How To Use Pampers Rewards & How Much Can You Save

Babies can use ten diapers a day on average. With this, expenses for diapers will eventually pile up. Luckily, there is a “mom hack” that can lessen this burden, and that’s through the use of Pampers Rewards. 


What Is A Pampers Rewards?

Pampers Rewards is a marketing strategy of pampers to ensure the loyalty of its customers. Points gotten from buying Pampers products can be turned into great deals such as coupons and gifts. Customers with enough points may check for which prizes they are eligible on the Pampers Rewards Catalog.


Some examples of rewards include books, baby gears, toys, gift cards, and baby food. This will be of great use to your baby. Also, mothers can redeem items for themselves, such as magazines, makeup, laundry detergents, and photo books. There is also an option for consumers to donate their points to a variety of charities and more promos.


Where To Get Reward Codes?

There are two ways to get reward codes – by purchasing products of Pampers or through online tasks.

Most consumers earn their rewards by buying Pamper products. Some of the items include diapers, wipes, and training pants. The size of the purchased product determines how many points you will get. On the other hand, the company gives you extra points by accomplishing several tasks like reading selected articles, watching their company’s promotional videos, and reviewing products. The more points that you accumulate, the bigger the reward available on the Pampers Rewards Catalog.


Some days offer special bonus offers to boost your reward points. An example includes getting triple points on the first box of diapers purchased ever. Pampers also release free codes on some occasions. You can get these Pampers gifts to grow codes through promotional emails sent to you.

Take note that the pampers codes are printed on the inside surface of your item’s packaging to avoid fraud.


How Does The Pampers Reward Program Work?

Organizing your gifts to grow codes in your Pampers account is easy. Here is the simple instruction on how you’ll do it:

  1. Sign up for an account on the Pampers website.
  2. Find the rewards codes on the packaging of your Pampers item.
  3. Enter the gifts to grow code in your account. Place it in the box that says Enter 15-digit Code Here and submits your entry.
  4. The code then translates into points. Make sure to open your account in the pampers rewards login page to check the status of your rewards.
  5. Try browsing the rewards catalog in the Pampers Rewards website to get a glimpse of the products and services you can get.
  6. Once you have chosen your reward, click Add to Cart. The system will also ask you to enter or verify your contact information and shipping address. After accomplishing these, click Place My Order to end your transaction.


What Is The Pampers Reward Application?

It might be a little taxing to enter the 15-character combination of the code. To make things easier, you can download the Pampers Rewards smartphone application. Some of the features of the pampers reward application include:

  • Scan and Go Codes – Take a picture of the code, and the app automatically enters it into your account.
  • Notifications – It can send you the latest program updates and the brand’s new offers.
  • Quick Updates – You can also view your current rewards status.


How Much Can You Save From Pampers Rewards?

A month’s supply of diapers usually costs $50. Multiply that with 12 months, and you’ll be spending 600 dollars a year. That’s a lot of money! Good thing pampers rewards take some of the burdens away. To show you how it goes, here’s a short computation on how much you’ll be able to save from using this application.

  1. In one month, you may receive four codes from the diaper purchases.
  2. Each pampers rewards code usually have 30 points at this amount of purchase. That totals to 120 points per month.
  3. With this constant purchase, you’ll eventually have 1,440 reward points in just a year.

This amount of reward points will go a long way. You can already redeem six issues of magazines, one creek bib, or a personalized magnet from the reward points. Some $5 diaper discount coupons are also offered for 700 points, while a few $10 toy gift cards cost the same.


Spending a tremendous amount of money on diapers is costly, indeed. However, getting compensated with it through reward points will make it a win-win situation for consumers. So what are you waiting for? Earn points now through Pampers Rewards!



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