Summer Vacation Jokes In 2023

The summer season is for vacation summer jokes. Read about vacation summer jokes that can make you laugh.

Summer Jokes: A yellow awkwardly laughing emoji.

Some may think of great sunny relaxation gift ideas and some may think of exploring and travel places to get called for travelling.

You may be able to find the top places to go on a summer break or the top rental destinations out there, but it can be really hard to find good summer vacation jokes about the warm season that are appropriate for the situation.

This article has a list of great stories and the best jests that will make you laugh while you’re relaxing on the beach, pool party, giving holiday gift bags, or enjoying your time off. 

Amidst the backdrop of azure skies and sun-kissed beaches, a good laugh can be the cherry on top of your sundae. Our compilation of gags is tailored to capture the essence of the hot season– a time when the days are long, the nights are warm, and the air is filled with the promise of memories waiting to be made.

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of humor to your beach read or seeking a funny anecdote to share around the campfire, our curated list is your go-to for a light-hearted chuckle that complements the carefree vibe of the vacation season. So, as you sip on your cold lemonade and soak in the splendor of this season, let these best jokes transport you to a vacation place of joy and jest. Enjoy!

The Best And Hilarious Summer Jokes

As the days grow longer and the school bells fall silent, children burst through the doors eager for adventures and parents search for creative ways to fill the sunlit hours. What better way to unite a family than through the universal language of laughter?

These jests are not just words strung together for amusement; they’re tickets to bonding moments and shared giggles. They’re a way to teach children the lightness of being, to find joy in the simplicity of a clever play on words, and to spark a love for humor that brightens every summer activity.

Some people like to spend their summertime while others prefer to stay at home and take some time off from work. Either way, we all know that the great way to spend your break is with laughter through the best jests for kids. Make your holiday with kids more fun. 

So whether you’re lounging in your backyard or winding down from an exciting and the best day of exploration, let these jests add an extra layer of fun to your family’s best vacation narrative.

Some Summer Vacation Jokes

Coconut Jokes

Q: What wears sunglasses, has hair, and is brown?

A: A vacationing coconut.

Water Jokes

Q: What kind of water is incapable of freezing?

A: A hot water. 

Summer Jokes: Jokes about pouring hot water on a summer morning, a nod to the summer jokes about freezing water.

Palm Tree Jokes

Q: What tree can fit in your hand?

A: A palm tree.

Ocean Waves Jokes

Q: Why is the ocean friendly?

A: It waves.

Summer Jokes: A sea waves during summer.

Bahamas Island

Q: What are sheep’s summer vacation destinations?

A: To the Baaa-hamas. 

Finland And Sharks

Q: How about sharks?

A: To Fin-land.

Fish And Scales

Q: What is the heaviest part of a fish’s body?

A: The scales.

Recharging Robots

Q: Why do robots go on vacation?

A: To recharge.

Mermaids Talking

Q: How do mermaids communicate with each other?

A: Through a shell-phone.

Sand Dollars

Q: What is the currency on the beach?

A: Sand dollars. 

Elephants And The Pool

Q: Why elephants can’t swim in the pool?

A: Their trunks will fall. 

Snowmen And Chilling

Q: What do snowmen love to do during hot seasons?

A: Chillout

Pearls And Oysters

Q: Why are oysters not sharing their pearls?

A: Because they are shellfish.

A shell, evoking summer vacation beach-themed jokes.

Fish And Piano

Q: What’s the difference between a fish and a piano? 

A: You can’t tuna fish.


Q: What did the newspaper tell the ice cream?

A: What’s the scoop?

Teacher And The River Jest

Q: Why did the teacher jump in the river?

A: He was testing the waters. 

Coolest Letter Jest

Q: What is the coolest letter?

A: Iced T.

Octopus Laugh Jest

Q: How to make an octopus laugh?

A: With ten-tickles.

A cartoon of a yellow octopus representing jokes.
Cows And New York Jest

Q: Where do cows spend their holiday vacation?

A: In Moo-York.

Fish And Eyes Jest

Q: What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A: A fsh.

The Best And Funny Summer Jests For Kids

  • Why does a banana wear sunscreen? Because it doesn’t want to peel on vacation!
  • What’s a frog’s favorite treat? Pop corn at the pond—the hotter, the better!
  • Why was the dog so sure he’d missed summer school? Because he had four legs and still couldn’t catch up with the ice cream truck!
  • What does a toddler wear to go on summer vacation? A diaper—because it’s the only suit that can handle both the pool and the beach!
  • Where do sheep go on vacation? To the Baaa-hamas—where the grass is always greener on the other tide!
  • Why did the coconut get invited to every summer party? Because it was brown, hairy, and always wore sunglasses!
  • How does a tree fit in at summer camp? It just branches out—great for shade but terrible at hide and seek.
  • Why do spices avoid pepper beaches and prefer saltwater beaches? Because they don’t want to sneeze their summer away!
  • How did the dolphin cross the beach? It didn’t—it just surfed the net looking for the amazing summer vacation jokes!
  • Why are sweaty puppies never good tennis players? Because they can’t handle the rackets without getting a ball of fluff!
  • What does a hedgehog wear to the beach? Nothing! It’s already spiky and ready for the sand.
  • How much does a fish weigh? Enough to make a splash but not enough to sink the boat!
  • Why do fish like to eat worms during the vacation? Because it’s the nice way to catch a wave and a meal at the same time!

Funniest Jokes & Stories

Here is a collection of hilarious family vacation stories from Readers Digest. You can add them to your collection of funny jokes for sunny vacation.

A young woman enjoying her summer vacation by reading jokes on her tablet in the park.

Funny Stories Shared By Contributors

  • Before we traveled for our summer vacation as a family of five, my parents meticulously planned every detail. Weeks before the vacation, lists were drawn out, and trunks were packed. A final examination was performed on the morning of the trip. At this point, we climbed into the station wagon and set off on the six-hour journey. At some point along the journey, my mother recognized that one of my sisters was missing. We returned home, and my father discovered her on the toilet.- George Doscher from Hillsborough, New Jersey
  • My in-laws agreed to cover for our honeymoon after we got married. Hawaii or Mexico sprang to mind as a possible destination. Almost. Disney World was the destination, they said. In addition, they were accompanying us since they’d always wanted to. My mother-in-law’s closest friends, their three children, and my sister-in-law and her spouse all intended to go to Disney World, too. There wasn’t a lot of time for honeymooning.– Cristina Beitz from El Cajon, California
  • When it came to animals, Uncle Bart’s knowledge of pigeons was about as extensive as it was limited to that of a city boy. He came over to our cottage one time. He let our kitties in for the night by opening the door. Two cats entered, one after the other. As Bart stood there, enticing the third cat to join him, we wondered why he was doing this since we only had two cats. A possum was the mysterious third cat.-Jonathan Hakulin from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Our vacation beach house rental was dirty when we got there. It was time for a deep clean, so I grabbed my cleaning tools and got to work. I was heartbroken that the place was not prepared for customers. The accommodation next door was where we were intended to stay, as we found out later. White-gloved in the incorrect spot, erroneously.-Tanya Leland from Greenville, South Carolina
  • During vacation lunch at poolside tables on Grand Cayman Island, my kid was struck in the back of the head by an enormous bird. This caused my youngster to lose his footing and drop his french fry. It was plucked out of the air by the same bird and carried off to an adjacent branch before it could even touch the ground. When my son tried to pick up the second fry, it sat there and waited for him to do it again. – Deborah Sayre from North Haven, Connecticut
  • Our flight to Europe was about to take off when my sister disappeared. My mother asked me to go in search of her. The restroom was my first port of call. There is none of that. I gave the café a shot. Nothing.
  • The gift shop was where I eventually discovered her. There was just one trouble: the gate was closed, the owner had departed, and my sister was trapped inside. We had far less than 60 minutes to find the guy who had the key and get on the plane, so we had to make the most of it. – Melissa Stucki from Medford, Oregon
  • When I was in high school, I participated in a softball game in Virginia Beach. We had to arrange separate flights from the rest of the team because they were flying in. As usual, I didn’t prepare ahead and had to pack the night before my 5 a.m. trip. I snatched a bag from a moving box because my family was packing up to move. The next morning, I arrived at the airport and deposited my carry-on luggage on a conveyor belt… and I was promptly yanked out of line by security. The box cutter had gotten into the bag somehow. I had to wake up at 5 a.m. and contact my mum for assistance. A family member who worked at the airport was summoned to go in and fix the situation. Eventually, after several hours of questioning, it was determined that I was not a danger. However, I missed my flight.- Allie
  • On a hot day, when it felt like a million degrees, a frog decided that a hot dog would be his frog’s favorite treat, especially since he’d missed school and couldn’t resist indulging in some funny jokes. He hopped into his swimming trunks, reminiscing about hilarious jokes he heard last year at summer school. As he sipped his sun drink and wore sunglasses, he chuckled, thinking these were some of the nicest jokes he’d ever heard. His next hop was towards his summer vacation destination, where he’d watch fish swim and dream about how his holiday destination makes everything feel less than a million degrees. Nearby, killer whales roamed in Lake Eerie, while other creatures planned to go on summer break to cooler spots. He watched a group of baseball players in the distance, laughing at their jokes, one about Mama Corn telling little corn to put on sunscreen. In the sky, a pet bird and a seagull fly raced each other, creating their beach jokes. The frog thought this was indeed the funniest place to be on a hot day, where everyone, even the brown hairy and wearing sunglasses bear, had a chance to relax, laugh, and enjoy the sunny vibes.
  • During a miserable summer, math teachers decided to lighten the mood with puns, joking about how basketball players do pool-ups to train for the other side of the season. In the kiddie pool, a toddler wearing a duck floaty was busy trying to eat worms from the garden, while parents roasted one hot dog after another. At the beach buggy parked in one corner, a family of sheep on vacation unpacked their luggage, looking forward to their stay in New Yolk City. Meanwhile, a pet bird sang melodiously, watching a dolphin cross nearby, creating a spectacle for tourists heading to the baseball game. On the Canary Islands, locals shared stories about how oysters share pearls in pepper water, adding to the collection of whimsical tales. Near a tall tree that fits in perfectly with the landscape, an instructor told children about the great fall of leaves in autumn, while everyone enjoyed popcorn and laughed at his clever puns.


In the sizzling spirit of summer vacation and the hilarity of holiday breaks, we hope this collection of the best summer jokes has brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart. From the sunny shores of the Baaa-Hamas to the cool waves where friendly oceans wave back, each joke was a little ray of sunshine. Whether you’re a robot needing to recharge with laughter, a mermaid dialing in on a shell-phone, or an elephant worried about its trunk in the pool, remember that the essence of a great vacation often lies in the joy of simple, shared moments.

So, as you fold up your beach towels and pack away your sunglasses, keep these jokes in your back pocket to warm up any conversation with a touch of humor and a dash of whimsy. After all, what’s a summer vacation without a few good laughs? It’s the shared giggles over sand dollars and the collective groans at dad puns that often become the most cherished vacation souvenirs.

Until the next wave of jokes hits the sunny shores of your next holiday destination, let the laughter linger like the afterglow of a perfect summer sunset. And remember, no matter where you travel or what you do for your vacation, there’s always a jest waiting to be told and a laugh waiting to be had. Here’s to many more summers filled with laughter, joy, and the kind of good-natured fun that makes every vacation unforgettable. Keep laughing, keep playing, and keep the spirit of summer alive, one jest at a time.


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