Top 10 Baby Shower Ideas Every Party Should Have

Baby shower is a tradition for moms-to-be. Over the years, new moms are honored through festivities and celebration. While the culture might be different from country to country, the central concept is still the same – to shower the mom and the upcoming baby with love, affection, and gifts.


While throwing a baby shower seems fun and exciting, the task can be challenging. Worry no more, as we have some ideas for a baby shower to help you out. Moreover, this article is a guide on how to throw the perfect baby shower with unique ideas within your budget. What are you waiting for? Go through this article for shower ideas.


Who Should Host The Baby Shower Party

As per tradition, close family members of the parents-to-be should not host the baby shower. Usually, a distant relative or a friend host the celebration.

However, like a lot of traditions, many still don’t strictly follow the rule above. Nowadays, it is not frowned upon if the sister, mother-in-law or close cousin host the party. Although, it is still weird for the mom-to-be host her own party.


Best Time For A Baby Shower

One of the concerns when planning for this type of party is when to have a baby shower. The timing for a baby shower is an essential factor for a successful one. Usually, the baby shower happens towards the third trimester of pregnancy. However, many celebrations are being held earlier depending on the circumstances of the mom-to-be.

It is important to remember not to schedule a baby shower way too early in the pregnancy. The best timing for baby showers is between 20 weeks and 34 weeks into pregnancy. This range is considered to be ‘just right’ – not too early and not too late for a baby shower. There are still exceptions to this rule as some religions discourage gender reveal and they opt to hold the baby shower after the mom gives birth.


Who Should Be Invited


A shower should be an intimate affair. Usually, only the close friends and family are on the guest list. Most baby showers only include the female friends and family members of the family. However, it should be fun to add some males on the guest list!


Choosing The Right Theme

Having a theme is vital to a fun and exciting baby shower. Choose a theme you know the mom-to-be will love. Other aspects of the baby shower such as food, drinks, games, and even venue should be aligned with the theme. A unique baby shower will surely be memorable for the mom-to-be and the guests.

The host could brainstorm with the mom-to-be or some close friends for baby shower party ideas. As choosing the right theme is the first step in making sure you throw a great baby shower, it is a task you must carefully think about. Make sure your overall baby shower theme transcends to every aspect of the party. From the outfits of the guests to the decorations, it should be thrilling to see the theme.


Unique Baby Shower Ideas Every Party Should Have

The primary goal of the baby shower is to make the mother (and the baby!) feel appreciated and loved. They will surely enjoy a unique baby shower party. Below are ten unique baby shower ideas every party should have.

  1. Gender Reveal Ideas!

A popular trend among parents-to-be is a gender reveal celebration. It could be a separate party or included in your list for baby shower ideas. From gender reveal smoke balloons, cake/cupcake flavors to bath bombs, there is a lot of gender-reveal ideas to choose from. You could make a co-ed theme for the baby shower so that the gifts won’t be wasted!

  1. Don’t Stay Indoors!

A typical baby shower is held indoors at the house of the mom-to-be or the host. Unique baby showers sway away from the norm, and with this, you should start looking for outdoor venues such as pavilions and gardens. 

  1. Provide Music!

Nobody wants a dull party. Make sure your baby shower is entertaining – play music either live or through the speakers and plan the program!

  1. Spill Out Your Creative Juices And Start Decorating!

An example of an excellent baby shower idea which is also cost-effective is to have DIY decorations. Handcrafted decors give a more touching effect than buying ready-made materials from the stores.

  1. Serve Tasty Food And Mocktails!

Your food should also match your theme. Finger food is the perfect option for this type of party. You could do a little extra and add personalized names of the baby and the guests to the cupcakes or other foods.

  1. Don’t Forget To Send Out Invitations!

You should set your budget before sending out invitations for the baby shower. Moreover, as the host, you should also learn how to work within a budget. Invitations are still crucial for this type of celebration. Whether it be a paper invitation or a digital one, it is essential to be creative. Sending out DIY invites would add spice to the exciting shower! 

  1. Play Fun games!

Baby shower ideas need not be expensive and time-consuming. From unique and personal games such as trivia on how you deeply know the mom-to-be of post-baby photos of your guests, it is vital to play fun games!

  1. Belly Casting!

One way to document the pregnancy is through belly casting. Creating a belly cast for the mom-to-be will make her remember of the time her body adjusted to a living person inside her body.

  1. Photobooth Fun!

Never forget to document the fun day! Set up a simple photobooth for your guests. It wouldn’t hurt to create a small space with DIY crafted materials for additional entertainment.

  1. Prepare A Thank You Gift For The Guests!

After a memorable baby shower party, it is courtesy to write a personal thank you note for the guests. If you have the budget and time, you can also make a personalized gift for each one of them.


 A baby shower is part of the milestones of motherhood. You don’t need to have a big budget to celebrate maternity and the birth of a baby. Keep in mind to not make everything extravagant, what’s more, important is the bond between those who will attend the party and the mom-to-be or the parents-to-be.

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