3 Ways To Make Your Baby Shower Games More Exciting

The third trimester is undoubtedly a busy period for expectant moms and dads. They have to make last-minute preparations for childbirth. They need to make sure that that baby room has all the decorations and furniture they want before the newborn comes. If there are older kids, it’s a must to decide on who will babysit them while the parents are at the hospital.

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Nevertheless, what people rarely talk about is the fact that the third trimester is also extra hectic for the friends and family members of the couple. For the soon-to-be mommy and daddy to get a breather and have fun before the due date, after all, it’s like an unspoken rule for them to host a pre-birth party. So, from the getting foods to sending out invitations to organizing the event, everyone chips in, for sure. Some even turn it into a themed gathering based on the unborn child’s gender.

But you know what’s the most exciting part of it all? It’s contributing baby shower game ideas. Without much ado, here are the three ways to make fun baby shower games more exciting.

  1. Make Them All-Inclusive

It is quite common to see women working hard to win a relay challenge of feeding, burping, and changing a baby doll on parties. The men, on the other hand, get to use diapers like a basketball and score as many hoops (in a trashcan) as possible or guess what kinds of ingredients got mashed together to make food for infants. Their silly antics often come out and make everyone in the audience laugh.

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What seems rare up this moment is letting the guys and gals play or compete. Say, instead of putting people of the same gender against one another, groups of men and women can prove who’s faster at changing a poopy diaper. It may be better to transform baby shower activities to become a match between couples since that’s when the competitive streak of everyone shines.

You won’t run out of coed baby shower games to choose from, so take your time selecting the ones you can do for several hours.

  1. Revolutionize Traditional Birthday Activities

Do you remember how your parents used to buy a poster of a tailless donkey so that they can stick it later on the wall and ask you and the other kids to pin its tail while blindfolded? What about when you had to try to hit a candy-filled piñata after turning in place a few times? Have you also tried doing the paper dance or trip to Jerusalem and lining out every object on your body to know which team has the most extensive chain of items?

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Well, the beauty of planning baby shower games is that you can relive those memories. You only need to revolutionize each of them to make it more fitting for a baby shower game.

For instance, instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, you can change it up by using a sperm and an egg. Instead of seeing who can line stuff on the floor the best, you may challenge folks to know who’ll be able to clip infant garments on a clothesline the fastest.

  1. Splash Out

Of course, the well-wishers and fun people in the crowd will join the festivities when you invite them. They love the expectant parents, as well as the child that’s about to enter this world. However, it’s typical that not all of them are ready to play games for a baby shower.

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The thing is, there’s no harm in trying to persuade them by splashing out on valuable prizes for the winners. Knowing that they can get a coffee maker, a tea infuser, a waffle iron, or even a Starbucks gift card can make everyone extra enthusiastic to follow unique baby shower games ideas – that’s for sure. Perhaps the timid family members and colleagues may volunteer at some point as well, primarily if you are showcasing an item that they genuinely need at home.

The best baby shower games are not the perfect ones that seem like a professional planner created them. They are supposed to be loud and chaotic and silly. Don’t think too hard about it and enjoy organizing the party!



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