Older Children And Strollers

When it comes to picking out a stroller for an older child you want to make sure that you are looking at all of the options and choosing something that is going to work for your child. So, how do you make sure that you have the right stroller? Well, you need to look at a few important features to help you out.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions On Older Children And Strollers


What Is The Weight Limit?

More than the age of your child, their weight is going to affect the type of stroller and the specific stroller that you choose. You’re going to need something that will hold them easily and comfortably because strollers that are designed for a lower weight limit aren’t going to be as effective at protecting your child. They might even be incapable of supporting your child at all.

How Many Children Do You Have?

Do you have only one child that will be using the stroller at a time or do you have two children who need to use it together? Some strollers will give you multiple options to safely seat your children at the same time, while others might only be designed for a single child at any given time. 

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What Are You Doing With It?

Are you looking for a stroller you can use for your child all the time or one that they can use sporadically? A stroller that you’re going to use frequently will generally be larger and more comfortable, while a stroller that’s only used for backup doesn’t need the additional features and abilities. 

At What Age Should A Child Stop Riding In A Stroller?

Around the age of three, your child should start walking on their own more and riding in a stroller less. That doesn’t mean you have to put away the stroller and never use it, but you should be relying on it less frequently to make sure your little one gets more exercise and moves around more on their own.

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What Is The Best Stroller For A 5-year-old?

If you have a 5 year old that needs a stroller for health or medical reasons or just because you’re going to be out for an extended period of time, you want a stroller that can easily hold them. The BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller are good options because they offer enough strength for even children over the age of 5. Since your older child likely doesn’t need as much support these can be great for short-term use.

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What Is The Best Stroller For A 3-year-old?

If you need a stroller for your 3 years old you want it to be comfortable and easy to maneuver with them in it. The Britax B-Lively Liteweight stroller is a good option, as is the gb Pockit+ Lightweight Stroller. These are lighter in weight and they’re going to have a little less support but they can be enough for your little one. 

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Is 4 Years Old Too Old For A Stroller?

By the age of 4 your child should be transitioning out of a stroller for all but the most strenuous of occasions or for those who have physical handicaps that make it difficult to walk for extended periods of time. Around the age of 3, you should be working with your child to get more comfortable walking on their own.

How Long Should A Kid Be In A Stroller?

A child should be in a stroller only until the age of about three. This will help them get used to walking on their own and doing so for an extended period of time. Some children may need a little longer than this however as they may need the added support of the stroller for a little while longer. 

Can A 3-year-old Be In A Stroller?

A 3-year-old can be in a stroller but about this time you should be starting to transition them out of the stroller. Getting them to walk on their own more is going to be a better option and it’s going to help them get stronger and keep them healthy and fit as well.

Do You Need A Double Stroller With A 2.5-year-old?

A double stroller is a good idea if you have two children who are younger and need help getting around for extended periods. If you have two children under the age of 3 you will likely want a stroller to help you. If your two children are under the age of 5 you may still want to consider having a stroller for some situations where there might be more walking necessary.

What Is The Best Stroller For a 4-year-old?

The best stroller for a 4 year old is likely the Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller or the Britzx B-Lively Liteweight Stroller. These provide just the right amount of support and comfort for your child while still being easy for you to maneuver and get them where they need to be. They’re also easy to store away when not in use.

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How Long Do You Need A Stroller?

You may want a stroller for your child under they are 3 years old. This could be extended if your child has difficulties getting around on their own or if you are going somewhere that will have a great deal of walking. This could get difficult or tiring for small children who are just getting used to walking everywhere on their own. 

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Does My 6-year-old Need A Stroller At Disney?

If you’re going to Disney you may want to consider getting a stroller even for a slightly older child that doesn’t usually use one. That’s because there’s a whole lot of walking going on at Disney, which can get tiring, and the hot sun definitely doesn’t help with that. Not only that but you could be out for most of the day, which is a little bit much for smaller children who haven’t been doing a whole lot of walking before. 

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