Is Buddy Boy Dog Food Good For My Dog?

Most dog owners have been there: You needed to stock up on dog food, so you pop up to the local shop, then you realize that they’re out of the brand or line you usually buy.

The pup needs to eat, though, so you scrutinize the labels, and find yourself unsure of what’s best. Dog foods range in ingredients and flavors, with special lines made for different breeds, dogs of different ages and sizes, dogs with special health needs, and more.


Perhaps the worst, though, is after you’ve read through the ingredients and recommendations time and time again, and you’re certain you’ve settled on something that fits the right balance between quality and your budget, load it up into the trunk and bring it open. You get your scooper, measure out the right quantity for your dog, pile it into the bowl.

Fido (or Finn, as seems to be the most popular dog name these days), runs over, sniffs the food and…

He turns up his nose. She lets out a huff and turns away from the food.


What Happened?

No matter how nutritionally perfect and budget-friendly a dog food is, your furry friend has to enjoy the flavor too. Many dogs are adverse to changing foods when they’ve grown used to a certain one and it can be hard to induce a change.

Some vets suggest slowly introducing your dog to a new food, mixing it in with their old food so they can get used to the change. Others might suggest working with a mix in such as a small dollop of Greek yogurt to incentivize the new food.

In order to decide which method for working a new food into your dog’s diet, the best idea is to speak with your dog’s vet in order to determine what process is right for your dog’s habits and needs.

But, before you can focus on actually making the change, you’ll need to consider which food you actually want to change to.


Choosing The Right Dog Food To Switch To

Making the decision about which food to switch to can often be confusing and require lots of research, as well as a consultation with your vet if possible.

Matters become even more complicated as organic and alternative pet foods come into vogue. Now, not only should you consider between the few big pet-food brands at one of the big box pet stores, but you’ve also got to contend with local sellers and online sellers with specialty products.


Although there are certain optional certifications dog food makers can seek in the US, and certain ingredients are usually FDA certified, it can also still be difficult to know exactly where the ingredients in dog food come from, since there’s no one authority regulating it the way most people-food is regulated.

With all of that in mind, we want to consider one dog food brand that we’ve seen making rounds, and break down a few different lines of their food so you can decide if food from this brand might be a good choice for you and your dog.

We’d like to take a more in-depth look at a few of this brand’s different offerings, so you can have an idea of what they are and how they size up to each other.

That brand?

Buddy Boy!

Our Analysis of Buddy Boy Dog Food

In this analysis, we want to take a look at four of this brand’s offerings, to consider their content as well as for which dogs they are a good choice.

Although this brand does have a few other lines of food and difference sizes for each of their offerings, these four are the ones at their core, and thus represent much of what they have to offer.

Puppy Food

Growing puppies need lots of protein to fuel their high energy levels and growing bodies to ensure healthy muscle development. The Puppy Food line is equipped for all of that, and also contains omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat.

It is a chicken-based food, which is both great for flavor for young dogs growing accustomed to a new food as well as for a source of high-quality protein.

The general breakdown of the food’s content is 32% crude protein and 18% crude fat.


Adult Maintenance

This is the most economical option that this brand offers, and it is also the only formula that they use that does include soy as an ingredient. That said, it still provides a high-quality protein, amino acids, energy and other nutrients, that is sufficiently balanced and healthy for mediumly-active adult dogs, especially due to its low fat content.

Note that in order to maintain the lower price tag on this food, it also only comes in a larger-sized pack, unlike other lines which both have large and small options.

The general breakdown of the food’s content is 21% crude protein and 9% crude fat.

Adult Performance

This food is the premium version of the Adult Maintenance line of food, and unlike the Maintenance line, it does not contain soy. It is also higher in both protein and fat than the Maintenance line but is still ideal for dogs with medium to high activity levels. It also contains omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat.

If your dog participates in sports or competitions on a regular basis or if you do lots of intense exercise with your dog several times a week, then the next option might be a better choice.

The general breakdown of the food’s content is 26% crude protein and 18% crude fat.


High Energy Canine Formula

This high-protein and high-fat blend is the brand’s answer to the need for an energy-boosting food for highly active dogs. With lots of fuel for furry friends that just can’t seem to run and jump enough, this food contains everything your dog needs for long, active days. It also contains omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat.

The general breakdown of the food’s content is 24% crude protein and 20% crude fat.

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