Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

These days, air fryer sweet potato fries are becoming more ubiquitous, and companies are releasing a wide range of foods that are suitable for air fryers. That is because air fry foods like fries are gaining some attention as the air fry method is healthier than deep fried potato fries in a fryer. We know the advantages of using an air fryer. In addition to being a healthier alternative to deep frying, this method produces delicious sweet potato crispy fries that are crisp on the outside and golden brown on the inside. But what is it about them that makes fries so crispy? To solve this problem, you may use sweet potato.

You no longer need to make do with greasy chicken nuggets and hash brown patties now that you have this instruction on how to create sweet potato French fries in an air fryer or even a toaster oven. Start by placing the sweet potato fries in a large bowl, then season them with salt, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and any other spices you like. You may now choose to have a heaping helping of your preferred side dish of veggies on its own as a standalone meal.

Enjoy your perfectly cooked air fry sweet potato snacks with a side of ketchup or any other dipping sauce of your choice. This healthier alternative to traditional fried foods allows you to indulge in a delicious snack without the guilt. So go ahead and treat yourself to a tasty and nutritious meal, knowing that you’ve made a smarter choice for your well-being.

You can still create these fries at home with no effort even if you don’t have access to an air fryer or just aren’t using one yet. If you want to know how to cook fries air fryer sweet potato, packed with vitamin C, protein, and other nutrients, all you need to do is read the article below.

Learn how to slice, toss, and cook using an air fryer for a healthier sweet potato snack.

The picture shows a sweet potato. It has a natural color orange.

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Fryer?

  • Are you tired of preparing sweet potatoes in the usual way? Why not use a convection oven? These days, it is becoming more ubiquitous, and companies like T-fal and West Bend are releasing a wide range of foods that are suitable for preparation in an air fryer. We have discussed the advantages of using a convection oven in the past as well.
  • In addition to air frying being a healthier alternative to deep frying, since this one requires the food to be soaked in oil, this method produces mouth-watering fries that are crisp on the outside and golden brown on the inside without having much-saturated fat. You can even put your frozen or uncooked food inside the basket of the appliance with little to no olive oil, and let it do its job.
  • In this day and age, it’s better to avoid foods with too much-saturated fat. But what is it about them that makes them so crispy? To solve this problem, you may use sweet yam. The sweet potato, much like its cousin the ordinary potato, is a starchy vegetable that has a significant amount of amylopectin. The crispiness of the sweet potato may be attributed to a long-chain carbohydrate polymer that is present in the best air fryer french fries.
  • Because it contains amylopectin, it will get crisper as the cooking process continues. Not only are sweet yam fries a far healthier alternative to traditional fries, but sweet yams are gluten-free and also a much healthier side dish that you can give to your friends and family.
An air fryer is a big help when frying sweet potato. You can fry different sweet snacks here such as sweet fries from yam. Sweet potato is a very popular crop that most people want to cook. You can check your local market for a sweet potato. Sweet potato is rich in minerals.

Putting The Sweet Potato In An Air Frying Machine

The first stage in the process of preparing sweet potato french fries is to wash the sweet potatoes and then slice them into fries. It is important to perfect the slicing phase, as sweet potato sliced perfectly with the right size will determine the crispiness of the sweet potato french fries in the air fryer. Cooking the sweet potato in water until they are tender enough to be sliced is the most effective method for achieving this goal.

When they can be handled, the sweet potatoes may be simply peeled and even cut into shapes of your choosing once they have cooled down enough to do so. Cut them in half lengthwise or your desired shape. For instance, you may fashion the sweet potato into the form of a circle, a wedge, or any other shape that strikes your fancy. After that, wipe the chopped sweet potato well with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture, and carefully examine the airtight container or other storage you will be using for the air-cooking process. Then preheat the air fryer.

After that, shake and place the sweet potato fries in the air fryer, followed by olive oil or canola oil, which are both rich in polyunsaturated fat and require less or little oil than traditional cooking methods. Turn on the air fryer and continue cooking according to your favorite air fryer recipes and don’t forget to flip it. This method of cooking sweet potatoes not only results in a delicious and healthier snack but also showcases the versatility of an air fryer in preparing a wide range of dishes. The sweet potatoes are ready to be served when the oil reaches a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wait Until Sweet Potato Fries Is Cooked

Once they have been placed in the fryer, just wait for them to cook until they have achieved a crisp and golden-brown appearance. Cooking the sweet potatoes for around 20 to 25 minutes will provide the most satisfying results. Although this may seem to be a lengthy period, it is vital to keep in mind that the sweet potatoes will only need approximately 15 minutes to attain the desired temperature, after which it will maintain that temperature throughout the cooking process.

Even while this may not seem like a very long time, making air fryer sweet potato french fries is rather a speedy process. Once they have reached the required doneness, just take them from the convection oven and serve them in the manner of your choosing.

Coat Sweet Potato French Fries With Sugar

When they are ready, they should be withdrawn from the fryer and put in a dish suitable for medium-sized portions. After that, transfer any extra oil from the first bowl to the second bowl, being careful to remove as much oil as possible from the first bowl. Cinnamon, garlic powder, and sugar may be sprinkled over the sweet potato french fries as a finishing touch, and then they are ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

If you really want to take things to the next level, you can even sprinkle some maple syrup, honey, black pepper, and garlic powder over the air fryer fries after you’ve already seasoned them. Garlic powder is a pretty popular flavor for your sweet potato fries air fryer. You can utilize a large mixing bowl if you want to mix all the seasonings evenly; the large mixing bowl can be helpful for food in large quantities.

The potatoes air fryer will have a little more sweetness because of this, without developing an overly sweet flavor overall.

Sweet potato fries snack on a plate. There is also a dipping sauce called thousan island.

Air Fryer Recipes

If you’re looking for good and tested air fryer recipes for sweet potatoes or baked potatoes, the chances are you have already stumbled upon fries made from these ingredients.

Although these sweet potato fries are a healthier alternative to traditional fries, they don’t sacrifice any of the delectable flavors. There are countless of delicious and nutritious air fryer recipes you can try with this cooking tool, such as air-fried avocado, carrot fries, or air fryer baked potatoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Sweet Potato Fries Soggy?

One of the factors why your sweet potato fries air fryer is soggy is because you over-crowded them in the air fryer basket. Patience and tips is the key. You should arrange the potato fries in a single layer in the air fryer basket to make sure to cook every piece of potato evenly.

Why Are My Yams Burning?

Is It Necessary To Soak Yams Before Frying?

How Long Does It Take For A Yam In An Air Fryer?

Sweet potatoes sliced into fries can take around 35-45 minutes to be cooked at 370 degrees Fahrenheit in a convection oven. While you can cook frozen sweet potato at 400° for 12 minutes, the cook time still depends on the kind of sweet potato fries recipe you are preparing. You may find more of these sweet potato fries recipes online to suit your preferences.

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