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  • Some people think that rats can be a good pet. Rat also needs proper care. That’s why we will be tackling the finest bedding or best bedding for rats. You will have plenty of options for the top bedding or the finest bedding for your mouse so keep on reading.
  • Some of us have some pretty exotic pets. There are plenty of people who like to have something that’s a bit different than the norm. Lots of animal lovers have rodents as pets, but when most people think about pet rodents, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils are what come to mind.
Pet rat on owner's hand.

But, if your rodent of choice is a rat, you’re actually not as alone on that as you may think. Keeping rats is not as strange as it seems to be.

In just the U.S., there are around a half-million households that have a pet rat or mouse. And since all of those rat lovers need good lining for small animals, we’re taking a look at the best bedding for rats.

Getting the finest mouse bedding is just good from a hygiene standpoint, but the finest bedding for a mouse helps keep them alive and healthy. With proper lining, you can keep them around for years to come, and it does impact their lifespan.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on it. The topnotch mice bedding really only costs a small price to pay, and that is why many owners are willing to invest in this for their furry friends

The best bedding for rats

The Rat Bedding Is Necessary 

Mouse, like all pet rodents, do need some sort of cushion in the bottom of their cages. Top bedding for rats isn’t just for giving them a nice place to sleep, but also a place to go to the bathroom. The rat cushion types you use should consist of materials that are good for absorbing moisture and rat pee, so your pet has a dry place to live and sleep. If there’s no cushion in the cage, they have to traipse through their own waste that just sits in the bottom, as well as inhale it which causes respiratory diseases. That’s kind of gross and that is why pet surface linings are ideal to have. That’s an unhealthy way for your pet to live.

Exploring The Best Bedding For Rats

There are 4 types of ground cover that a rat can use, and good padding is really based on what you’re willing to spend, and of course what they like too.

Paper shavings are usually the option most people choose because it is cheap and very easy to change. This is one of the 4 types of surface lining since it’s simple and effective. It is readily available, and there are many paper-based products you can get.

Paper-based however, isn’t absorbent like other paddings, which is why, if the bottom is paper-based, you should definitely clean this up at least once a week for better results.

Rat pets also like to other nesting materials to rest on. Putting the best bedding for rats in the cage gives your pet somewhere comfortable to sleep. You want pet sleeping surface that will hold a rat of many times its weight, and the topnotch rat bedding will do this.

Pet mouse on red mat.

Rats are like most other small animals such as guinea pigs and the like. Small animal bedding is virtually the same across all fronts since a small animal usually doesn’t need to be inhaling low dust. Small animals should use a safe eco-lining that fits their size. Usually, guinea pigs and pet rats use similar cushions, and other small animals will use similar lining to these too.

Top Bedding: Bedding Consideration

If you plan on getting the best bedding for rats, you will need to invest in small animal bedding. Small animal bedding gives them a place to rest that is convenient and easy to lay in. Small pets don’t use litterboxes or walk outside like cats and dogs do, but instead, they need some bedding to both go to the bathroom in and lay in as well.

Rat owners learn from the beginning that choosing the right kind of bedding is important. Rat bedding is probably the first thing you’ll need to get for them, since of course, it can help them feel good.

An important part of pet bedding is, of course, odor control. Odor control, of course, involves making sure that your small pet doesn’t’ stink up the place. Proper pet bedding helps fight odor control since the small pet can of course use it without stinking up the room.

Over time, urine and feces can build up in the bedding, leading to ammonia buildup that can be harmful to both the pet and the owner’s health.

But, some pet owners begin to realize that odor control is much easier said than done. That’s because, a small pet will make messes in their cage, and pet owners will smell it. There needs to be bedding that naturally helps with odor control and provides the best experience for your small pet.

Plus, for a small pet, having a messy space with a lack of odor control isn’t fun. That’s why pet owners need to choose the top-notch bedding for rats and one that provides the best odor control.

So what is ideal for a small pet in terms of odor control? Well, you have the four types of lining that work, and virtually, they’re all pretty good with odor control. But paper options are great for a small pet since they are easy to change out, and they give the small pet the pet bedding choice they need. However, when the pet bedding gets mushy, sometimes this can affect the small pet, and of course, create problems when it comes to odor control.

Carefresh, which is of course paper pellets, are cheap. Small pets don’t provide the best odor control possible. That’s because if the small pet uses this, the pet bedding can get soiled, and from there, it can make the place stink. With pet bedding, you want something that your smell pet can of course use, but also something that won’t stink up the place.

Straw pellet bedding is a great pet bedding. That is because straw pellets are one of the nicest non-toxic lining options since it can hold many times its weight for starters, and it can help with odor problems. Pet lining that combats this is usually quite great simply because it can absorb urine and a lot of the stink too.

Fleece bedding is also suitable for this since fleece blankets do hold many times its weight in use, and it won’t make it stinky. You want pet lining that is good for hiding the odors of course, and to make it so that you’re providing pet lining your rat will love.

Top cushion - Within the confines of its cushions .

Are Wood Shavings Can Be Put On The Bottom Of The Mouse Bedding?

You’ll find a number of different opinions about what you should use on the bottom of your rat’s cage. One thing that’s pretty true of rats across the board is that their respiratory system can be quite prone and sensitive. That means dust isn’t good for most of them. Some of the lining for this pet ends up creating a large amount of dust extracted from it. It might be ideal to avoid those. Wood lining may not be a good option since the wood powder may irritate the stomach. Shredded paper is a great option because shredded paper is readily available, and it is a healthy natural bedding they will enjoy, and other small animals like it too such as small animals.

A dust-free option is your best way. That way, the rat doesn’t have issues or have to deal with sensitivity. Finding a dust-free option might be a bit hard for you.

The wood-based lining is pretty dusty. However, some woods don’t create as much dust. If you want to use a wood lining, your top option will be an Aspen bedding because it produces the least amount of dust. Be cautious and pay attention, though, when you first put this bedding in the cage with your rat, as they can sometimes be allergic to it.

If you’re looking for a wood-free alternative, corn cob bedding is a good option to consider,  as corn cob is absorbent, controls odors, and produces less dust than another wood-based cage lining.

Other options that may be better for your pet include paper lining, branded rat lining like Boxo or Carefresh, hay, or fleece. These are better dust free options since they oftentimes won’t work for small animals.

So what is the ideal rat sleeping surface? Well, you want some small animal lining that works for them. If you’ve ever owned guinea pigs or small animals, you’ll realize that it is right to have a bedding that fits the same way. There are three types of lining for you to choose as pet lining for your pet rats, and luckily, it’s quite easy to figure out which one your pet will like.

There are many different types of lining that pet owners can use. A rat cage is relatively small, so you won’t need a ton of pet bedding for them. But, like with all small animals like small animals, it is required.

Small animals normally don’t go out to use the restroom, nor do they usually use beds like how cats and dogs do. This is why small animal bedding for pet small animals is needed. An amazing type of lining is really based not on just a rat’s health, but also on what they like too.

Two rats in their cage enjoying the comfort of the quality cushions.

Is It Possible To Utilize Hay As Bedding Material?

Hay is actually one of the best bedding for rats. They can be found in most pet shops. Specifically, Timothy hay is especially good. Not only do they like to nest down in it for bedding, but they will eat it, too. Timothy hay is really beneficial for a rat because it keeps its digestive system working well.

It is possible to utilize hay as bedding material, but cedar shavings with a natural scent, little dust, and good absorbency can be a viable option for bedding material for rats and other animals, considering respiratory problems, allergies, and safety, while offering good examples of substrates for toys.

Small Pet Select is probably a good place to buy hay bedding for small animals since it can be easily procured. Small Pet Select also has other bedding options which you can use too.

Is Fleece Best As A Pet’s Bedding?

Fleece is a safe and healthy choice of rat bedding. It’s soft and can be placed in the bottom of the cage with enough extra slack for a rat to cuddle up in flaps and folds when it wants to. It’s also good at absorbing wetness. You do need to make sure you take it out and wash it every couple of days. Once it’s clean, though, you can put it right back in the cage, so you save money and it’s eco-friendly. Speaking of being environmental, cardboard bedding would do during colder nights. Turn them into cardboard squares to fit the bedding.

Is Cat Litter The Best Bedding For Pet Rats?

A cat litter tray is not safe to use as rat substrate bedding. There are chemicals in cat litter trays that could cause a lot of harm to your pet. It’s also very dusty. Remember, you want to have a dust-free option for your pet’s bedding, since the dust-free bedding helps with keeping allergens out, and can help them breathe.

If you want to provide your rats with a stimulating and fun activity, consider adding a digging box to their cage. It’s a great way to encourage their natural digging and foraging behaviors.

You can use other litter pellets, though. It may not be the top rat bedding because it’s not very comfortable, but it has a high absorbency level and is safe for them.

A black mouse in its cage.

Is Hemp The Best For Mouse?

Hemp is one of the best bedding for rats. It’s not only safe, it’s highly absorbent and is better for the environment than other options. Hemp isn’t dusty, doesn’t produce harmful oils like other bedding materials, and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Is Carefresh Bedding For Rats Good?

Carefresh bedding is absolutely safe and is one of the top options you can find pre-packaged on a retail shelf. It consists of wood fiber that is renewable and virtually dust-free. Also, when your rat nests in it and puts in effort to create the tunnels and hideouts he likes, Carefresh will keep those shapes and nests in place because it doesn’t get as compacted as other materials. It is probably the top dust-free option for your pet, but it is a little bit expensive when compared to other dust-free bedding options for your pet.

Also, paper pellet bedding is good for rats because it is healthy pet bedding, and is good for rats. This is great because it offers healthy pet alternatives, and it is one of the top rat nesting materials. Paper pellet bedding is a natural bedding that is cheap won’t harm them, and is good for their digestive health. Unlike pine shavings and other pet bedding, this is a great option for pet owners who are looking for something that will keep their rat happy and healthy. Paper pellet bedding is readily available at most pet stores too, and is one of the most popular types of bedding.

Paper pellet bedding, however, does get a bit mushy and gross when they’re stood on, gets wet, and used, similar to how some wood shavings can get over time, so it is important to change it out frequently. Even high-quality bedding needs to be in good shape and changed regularly. Also, keeping your rats litter-trained as much as possible is a good idea too.


Can I Use Towels As My Rats’ Bedding?

Using paper towels for rat bedding is pretty common. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s healthier than some of the wood bedding rodent owners use sometimes. Other towels may not be the ideal bedding option for your pet, however. Kitchen and bathroom towels can produce long stringy shreds when they unravel, which can be dangerous for your pet.

You may wonder if recycled paper is one of the top rat cage materials. Well, recycled paper and eco bedding usually can help save some money, as recycled paper is usually pretty safe and cheap. This is also an eco bedding too because it doesn’t harm the environment. With this eco bedding of recycled paper, your pet rat can use it, and from there, it can always be changed out and easily discarded. It’s also an eco-friendly option in that, you can actually use this recycled paper in compost afterward, making it the top-notch bedding for rats for those who are looking to help the environment.

The downside to recycled paper is of course it doesn’t last a long time. Another downside to recycled paper is, if there is ink on this, it can harm small pets. Small animals such as rats can’t process ink or anything, so recycled paper might not be good if it’s a newspaper. But, small shredded-up pieces of recycled paper are some of the top rat ground cover because this recycled paper is easy to replace, and recycled paper is readily available in a lot of cases.

How Often Should I Change My Pet’s Bedding?

In order to get the most from your rat bedding you need to be cleaning old food and large rat droppings from the cage daily. Litter training can be done every few days unless you notice more soiling than normal or bad smells. Typically, you’ll need to change your rat’s bedding about twice a week.


Can I Keep Pets In My Room?

Some of the concern over whether or not you should keep small animals in your bedroom comes from the fear that they can transfer diseases to their owners. Domestic rats aren’t likely to do that. So it’s not unsafe to have the cage in your bedroom.

This concern is not unique to rat owners as many rat owners also worry about the potential transmission of diseases from their pets to themselves.

Small animals housed in a clean and well-maintained cage, and with proper hygiene practices followed, are unlikely to transfer diseases to their owners, making it generally safe to keep pet rats in your bedroom.

That being said, it isn’t the right place to keep the cage. Rats are social creatures by nature. While it might seem strange to say, they will benefit from being located in the room in the house where people do the most coming together.

The last consideration we have is the noises you might hear coming from the cage at night. It’s possible your beloved pet may end up keeping you awake at night, so another room might be a more optimum location.

Another consideration is the cleanliness of the room. A dust-free space is probably your top option. By keeping it dust-free, you won’t irritate their space. Many people’s rooms are not dust-free, so they end up creating trouble for the pet rat, so definitely consider the space before putting them somewhere.

Small animals can be a bit smelly too, and you want a space and options that provide odor control. For example, ventilation is really good for odor control since it keeps the scent circulating. A room may not be a great odor control option for pet rats because the windows might not be open a lot, and if you don’t have proper ventilation, odor control isn’t really ideal.

It isn’t an ideal place for small animals to be kept, simply because of how cramped it can be, and of course, the lack of odor control. Having them in a common room where you can see them and provide enough odor control is ideal, since they are small pets that need socialization.

Remember to clean down the rat cage with baking soda at least once a week. Baking soda not only gets rid of bacteria, but also helps freshen up the cage if it smells a bit funky. Baking soda is also cheap to buy too.


What Is The Top Mouse Cushion?

As a rat owner, you should go with the least dusty bedding you can find. Good choices include Boxo bedding that’s made from recycled shredded cardboard boxes, Carefresh that is formulated to be better for rodent bedding, and soft, easy-to-nest materials like fleece. Paper bedding isn’t bad either.

Caring for your rat can be just as satisfying as caring for any other kind of pet. Choose the right bedding for your rat to keep him happy and healthy so you can enjoy him for as long as possible.


  • In conclusion, providing proper bedding for rats is essential not only for their comfort but also for rats’ overall health and rats’ well-being. The type of rats’ bedding you choose can significantly impact your rats’ living conditions, rats’ odor control, and rats’ respiratory health. While there are various options available, including paper shaving rats’ bedding, straw pellet rats’ bedding, fleece rats’ bedding, hayrats’ bedding, and even recycled paper rats’ bedding, it’s crucial to consider factors such as dust, absorbency, and odor control.
  • Investing in high-quality bedding for rats is a small price to pay for the long and healthy life of your pet rats. Regular cleaning and changing of the rats’ bedding, along with good hygiene practices, contribute to a clean and safe living environment for rats. Additionally, considering your rats’ social nature, placing rats’ cages in a common area with proper ventilation is ideal.
  • Ultimately, whether you choose paper shavings for rats’ affordability and ease of use, straw pellet bedding for its absorbency, or fleece for its softness and reusability, the key is to prioritize your rats’ comfort and rats’ health. Remember, the right bedding not only provides a cozy place for rats to rest but also plays a crucial role in maintaining a hygienic and odor-free living space for rats.

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