a different sort of sturdiness despite repeated use.
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Once you have taken into account all of the things mentioned above, your child can maximize their experience on the ice. These are the things you should know if you want to get the best ice skates for toddlers. Who knows, they might become renowned figure skaters and ice hockey players someday.



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